PIZZA CHALLENGE || #Funny #Kids #Bloopers || Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends I am Aayuuuuuuuuuu Today we are going to do Surprise Pizza Challenge You watched our Golgappa Challenge We had 5 surprises each in that challenge Today we have so many surprises Total 16, eight for aayu and eight toppings for me. We have to eat atleast 1 slice of the pizza We are going to enjoy a lot Welcome to Aayu and Pihu Show First we will put Pizza Sauce Now we will add Cheese Now toppings on Pizza Aayu si starting first… Which number you have got – 13 First came the unlucky 13 This is my favourite !!! I have got – Bingo Mad Angles Yeah Now it is my turn !!! I wish that i get the first one – Good 16 Idli Who put IDLI on PIZZA Now this pizza has become South Indian dish. Sambhar will also come soon. Now my turn What have you got AAYU ??? 14 I have got 14 First 13 then 14 GOLGAPPA I will crush it and add to pizza You have crushed it …. Aayu you can add 1 more golgappa I will eat one Eat, as many you want to eat… Now it is my turn I have got – 1 Monster Gems I also want to eat this. Garlic I want garlic bread Pomegranate I think it is a Banana Hersheys chocolate syrup Put this above Golgappa Remember Vegetable Challenge, I also ate Bitter Gourd Paneer Paneer Pizza will taste very good I am loving it, Paneer is my Favourite Little Heart Biscuits Jellys Apple Apple Pizza Chocolate Chips Very Tasty Corn Chocos Noodles Italian Pizza Southindian Pizza with Idli Now Chinese Pizza Chocolate Pizza Mix Veg Pizza We will ask mom and dad to eat this Pizza

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