Well yes, I’m here, in 66 bar and pizzas.
I have come in search of the PIZZA MEAT MORE EXPENSIVE of the WORLD. I really don’t know if it is
well, but I’ve been searching on google, in everywhere all the possible information
and with these ingredients I have not I see pizza the same. Not only is it going to
Bring Galician blue lobster, foie. sauce truffle … no! It is also going to take a
T-bone steak But not just any ribeye: a beef steak. Spanish ox, raised
born and sacrificed in Galicia, race Galician blonde mixed with Friesian. He has
matured for 60 days, and bought in Pepechuletón, with the requirement of
Tell him: give me the best you have! And you I will give you the best that I
I can give: a super gift in the form of draw, to be held as follows
way. First thing I have to say: there is a new channel in my life, it
called Sezar Blue Cooking, and I’m going to circumvent an identical steak
features to this among all that you subscribe to the channel, and in the video
of the pizza in which I will explain how is the pizza made?
take today, leave a comment with the T-bone Subscribe to Sezar Blue
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I’m going to eat today … and not important, very important! I’m going to give you a month, it’s
say, from January 14 to 14 February 2020, for
reach the goal of 10,000 subscribers in the new channel. Yes in that
period of time this premise is fulfilled participants of this super draw in the
I’ll send you anywhere here from Spain ‘a super ribeye like the one
I’m going to eat today. I insist: T-bone steak, chuletonazo, mega t-bone steak
My friend Pepechuletón. Said all this I’m going to take a look at the letter to see that
they have here to eat because of course I’m not going to eat only pizza you don’t think so
66 bar menu and pizza is a menu like the ones I like easy
short and clear has a part in the that puts nothing and another part where
three sections come very clear and very different are the starters the
pizzas and desserts she is there is no biggest complication of entrees have
small have a tray of potatoes and they have chili chicken sticks that
says they are not spicy they are crispy that are very juicy too
they have a sandwich 66 curiously very oddly it’s not called 66 x
66 is called 66 because we are in the number 66 street las pizzas since
you are in a pizzeria because always start with the basic one that is the
margarita and then they have carbonara they have the 66 which is the specialty of
the house with 4 barbecue cheeses that also says that this is addictive already
You know what I like barbecues also have the vegan the
simple garlic chicken or wait for it it makes my mouth water because after
of the word barbecue leo chicken al garlic my mother between that and that is in
my head all the time the thought of the pizza with the t-bone steak
it’s hard for me to talk but what they have a garlic chicken pizza olé
olé olé in my life I had seen a pizza from chicken to garlic as nothing
sign up for what should be good and for last you have desserts that have two
Homemade desserts the cheesecake taken out from grandma’s recipe
of the owner that is typical and that good that you can ask for it alone and
also for two but what if you don’t want fight
that life is for one because you see that it’s so good that I live at the register and
he also has homemade brownie anyway it’s the letter i will see what I take from
starters I’m going to start trying something that in the channel I think there was no
tried until today the little ones small is a food of origin
Venezuelan and therefore here in 66 several pizzas are served with a sauce
also of Venezuelan origin is called guasacaca sauce and among its ingredients
I see it at first sight has something that makes it green which is the
coriander and for those who don’t know that it’s a small one because it’s something now
It is very fashionable that is like a bar of cheese that goes here inside this dough
rolled up with an interior filled with cheese it has a slightly slightly dough
puff pastry is not not sweet It is not subtle but it is not not a mass
very very very very salty and cheese growth what
Well, as Latin access, I don’t know if you have tried and that also is
very good are cheese with a lot of presence with a strong flavor and texture that if
have you ever tried this kind of cheese as soon as you bite a little one is going
to come to mind I’m going to try it now with the sauce with
alright alright alright from that date it has been noticed that with sauce I like it better
It is not yet a sauce that has much a lot of cilantro cilantro is also a
ingredient that is widely used in the Latin American cuisine and go these
little ones it’s very good
I have a tape ration in front of me chili chicken strips carry chili and
they are accompanied with barbecue sauce and this time me when something ran out
current I can’t resist the first in which this has been already put wet in the
sauce To the bass
well good sorry for the little ones but they have won me nothing
cattle with these chicken strips come battered with bank that makes the
battered be much crunchier too It has a very characteristic flavor and here
with the barbecue sauce is very good is next we are starting but go
something tells me that the best of today is going to be the super pizza no this barbecue sauce is simply
great to touch one and has everything that a house must have to be called
barbecue sauce I think you should have brown sugar tomato pizza is already underway i know because
I’m listening to her smelling the ni my level of desire to eat pizza today
is for heaven is a pizza very special not only for the ingredients
that will take that I have already told you the Galician blue lobster will be
T-bone steak with 60 days of maturing a Galician ox mix of
Galician blonde with Frisona and that just by taking it out of the package here
has started talking about how cute I am looking forward to your arrival
and that I don’t leave the flavor that I am waiting for the level of
expectations is super high by the way to although it will be I think I think the
most expensive meat pizza in the world I don’t think it’s such a price
exorbitant so that nobody knows I can allow and I tell you because
I have asked to have it as an option hey that if someone calls and reserves the
I can try I don’t know what he will call her brandán that if they call him pizza
hardware I stay in check in order how they offered to come and prepare me
a pizza to my liking and I asked for this pizza and have carried out this madness
I tell you that if you dare call and you ask her I think it’s going to be a pizza
big girl can be shared and hey worth whatever is worth it
and said which to see if it comes since I I’m starving because yes, here is the
meat pizza I think more expensive world look I’ve searched for information no
I’ve seen no equal a pizza from Galician beef steak with 60
days of maturity Galician blonde race mixed with Frisian to perfection
made meat and I’m not going to take longer I’m going to give it a shot
off we have done as two parts as one with
foie and others and pnv to one with sauce truffle another without truffle sauce and let’s
see how is this rhyme or the mass itself is already a
delicatessen is delicious it shows a lot of the crunch and is that it is
dust lover novelty guardian
it’s absolutely amazing and when I say amazing I’m falling short
the taste of the subject is not that I am not leaving to say that I can with everything but is that
hey is that it is very intense very strong it note the maturation you notice how cute
is the court crunchy appointment of the T-bone steak and it shows that you are eating
a t-bone steak but that’s how it you add a pizza and a pizza like that
I don’t know this is the sumo the sumo we are sharing the pizza
obviously this is a family pizza I would tell you that with this pizza that takes
T-bone steak and all these ingredients 34 people at least pay tribute
fabulous and are the people here from hallucinating team i really like the
touch of the pumpkin cream that interestingly it is something that I have been suggested
here in the restaurant and hey he has me open that new possibility of that
new option and it’s a plus I like also find me the bits of
lobster and lobster taste itself along with that flavored butter
It has a touch of garlic I want to tell you that I put this as many times I’ve
said is one of those things that you have to do at least once in my life that
I know how typical you shouldn’t go to New York you have to ride a balloon you have to
getting together is a piece of ribeye is super ultra let me good i don’t know
I have a word to describe what I have right now in my hands
although all are summed up in a happiness here I have it It is without any doubt and again it is
just my opinion i’m not very pitcher or in the sense that I haven’t
I have eaten a lot but I have eaten some how many have I made a few this mass
my mother how are you team colleagues are here because
of course impressed enjoying myself is that this I tell you and I think it’s a
unique show is most most of people don’t think he doesn’t have that
let’s say that courage to say hey I’m going to take a ribeye from this category and what
I’m going to put on a pizza to see what what happens is that in the middle –
point in math classes more for more more this is so I’m going to try a piece of the one with the
foie on top and truffle sauce basic math as I said does
one more moment is more and I would tell you I almost like flavors better than me
they transmit the truffle sauce and then the game seems like a perfect complement
he went to the other side with jerky no I do many things and I think it is one of
those ingredients that adds up in all parts and here then sum sum with
T-bone steak with Galician lobster this it’s a luxury but a luxury look that after all that I’ve
eaten I’m already a little full but I’m going to eat this piece and also like
other than really rich and things that the mass is impressing me the most
but really what a cool dough last bit the truth is planted
defense I am giving myself today but if I can’t stop I can’t stop go well after pizza I don’t think anymore
that raise your head is that you have already seen that you want me to tell you I believe
which is the greatest madness that has been given to me happened in life is that I’m not going to
wait even at the end of the video to thank the entire team of 66
bar and pizzas all the facilities that they have put me so that I can become
in a reality but now that touches leave and before leaving after
of a meal as it is I think it is of receipt finish with a good dessert
there is one thing is almost provision of tell you that I want to make me
you have asked a lot there are tasks slopes
you know that the lord of the pizzas is of this that is very nice that I
sometimes I watch your videos and I leave the laugh with the pin do not lend and if he hears
a video would be cool there it won’t be like that I don’t know ideas that I have here for dessert I
have asked for a couple of things i’m going to start with one that is a classic when
I go out to order some dessert cited and with other than I ask because it is very fashionable
the letter go I’m going to join fashion as I say the browning base of the first
of the desserts has a pint sensational and I do not roll me gasometer
more than this is too much is to have this here ahead and
start salivating is all one go go go past how is this
cake well about to finish the video and I
I’m going to finish this dessert and if I they put three more times but finished three
more times is very good very good texture is not very dry that sometimes I have
tried some brownies as very dry no you can tell the nutty flavor has caramel
above and this has that flavor that it makes everything better if it tastes like
hour and a half of gym and the dessert I’ve left for him
final is the fashion dessert today the cheesecake that they make here and that
it’s a cheesecake I’ve been told this it’s cheesecake version 3.0
dedicated to all lovers of Cheesecakes especially my friend
Pablo having dinner with Pablo obsessed
it’s a cheesecake cheese comes without no type of additive does not even have
a crust below doesn’t have a jam or jam above is very
soft soft is not especially sweet and has a mild cheese flavor to
see here you will see a cheesecake is very good now between this one and the
loan and if you want me to tell you I prefer half brownie to three cheesecakes as well
it’s durán’s life that I’m going to do and I am going to stay here
finishing the cheesecake this is all for today I hope you liked it
the video and if so don’t forget to give it a good super like if
you have not subscribed yet take advantage that at the moment it is free and it is the best
way to support the channel and from here from Madrid from 66 bar and pizzas
Say goodbye to your friend César Blue with kisses and hugs for everyone and for everyone


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