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Attention tiktakers! Raise your hand if you
like pizza! You’ve all raised it, haven’t you? This is possibly the most popular meal
in the world. But do you know its origin? Get ready to wet your mouth…
Pizza’s exact beginnings are hard to figure out. The main ingredient is bread, and this
has been feeding humanity since the year 8000 BC. But pretty much as important is the tomato,
and this did not begin to be used as common food in Europe until the seventeenth century,
so the birth of the most basic pizza could not take place before that date.
Italy was, of course, the birthplace, specifically the poorest neighbourhoods of the city of
Naples. The humble inhabitants of these areas had to overcome their fear of the red fruit,
which had arrived in Spanish ships from Aztec lands, and was considered poisonous.
While the tomato pioneers were the sellers of spaghetti, bakers refused to be left behind
in sales, and began to use it as well. They added it to the flat bread dough they sold,
seasoned with parsley, oregano or olive oil. The defining moment came when the third key
ingredient – cheese – was introduced. Margarita pizza, with tomato, mozzarella,
fresh basil, salt and oil, is considered the original pizza, because it was created in
the city’s first pizzeria, Port’Alba, still open today, and because of its similarity
with the colours of the country’s flag. It was the food that the poorest and neediest
ate daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But it was slowly accepted by other social
classes and spread throughout the country, until it became the national dish.
It wasn’t until the 20th century that it spread to every corner of the planet, thanks to all
the Italians who had to flee from a country destroyed by World War II. New York became
the world’s second pizza capital. There, American soldiers returning from the conflict went
to Little Italy for this delicious dish, reminiscent of their stay in Italy.
There was a growing demand and the first pizza chains began to appear, including Pizza Hut,
founded in 1958. It was also during this period that the first frozen pizza was registered.
And later, in the eighties, the famous “pizza saver” was invented, with the growing popularity
of home delivery. And just to clarify, purists say that pizza
can only be made in a wood-fired oven at 485 degrees for no more than 60 to 90 seconds.
And its base must be hand-made, with a diameter not greater than 35 centimeters and a thickness
in its center no bigger than one. All this leads us once again to pizza with
pineapple… Just kidding, we will not reintroduce the eternal fight. But, did you know that
Hawaiian pizza was not created in Hawaii… but in Canada?! After this gastronomic history lesson, are
you tiktakers hungry? Make a good pizza with all your favorite ingredients, and send us
a picture with the result to our Instagram account, @Drawthelifeyt. Let’s see who’s the
greatest chef!

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