Pizza Hut vs Domino’s – Which Is Better?

Pizza has come a long way since its origins
in Naples in the 18th century, when someone decided to bake a round flat bread covered
in tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. That pizza was the Neapolitan, made at the
time for a visit to Naples by the Queen of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. It wasn’t until soldiers stationed in Italy
in the 40s tasted the dish that it took off around the world. Nowadays you’ll find it almost anywhere,
with every country experimenting with variations of pizza. That might be the Chicago deep-dish in the
U.S., a haggis topping in Scotland, or maybe some kangaroo on your pizza in Australia. As for condiments, they might be ketchup,
(wusteshir) Worcestershire sauce, chili sauce, or even mayo. Today we’ll focus on two pizza fast food
giants, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Pizza Hut vs Dominos. Don’t forget to subscribe and click the
bell button so that you can be part of our Notification Squad. We’ll start with some background. Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank
Carney, two brothers from Wichita, Kansas. After asking their mother for 600 dollars
to start their first restaurant, they opened with a bang, giving free pizza to anyone that
attended the first night. There aren’t too many people that don’t
like pizza, and soon after they opened their first restaurant, they opened a franchise
in Kansas just a year later. The chain grew rapidly, and by 1966 there
were 145 restaurants in the U.S. Soon after, a restaurant opened in Canada,
and after that, in 1970, Australia and Germany got their first Pizza Hut. In ’73, Japan and the UK followed. There are currently around 16,000 restaurants
in 120 countries. Restaurants open and close all the time, so
it’s difficult to get an exact number. In 2016, BuzzFeed wrote that in the U.S. alone,
following major closures, there were still 7,822 locations. Domino’s Pizza follows quite a similar pattern. It was also formed by two brothers, but a
couple of years after Pizza Hut was founded. Those brothers were Tom and James Monaghan,
and they hailed from Ypsilanti, Michigan. They borrowed 900 dollars to get going, and
soon after the restaurant was a success. Originally called DomiNick’s Pizza, Tom
Monaghan, who’d been busily buying his brother out, changed the name to Domino’s in 1965. Like Pizza Hut, the restaurant experienced
rapid growth, and in 1983 it started selling pizza in Canada. Again, like Pizza Hut, Japan and the UK were
some of the other first countries to get Domino’s, and in 1997 it had 1,500 locations worldwide. As of 2016, Statistica writes that there were
9,000 Domino’s worldwide outside of the U.S., and another 5,000-plus stores in the
U.S. Domino’s operates in 85 countries as of 2016. DOMINO’S TWO LARGE TWO-TOPPING PIZZAS: $19.99
Pizza Hut looks like the bigger of the restaurants so far, but what about profits? Yum Brands, which is Pizza Hut’s parent
company, had a market cap of $22.7 billion in 2016 according to Forbes. But we should remember that Yum also owns
Taco Bell and KFC, as well as a bunch of other restaurants, and we are talking only about
Pizza Hut today. Unfortunately, Yum doesn’t post its Pizza
Hut profits, but the “Pizza Power 2017 – A State of the Industry Report” by PMQ tells
us that of the 128 billion dollar worldwide pizza market, Pizza Hut is indeed the biggest
WORLDWIDE PIZZA MARKET WORTH: hitter. In terms of quality, though, PMQ didn’t
put either restaurant in its top 20 list. It did put Domino’s in eighth place as the
most improved. Domino’s revenue for 2016 was $2.47 billion
and its profits were $214.7 million. Yum’s profits were US$1.619 billion in the
same year, but again, this included a handful of brands. Yum similarly doesn’t give a figure for
the number of people employed by Pizza Hut, but does say that across all brands it employs
1.5 million people. Domino’s states that it employs around 260,000
people. What might be more important is how the consumer
feels. According to reports in 2017, Domino’s has
been dominating in advertising, and as Reuters explains, the restaurant has been experiencing
good growth. Reuters says this is in stark contrast to
Pizza Hut, “which has been struggling to deliver same-store sales growth for four quarters.” Why is this? Well, in 2017 one writer for a website took
it upon himself to do a taste and value test of these two companies. The writer said both had great deals – that’s
why they are the top two chains in the U.S. pizza market. “Domino’s had two large two-topping pizzas
for $19.99 total, and Pizza Hut had two large two-topping pizzas for $7.99 each. Those are both good deals,” wrote the reviewer. Crust, said the writer, was Domino’s domain,
with part of the reason being that garlic is infused in it. Sauce: Domino’s wins again. The writer said it’s similar to Pizza Hut
sauce, but sweeter. As for topping, this reviewer got mathematical. “There were 54 pepperoni coins on the pizza,
meaning the total pepperoni surface area is 66.13” squared. Divide that by the total topping surface area,
and you’re left with a pepperoni coverage potential of 62.34%,” he wrote. That was Pizza Hut. Domino’s topping coverage was sparser, and
here Pizza Hut got the nod. As PAPA JOHN’S for delivery, Domino’s
was 2 minutes later than the scheduled time and Pizza Hut one minute later. Pizza Hut also stacked the delivery with tons
of condiments and packets of parmesan cheese, so Pizza Hut won again there. But when it came down to the only important
thing, taste, the reviewer’s conclusion was that Domino’s tastes infinitely better,
and more like real pizza-type pizza. Americans should be pizza connoisseurs given
that in 2014 the US Department of Agriculture said that one in eight Americans will eat
pizza every day. There are plenty of taste tests out there
to read. Business Insider compared Domino’s, Pizza
Hut, and Papa John’s in 2016, choosing various toppings and also other things on the menu. Pizza Hut won on the simple cheese pizza test
and Domino’s took the crown for best supreme pizza, while Papa John’s had the best breadsticks. Another thing we should point out is that
if you look at the American Customer Satisfaction Index for every year, pizza restaurants always
seem to come above other fast food restaurants. But which pizza place gets the best ratings
from customers? For 2017 the index gives both Little Caesars
and Domino’s a score of 78. Pizza Hut, however, came behind with a score
of 76. But the winner of all American large pizza
chains was Papa John’s with a score of 82. We might also add something about health. Pizza is tasty, but let’s not forget that
it’s a major factor in the obesity epidemic in the world today. In fact, it seems that the more fast food
restaurants pop-up in developing nations, the fatter they get. One large Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza contains
2,570 calories, which is more calories than you should consume in an entire day. Drink that with a Coke and have the ice cream
for dessert, and you might want to spend the next 4 hours on the treadmill. Domino’s is slightly less fattening, with
a large pepperoni pizza containing 2,478 calories. But remember we already know Pizza Hut pizza
has more pepperoni coins, so it can hardly be a bad thing to be the more calorific pizza. Pizza Hut’s super supreme contains 3,257
calories, while Domino’s Extravaganza Feast contains 2,987 calories. Lastly, if we look at the job site Indeed,
we can see how employees feel about working there. Domino’s has 11,600 reviews and Pizza Hut
has 15,800, and both companies have the same 3.9 stars out of 5. As for bad reviews, on October 30th 2017 someone
wrote about Pizza Hut, “The hours suck. The pay sucks. The coworkers suck. It’s not very rewarding. There’s usually a lot of drama. There’s usually a lot of drug use as well. And it’s not fun at all.” The most recent bad review for Domino’s
said: “Did not enjoy working here, game days in the middle of Clemson are horrible. Pay is terrible, management was generally
unhelpful. But hey, discounted pizza.” So, which pizza do you prefer? Let us know why in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called McDonalds vs Burger King! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

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