Pizza in teglia: la ricetta di Gabriele Bonci

I’m Gabriele Bonci, we’re
at the Osteria Del Borgo. A new experience for my business, that took on
the responsibility of continuing a brand new project: bringing into food
service what has been up to now pizza by the slice, what up to now has been
a counter of Roman pizza. By proceeding, we understood that it could be made
at home as well, you can eat a good pizza at home, too. The ingredients: a direct and
simple dough, without frills. 200 gr of durum wheat semolina,
800 gr of whole spelt flour, water, olive oil and salt. A pinch of brewer’s yeast it’s 2 grams for a whole kilogram. Let’s add the 60% of water, so it’s 600 gr,
and the work can start. Let’s start by stirring around the bowl, touching
the borders with the spoon. We’re never interrupting this movement.
Spelt is a noble cereal, a grain can undergo until 150 treatments
per year. More than treatments, it’s 150 different chemicals. But spelt,
moreover einkorn wheat, can grow without any chemical, in intensive farming, too. Let’s add salt. Salt is put in the center,
attention not to create friction in the bowl. Let’s start by making
inside foldings, in this way. Let’s try to clean all of the bowl well. Et voilà. Just oil is now missing. A drizzle of oil. Very light. Let’s start by
folding it trying to combine all of the oil
homogeneously. Let’s now talk about the quantities of the dough
that fits a pan. It’s very simple: 0,5 grams
per centimeter squared. Hydration is a bit complex. It sticks a bit on the hands and dirts
them. Here it is. Our dough is ready. 18 hours at room temperature,
18 to 20 C°. Let’s start spreading out. Let’s first work on the sides.
If you touch it gently, you can spread it well. Hand in a corner,
elbow in the opposite. Let’s move the dough
on the arm and spread it out. Then put it in the pan. Without oil,
without doing anything. Now let’s try to spread it,
in a gentle way, of course. Now let’s go on with the topping. Potatoes. Potatoes are kept for 24 hours
in the fridge, in the water, to let them fold and create this wave and when I’m placing them on the pan like this, they create ways
for the air that allow the potatoes to cook completely. We’re not using
– absolutely – products in which nature is adulterated. We can’t see it, but what happens
in the ground, when man attacks and tries to intervene violently on the ground – that is a very powerful moment,
a world war, a nuclear war we are fighting against the ground, the land. Now it’s time for
the king oyster mushroom. Let’s put it on the potatoes. A drizzle of oil. The salt. Let’s place it in the oven at 290 °C for 15 minutes. Here is curly-leaf kale.
Let’s take out the hard part only. These wonderful chards we’re breaking them a bit on the ends.
Then 5-6 hours in the vinegar. Here we just sautéed
the king oyster mushrooms in a skillet, then we seared on a high
flame in a cast iron skillet the wild hops. Bitter taste, bitter flavour, intense. Now let’s cut our base.
It’s flat, crispy… Roman. Let’s now finish our slice of pizza.
Let’s cook a scambled egg. Let’s keep the albumen separated
from the yolk. Let’s use a beautiful white egg.
This is a hemp egg, coming from hens that eat
hemp only. Let’s place this scrambled egg on the potatoes base. Let’s try to spread well the egg, in every bite. Let’s place some king oyster mushroom
slice we sautéed before. Hops. A very thin slice of cooked ham. And then a bite of chard
and a bite of kale. A sprinkle of pepper. A drizzle of oil. Pizza by the slice: flat, crispy,
with spelt flour, Roman style.

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