Pizza Party Train

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman My name is Ryan Wengert and I am a representative from the Metropolitan Transit Authority And it is my honor to announce that this subway car has been recognized officially as the most courteous subway car in the entire NY City Subway System We want to thank you. We are providing you a pizza party So please give yourself a round of applause for outstanding behavior We called the local pizzeria, they’re gonna be delivering right about now *people amazed* Everybody please enjoy your pizza party!! Thank you sir! Subway Cart: Clear out the closing door please Ryan: For those of you just joining us it is my pleasure to announce That this subway car is the most courteous subway car in the entire system You have worked hard to reduce the amount of trash And this train has the lowest amount of manspreading of any car throughout the entire subway system Congratulations And please enjoy your pizza party *music plays* Worker: We got bottles of water on the way Ryan: Yes courtesy goes all the way to the trash with that one News lady: Hi Cody Todd with channel 4 Woman: Hello! Newslady: Can you tell me a little bit about what’s happening today? Woman: We just boarder the train and there was folks handing out pizza Seems like everybody has a smile on their face So, having a good time today! Man: First time ever riding the subway Newslady: and first time having a pizza party on the subway Man: Yep! You got that too *laughs* Man: A little different than North Carolina Man: They say we’re getting rewarded for, you know, the trash not being all crazy in here I appreciate that. I’ve been spending a lot of money on Metro Cards So, you know Thank you News lady: Have you ever seen anything like this? Lady: No. And I’m not expecting it again either *laughs* I don’t know I love it, I love it!

30 comments on “Pizza Party Train”

  1. Dragon_ Tears says:

    Well I'm going to stay and miss my stop to stay

  2. Government Official says:

    Aw I want pizza man im in virginia working for the gov lol

  3. Pink Heart says:

    Free pizza always puts a smile on everyone face😄🍕

  4. The life of Coconut coconut says:


  5. Nico Delacruz says:

    If I had to get off at the stop where they came on I would of stayed

  6. Avocatious says:

    The pizza has cyanide in it.

  7. Kʀʏᴘ2Nɪɢʜᴛ says:

    Yahay kai bai.

  8. yash sharma says:

    Great job

  9. lindiwe Precious says:

    I Love you guys,wish there were people like that in South Africa .You bring smiles and joy to people.I have watched almost all your videos ,car alarm pranks,mute pranks,christmas lights wow great job

  10. Who spilled My beans says:

    It’s like when we have pizza party’s at school for being good

  11. Munchausen45 says:

    1:40…One of the few times something can be described as literal “fake news”

  12. John .Do9 says:

    I’m jealous ☹️☹️☹️

  13. Hayley Flamingo says:

    I’m allergic to tomatoes so I couldn’t eat the pizza

  14. Serveyano says:

    Why does this never happen me? 😒😭

  15. Spy Del Rio says:

    1:36 rip the camera man

  16. sci_pain3 says:

    darn, i wish i lived in america.

  17. Jordan Walker says:

    Crimson chin

  18. henry says:

    i missed my stop like 20 times but the pizza is sooo worth it.

  19. MasterGamer6 says:

    I’m Vegan

  20. gosha says:

    “Lowest percentage of manspreading”

  21. Flip Flock says:

    I want pizza too :C

  22. RDnAC says:

    Please deliver some of that pizza to Los Angeles. I'm dyin ovah heah

  23. Dr Shroud says:

    Man sprading lmao

  24. aydee peperoni says:


  25. Antony Njeru says:

    I am so hungry still

  26. Jamie Carter says:

    i wonder how many cows suffered for that 10 minutes of happiness, any guessy????

  27. Sentient Android says:

    i just feel bad for the people who had to get off at the stop the pizza guys got on haha

  28. Dark Zhiro says:

    Imagine if they topped the pizza with laxatives.

  29. Don’t touch Meh food says:

    I love how harmless these pranks on this channel are instead of harassing them you do fun creative pranks that are really funny and cool

  30. shimmy 1973 Schermerhorn says:

    Just like nothing to it. Announcer sounds like the spokesman for the Mice in men in black locker. All Hail J.

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