Pizza, PBRs, and a Fork-Free Feast: Chef’s Night Out in NYC with Khe-Yo

100 comments on “Pizza, PBRs, and a Fork-Free Feast: Chef’s Night Out in NYC with Khe-Yo”

  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    Mohawk is kind of a dbag. The video was tight though.

  2. imhellag says:

    Hell yeah I believe a sneeze is one of those little sober pleasures life throws your way.

  3. idlerose says:

    Marc Forgione is the man!

  4. Arizona says:

    yessss Laos foood!!!!

  5. Kevin Bullard says:

    Except fot the PBR tall noys, good show

  6. RKFCGSBGK says:

    Surprised no one has mentioned the breasts on the wall at 5:50 lol

  7. Connor Cunningham says:

    Damn you're friends with Marc Forgione?

  8. Dr. Pierre Khazin says:

    The Chef looks like the bad guy from Mulan :S

  9. t3chnotub3 says:

    thumbs up again

  10. Jack Dafeezy says:

    What is life?

  11. prencher says:

    It's Mark Wahlberg's asian brother!

  12. Joe-- says:

    Girl could barely hang with that embryo dish. Props though.

  13. Kai V says:

    I'm Hmong and my Laotian friends make some good ass fish laab. My culture's cuisine is a mix between Laotion and Thai too.

  14. marccupidomc says:

    dammmn why'd I start watching munchies videos when I'm on a diet.

  15. Bridget Cousins says:

    can't wait to visit those restaurant when I go to New York

  16. captain shat sparrow says:

    is this guy lao?

  17. Bratwurst Iam says:


  18. Pookie Woodmere says:

    That one duck egg shown was raw as hell. Fail.

  19. Jennifer Tu says:

    YESSS!!!! Lao food!!!

  20. Zyzzus Christ says:

    good vibes

  21. EazyyMuthuLovinnE says:

    That Pizza looked life changing

  22. Jan Michael Vincent says:

    In Urdu the word fuck means to drain away, like "Uska rang fuck hogya" i.e. "The color drained from his face"

  23. Jarrod Wright says:

    Sweet beat at 5.20

  24. Masood Khan says:

    the funk in Khmer sounds like Bah-Hawk

  25. Henry Audubon says:

    Why is that guy aiming his sneezes right at the pizza?

  26. Kyle W says:

    Anyone else see the card already in the hat?

  27. tresojos says:

    that woman on the table between 0.50 and 1.00 is not enjoying it… that look on her face… spoiled b*tch

  28. ryaneng says:

    god these guys know how to eat!

  29. Cotonetefilmmaker says:

    Shit, I had to pause at the egg part. C'mon people, really ?

  30. fenderfan85 says:

    That poor girl eating the embryo egg thing lol

  31. better.øff'd says:

    o_o I'm so fucking hungry….

  32. Hecameup says:

    Do Not Fuck the Papaya

  33. TFL Roy says:

    I lived in new york my entire life, I'm about to be 21 in april
    and I still have yet to go out and experience fine dining with some friends.
    If someone from NY wants to have dinner with me please comment.

    I'll pay for the meal

  34. srchipicao says:

    Oh man you dont make that table at Jeepney and then serve a San Miguel beer.

  35. ehwilliamz says:

    if i ever i visit New York , i will most definitely feast at the dope Philippine restaurant.

  36. Salvate says:

    Guy with the Mohawk is annoying as fuck.

  37. Plopster says:

    Marc fucking Forgione

  38. Michelle Mae Simplicio says:

    I'm Filipino and it turns me on that Marc Forgione love Balut. Crushing on him more now.

  39. hansoulglo says:

    dude i hate eating with my hands though. the food looks really fucking good man.

  40. Ayoub says:

    LOL @ the bartender's magic trick. Dude chucked a deck of cards into a hat.

  41. mac thomson says:

    Balut.. balut! Balut! Balut!

  42. 100newkid says:

    I have to go eat here…. probably the closest thing to hmong food nyc has to offer. when it comes to papaya salad, curry noodles, and sticky rice!

  43. 33 savage brother says:

    I'm laos and this is nostalgia to me

  44. dannyb20 vtec says:


  45. kuhmilch says:

    I'm originally isaan and I would try his dishes too.

  46. Rathanont Voraharn says:


  47. Kevin Decano says:

    didnt know that a good filipino resto is located at NYC. The theme makes it cool

  48. okicat1 says:

    That bitch was about to throw up when she ate the embryo.

  49. Trevor Easton says:

    Why were they playing gladiator at the bar

  50. Johnnytotal says:

    Delicious embryo XD

  51. Eric Liestoh says:

    OMG, how much food can these people eat?? What do they do- not eat all day and save their appetite for the evening? I'd be throwing up if I ate all that food.

  52. Me. Adonis says:

    I always have the impression that chefs know how to have quality fun…food,alcohol,good friends,what else does one need?

  53. Nathan Chittenden says:

    anyone notice this video ends at 13:37 ?

  54. Navadeep Sharma says:

    Who says that to a mom!!

  55. schlong buffet says:

    shit hold up, they went to go eat a couple pizza pies then a large fuckin kamayan feast? k then pig face. then oh yeah crab too. at least they prayed twice, prayed their stomaches wouldn't come out of their buttholes. i am jealous

  56. ADIdBLUr22 says:

    Wait so they went to a pub and got PBR's….. da fuck lmao. Who does that!

  57. Mo Poppins says:

    I agree with what the chef said about sneezing.

  58. Mo Poppins says:

    Yay! Another non-douchey episode with great food. 🙂

  59. Paul Pieroni says:


  60. Rigel Haryanto says:

    the Asian version of Mark Wahlberg.

  61. Vanna Marie says:

    Always fun with Chef Marc and Chef Phet.

  62. kelsokeeley says:

    Sorry but how the fuck can you eat dinner 3 times in one night?

  63. Christopher Labial says:

    Mr. Phet, I think you're a great guy. I hope you have been doing well since this filming.

  64. Junjun Barrios says:

    i love this episode of munchies… specially the jeepney and the balut… kinda crave of it right now..

  65. memadman says:

    Eating with my hands is not cool.

  66. Michael Knight says:

    damn that fried snapper looks sick ..all that is missing is a naked girl under it. 5:40

  67. Youtube is You says:

    whahahah mom why you fuckng the papaya xD I already love this dude

  68. Youtube is You says:

    But, my man. The hair buddy, not good. Can't let your long ass hair flying like that in the kitchen.

  69. Youtube is You says:

    The guy who sneezes needs to punched in his fucking face. You know about anger? You shouldn't hold that shit in either BAM on your fucking nose son.

  70. belia1313 Lastes says:

    He's so cute have to try his restaurant out when I visit NYC next time 🙂

  71. Jimmy Xaysana says:

    the funk… laos folks shit… 👌

  72. Hugh Morris says:

    why the fuck is everyone sneezing they doin dingers?

  73. Joshua Ong says:

    Jeepney! representing the Philippines good!

  74. James Crow says:

    Sorry I could not do/eat pigface…oh man, no.

  75. Eiizen says:

    Great chefs and they drink shit beer lmao

  76. DJGLR says:


  77. rizzo69ca says:

    so smart to just stick with beers on munchies…avoids the embarrassing drunken moments that so many episodes are famous for..though i guess ironically those moments are the best lol 😉

  78. PattyMayonnaise says:

    Mohawk was a douche, the typical guy who you hate seeing successful. Main guy was chill and def would like to see more of him.

  79. Madison Burns says:

    cool people

  80. Naveen Silva says:

    It's cool to see these munchies guys going to each other's places

  81. To Make No Sense says:

    Marc is cool.

  82. youJack420 says:

    wow, when Mark Forgioni prayed for the meal. Struck me deep.

  83. Martin Rios Banuelos says:

    Such a down to earth guy

  84. Marcus Daniel says:

    10:03 listen

  85. W C says:

    guy with a mohawk named carrie. No way he can be a douchebag

  86. artichokez says:

    brussels sprouts are the second best topping other than 'chokes

  87. Joe Anthony says:

    By the end of the night he had her sneezing lmao

  88. Joe Anthony says:

    I’ve been hunting since I was 11 years old…I Have taken many animals and consumed every kill over the past 18 years. But my guy.. there is no way in hell…im eating that fucking PIGS Face.

  89. novaWRX says:

    The “wtf is this?!” Lady at 10:00 tho 🤣

  90. Michael Khounenorath says:

    Aye Lao represent 🇱🇦🔥💯

  91. Lance Naquin says:

    Wait did I just see titty on the yt?

  92. barbie gayle says:

    How can they eat 3 huge meals in one night? Must have great appetite.

  93. Dave Otuwa says:


  94. Dave Otuwa says:

    The joint that the chief anchours of this episode run rhymes with a pagan rapper.

  95. Dave Otuwa says:

    3:48 He should've said "He's BELGIAN".

  96. Paul Rekoeb says:

    This was extremely well-cut. First with his corny little joke and then right into the Munchies Intro, then later with the sneeze right into the next scene.

  97. Sankofa NYC says:

    I used to think "I would totally eat Balut" now I'm like… Ewww… Why, that shit has like eyes and a soft beak and baby feathers like lol

  98. Lucas Moros says:

    my guys got the taxi driver cut

  99. The Professor says:

    I’m def visiting these places on my trip to USA. Can’t wait 😊 #life

  100. Josh Lampman says:

    Prayer isnt cheesy

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