Polymer Clay Miniature 1 to 12 – Easy Sushi Cane

Laver sushi Du skal bruge en lys og en mørk grøn Et stykke gult Og noget orange Til risene bruger jeg: hvid, hud og champange Mixer de 3 farver sammen Put det gennem pastamaskinen Bland lidt mere Rul et stykke sort tyndt ud Så er din stang klar til at blive rullet ud Jeg bruger staniol for at lave struktur i min stang Jeg håber du kunne lide videoen
Lavet af mig

24 comments on “Polymer Clay Miniature 1 to 12 – Easy Sushi Cane”

  1. llamacorn says:

    wow looks so real!!!

  2. AkameruKawaii says:

    Det ser lækkert ud ^^

  3. Daniela mini says:

    @AkameruKawaii tak tak

  4. Daniela mini says:

    @DianetheCraftster101 thanks 🙂

  5. SugarCharmShop says:

    De røde spisepinde ser SÅ godt ud sammen med 🙂 ser rigtig godt ud den sushi ^^

  6. Bethany Forber says:

    I would love to make this!!!!! But unfortunately i don't have a proper blade so when I make canes it dosent work

  7. Alexandria Sasuman says:

    Did u change ur hair colour?

  8. Michelle says:

    where did u get the plate?

  9. Aaleah Vuong says:

    I have a suggestion. For the SeaWeed color instead you can mix a small piece of dark green with some black. It will make a kinda of metallic seaweed color.

  10. Aaleah Vuong says:

    @bethanyangel418 you can just use a razor blade

  11. Daniela mini says:

    @SugarCharmShop he he mange tak

  12. Daniela mini says:

    @bethanyangel418 you can wisch for onefor Christmas or birthday 🙂

  13. Daniela mini says:

    @klime9087 Yes I did 🙂

  14. Daniela mini says:

    @suetyee2000 Thees was a traide with a friend 🙂 but you can get them on e-bay

  15. Daniela mini says:

    @Xxweetanimebaby thanks

  16. Daniela mini says:

    @AwayLemonade thanks

  17. Rei-kun says:

    It felt like a cooking show as soon as you started chopping up the rice. xD

  18. Daniela mini says:

    @tehwolfie he he, well some how it is a cooking show 🙂

  19. Daniela mini says:

    @drn7zftsj yes, just in miniature, and it is not eatable 🙂

  20. Daniela mini says:

    @TheBombcraft thanks I'm happy you like my video, and it is good to hear, that it is a help

  21. minisinpa says:

    Now I know what I am making today….great video and thank you.

  22. Daniela mini says:

    @minisinpa that is nice to be a inspiration, and happy crafting

  23. oh no says:

    really cool! love it! Did i just see a hand go by when u were chopping de rice?

  24. Daniela mini says:

    LOL I didn't see that before, normaly I make videos when I'm alone in the house, but now I and my husband have been looking really close on the hand, and we think it is his, but still odd, as he normally don't interfear when I'm recording

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