Popeyes vs. Chick-fil-A Which Chicken Sandwich is better?

Hello everyone, this is running on empty food review Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running an empty food review and I am your host the report of the week. So here we are It’s actually midday. What’s around mmm 2:05 p.m. Eastern Time. So even if it looks like it is the darkest depths of midnight outside It’s not. Alright, I promise I’m not I’m not lying Look, you can see the window there why that even matters why that makes a difference. I have no clue, but it’s out there anyway this is going to be a Battle of the chicken sandwiches. This is this is the face-off of the century right here In the amount of requests that I got for this was incredible. I was actually surprised. I was checking my Twitter the other day I know I was going all out And I was seeing tweet after tweet People tweeting around saying can you review the chicken sandwich from Popeyes? And Can you make a comparison to the chick-fil-a sandwich? Okay. I was I caved to the peer pressure I said fine I’m gonna put it in your hands. I’m gonna make a poll about it. So I said, all right What do you want me to do? I do you want me to do this? Do you want me not to do it? All right. You just want me to quit YouTube and people said they wanted me to review the chicken sandwiches. So I went with that Here’s what everyone’s talking about Popeyes is making waves. They were in the news. They’re staying relevant and people are saying Hey Popeyes Release this chicken sandwich Kind of like competing with chick-fil-a Which one do you think is better and you have all this tension going on right? You can see things are Things are heating up You have the Popeyes fans who are saying look, I think the Popeyes chickens hand which is best You know, I got it for four dollars sixty-nine cents comes with a buttermilk White meat chicken filet, it’s breaded of course comes with pickles mayo on a brioche bun That’s the popeyes chicken sandwich. They just released this and A lot of people are saying I think this thing is delicious. I think it’s great Then you have the of course the chick-fil-a fans who like the standard chick-fil-a sandwich that you know People say this is competing with which comes with your standard chicken breast It’s on a toasted and buttered bun with dill pickle chips And I got this one for around 3 dollars and 55 cents and people just want to know they same look which one’s better Which one are you a fan of so I’m gonna try them out Which one is better, the chick-fil-a sandwich or the popeyes chicken sandwich? I’m gonna try them both out and I’m gonna be completely honest Whichever one I think is the best I’m gonna go for it I’m gonna I’m gonna do my part to try and settle this debate. Now. I always like to get any personal bias out So, you know, you just know I’ve always been a chick-fil-a fan Okay, I always have been I’ve always liked chick-fil-a a fan of their service and their product but here’s the thing I’m open-minded about this so If let’s say let’s say the popeyes chicken sandwich Knocks my tie off and it’s is that good? I’ll give them the credit where credit is due and look I’ll say alright, I admit it’s better than Chick-fil-a, or if you’re chick-fil-a still maintains the standards and that’s that so Here’s the bag. Here’s the Popeyes Bag Right. Here’s the chick-fil-a bag and there I am with both of them. Oh, yeah, that’s really tacky We got it done And let’s just go for it. All right Here it is hope yes right there there’s the P There’s a napkins – those are actually complementary believe it or not. Oh, that’s crazy and I’m gonna do to the sake of time You’re just gonna kind of take like three bites out of each sandwich and then just go from there. Okay? Here’s the popeyes chicken sandwich you can see It is like how it’s advertising. I’m not really seeing. Oh there’s a is there a pickle? Where’s the pickles lurking? There’s the pickle see it’s kind of hiding in the mayo The one thing compared to the chick-fil-a sandwich, and I noticed you know Chick-fil-a doesn’t slather it in the mayo like Popeyes does but we’ll see. I’m not the world’s biggest Mayo fan I’ve said that in the past and that’s where I stand it is a bigger sandwich You know, I saw the picture I was thinking gosh, that’s a huge looking sandwich and it is it’s actually pretty big It’s almost almost as big as my my head. Not quite I’m gonna try this out of them and take a few bites and I’m gonna cleanse my palate with some water then I got there and Then we just try out the chick-fil-a one so we know what’s on this one I’m gonna try it out and we’ll just go to chick-fil-a and then we’ll compare them. So it’s the popeyes chicken Sandwich going in. Let’s see, which one is better You ready I’m gonna take a big bite so prepare yourself And I’m just gonna take a little bite out of the Chick-fil-a sandwich see how that one is You know, some people were really really trying to say look you gotta try this stuff out. There’s the chick-fil-a one With the standard chick-fil-a appendage, right? That’s common courtesy I Know you want me to bite this first and I’ll do it. I’ll do it for you guys and there were some people that were actually in protests there saying look a Review bruh. I’m not gonna brush my teeth until you try these out. So this is for the teeth. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s going in There’s my hat in the back Why not since we got them both side by side, let’s just put them next to each other for the heck of it Why not, right? So this is the Popeyes one And here’s the chick-fil-a one And there’s my head kind of like that I Don’t know what it’s doing. It’s in the air, but no they are something both look like Which one do I think is better? What do they both taste? Like I Got to say I got a give Popeyes credit. I have two I Have had three bad experiences with Popeyes in the past I mean you remember the the glory days with the shrimp where I was I was destroyed internally from it and I was very disappointed granted. I Gotta say the portion size for the Popeye sandwich is Bigger than I thought it would be but the chicken has this juiciness to it Which kind of caught me off guard the chicken is more flavorful than I thought. I thought it’s gonna be his bland slab of meat slapped on and slathered with copious amounts of mayonnaise I’m surprised the chicken is crunchy and it’s more flavorful than I thought that it would ever be and The Mayo I think there is a little too much mayo on it for my liking anyway, but the pickles, you know Add that good tang to it. The chick-fil-a sandwich on the other hand isn’t as large You know, definitely the size of the chicken patty isn’t as big but the chicken certainly does pack that punch in terms of flavor as well and You know, I think With the pickles, it’s still they’re very similar sandwiches. I got to say that The pickles still give that a little bit of a zesty tang, but there is no mayo on the chick-fil-a one Which one? Am I a fan of because you know, I got to be honest completely Both of these are decent sandwiches and I’ve always been a chick-fil-a fan, but the Popeyes sandwich For what it is. They actually it’s a tasty sandwich. I have to give them credit You know that breading isn’t overwhelming but it gives it a nice crunchiness. The meat is so juicy and flavorful And again, I like that little you know, both both of them have the pickles that really do contribute in my opinion and necessary tang to kind of offset everything else but of the two sandwiches The Popeyes one was close to four dollars and 70 cents The chick-fil-a one was actually it was lose three dollars and 20 cents From what it is compared to the quality of the chicken for both of them. I Mean, I’m still a fan of chick-fil-a. I gotta say both of these are equally I mean, they’re both they’re both good Okay, I have to tell you this people wanted the decision. I just tried them both. I’m still a fan of the chick-fil-a original chicken sandwich But you have to remember when you’re picking between two things sometimes it’s like This is the worst chicken sandwich of my life. It’s disgusting It’s repulsive and so on and so forth other times It’s like yeah Wow, I mean, they’re both pretty good. But I think this one is slightly better, you know, and here’s why That’s what it’s like you have to remember and I know right now you have you have the Popeyes loyalists They’re already there dishing out the pitchforks They’re lighting up the torches. They’re getting the angry mob. They’re getting it ready. People are fuming right now I think about two dozen have already destroyed their computers in rage over this I had to set up a little bit of a block out the Sun they’re angry at the napkin and They’re in a rage but here’s the thing fear not okay, I I’m a fan of the popeyes chicken Sandwich – I just so happen to think that I think for the price for the value I think that the chick-fil-a chicken sandwich just tastes a little bit better, especially Price considered but that doesn’t mean that I think the Popeyes hand which is terrible. No, not at all I think you know what Popeyes should give themselves a pat on the back and While I have my favourites and while I do think that the chick-fil-a one tastes a little bit better than the Popeyes one Don’t don’t take that as me saying I think the Popeyes one is terrible because I don’t at all out of ten, I would rate the popeyes chicken sandwich a six point seven out of ten The chick-fil-a chicken sandwich. I’ll give a 7.3 out of 10 So you can see that there is a little bit of a difference but it’s not like the Popeyes one is one out of 10 And the chick-fil-a is a nine out of ten I think the chick-fil-a slightly better, but the Popeyes one for what it is Especially considering the track record that Popeyes has had in the past. I think Popeyes is still pretty good That’s all I have for you. Ladies and gentlemen, I decided to compare them side-by-side. Thank you and take care

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