Popin’ Cookin’ Ramen Yasan 2 – Whatcha Eating? #198

Greetings my lovelies! Hi, it’s Emmy. Welcome back to another Whatcha Eating? Today I have this for you: this is “tanoshii ramenyasan (たのしいラーメンやさん)” — Yay! So I did this set way, way back when I was living in Japan. And it was one of the first Popin’ Cookin’ kits that I ever did and I loved it. This one’s a little bit different — that
set was savory — this one is sweet; so I found this while we were in Japan but I’m sure you can find it online. Let’s do this! There it is. There we are. This looks like the ramen noodles. This is the soup. Includes a little toothpick. The gyouza filling. A little bag. Candy. And there’s the fork. And, here is the lovely mixing tray. Looks like this kit actually includes a gyouza mold. So we’re gonna cut that out along with all these other pieces. For the bowl, I’m going to leave a little tab here so I can hold it while I stir. And there we are! There are all the pieces! With our impeccably clean hands, we’re going to take our soft candy and make two gyouzas and leave a little bit for the tamago and a little bit for the naruto. This is very soft, nice candy. Here’s a little bit for the tamago. And, I need half that much for the naruto. We’re going to use this little template here, and get our perfect gyouza shape. All right! So there are my two gyouza rounds. This time we have a little press to make the gyouza. In the last set we had to actually pleat them ourselves. So, makes it a little bit easier. So, what we’re going to do is place our little round in our mold here, and press it so we have a little bit of an indentation on both sides. Then we take our gyouza filling and place it in the middle here. Cute! They look like little meat pellets. I don’t remember the original filling looking like this — I think the original filling was more like little candy beads; but this is pretty cute — it looks more meat-like. That’s funny…. And then we are supposed to fold it in half, and — pleat them! All right, so give it a little squeeze. Ah! Super cute! Look at that! And you have a perfect little gyouza. Wow! That turned out better than I thought it would. Great! I think one hint is to make sure that your gyouza wrapper goes all the way to the edge; and that way you’ll get a good seal. So, we’ll place our little gyouza on our plate, and move on to the next step. So, we’re going to fill our little cup up all the way to the line, and then we’re going to add our soup mix. And it is brown like it was the first time, but it doesn’t smell salty; It smells like ramuné. So next we’re going to make the noodles. We’re going to fill the water up to the line. Then we’re going to add this packet: the noodle “men” packet. Add that in there. And a little stir. And we have some very yellow goo! This also smells like ramuné. A little bubblegummy. So now that we have our goo mixed, we’re going to prepare our bag. Take the toothpick; place it inside the bag; and poke a hole in the very corner. Like that. And that’s where the noodles will be extruded out of…. Do you hear the birds tweeting? The birds are happy! Now we’re going to take our little bag…and gather it up. So into our little soup we are going to take this — and drizzle in our noodles! Oh my gosh! Look at that! How cool is that? Can you se those noodles forming? That is so stinkin’ cool! I love it! So I’m going to save a little bit of this goo so we can make our naruto and tamago. Press these into here and form our little egg. So for those of you who don’t know what “naruto” is — “naruto” is a little kind of fish cake. It’s like “kamaboko.” Did you see that spider that just crawled by? Yeah. Yes, friends we’re doing this outside. Now we’ll take our little toothpick and pop her out of the mold. There’s our beautiful naruto. Okay. To finish these off we’re going to take a little bit of the leftover noodles’ paste and fill our egg. There we go. Very, very cute! I notice on here they show the little peas in the ramen, so, I’m going to take some of that meat filling, and take some of those peas and sprinkle them on here. All right, so here’s our finished Poppin’ Cookin’ set — and it turned out beautifully. And that’s the reason why I love these Poppin’ Cookin’ sets — is because as long as you have some dexterity, these kits work — and they work really well! I’m impressed with the little gyouza-maker that they sent — and it makes the gyouza making a lot easier, but I have to confess, I love pleating gyouzas myself, but this was definitely fast and easy. And the noodles turned out beautifully — here’s the little noodles — I love the addition of the little egg and the fishcake. (I think it’s really adorable.) But this is my favorite part; look at these noodles! Look how realistic they look. Not only in texture, but in color, they look just like ramen noodles. All right, let’s give ’em a taste! (So weird!) Itadakimusu! The taste is not bad — it tastes like ramuné soda, kind of bubble gummy and lemon-limey, but I have to confess, I liked the original one better because it was savory; I actually liked that — I think a lot of people didn’t; but, because it looks savory, I feel like it should taste savory — but it doesn’t. It’s weird. The soup is ramuné as well, so it’s sweet and kind of bubble gummy and sweet tarty as well. Let’s try the little naruto fishcake. Mmm! That tastes better! The soft candy tastes like ramuné as well;
but it’s a little bit tart and sour so, has a little bit more contrast; this is just wet, kind of soggy in texture but then it has the flavor bubble gum….Tamago. Hmm. It tastes just like the naruto which isn’t surprising. Right? All right. Let’s give the gyouza a taste. (Itadakimasu!) Mmmm! Much better. The candy is nice and soft and chewy and tastes like ramuné soda again, but has a little bit of sourness — which is nice. Let’s see if I can get some of that filling. Mmm. Mmmm! So when you bite into the filling it’s a little bit surprising because it’s a little bit sour and slightly — not fizzy, but kind of crumbly — and the flavor is cola. This is “Tanoshii Ramenya-san” — the new version of the Ramen Poppin’ Cookin’ and I have to say there are parts that I like about it and parts that I don’t
like about it; but I’m glad they brought it back because the noodle-making is
super super fun in this! I definitely recommend it just for that reason alone.
Don’t forget to follow, LIKE and subscribe; and I hope you guys enjoyed that; I hope you guys learned something; and I shall see you in my next video. Toot-a-loo! Take care! Bye! Do you see this? Do you see the size of this? This is probably five times the size of…. Hey, what’s your favorite apple? My favorite is Honeycrisp.

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