Private Investigator Guesses Who’s Dating Out Of A Lineup • Part 2

– Hello, I’m John, I’m a private investigator
here in Los Angeles, and today it’s my job to determine which two of these six individuals are currently romantically linked. No job is ever easy, but I
think I’m up to the task. (lively jazz music) – We’ll start in the end here. How bout these two? – C’mon honey. – Honey? Okay, interesting. So how does everybody else react to that? Is something I would look out for. Cause if you weren’t dating, and you were feigning something, and you’re significant other
were still on the lineup, there may be a flash of jealousy, a flash of suspicion coming from somebody. Anyway, what’s your name? – Megan. – Megan, hi. And you? – Victor. – Victor, good to meet you. Victor, where you from? – San Jose, California. – San Jose? Yeah, okay. How long you been down in LA? – Two years, right? Yeah, two years. – Alright, Megan where are you from? Here, LA. – LA? City of? – Agoura Hills. – Okay, so not LA. – I mean it’s technically LA County. – Technically LA County? – Yeah. – Okay. What do you like to do on the weekends? What do you do for fun? – Mostly Netflix. – Yeah and chill. – So you’re having sex. (laughs) – So out of the house, what do you do? What do you do for fun? – I like to climb a lot. Sometimes we go hiking. – So what are some of the
favorite places you’ve climbed? – I am not much of a climber. I’ll do the hike, and then I
just kind of sit and watch. – So “we” climb? – Sometimes I’ll take her climbing, but she’s a little scared. – Okay, okay. Stories are not matching up here with the climbing.
(laughing) – Where’d you guys meet? – Here. Two years ago, when I first
started the fellowship, she was here already as my mentor. – Met at work. A mentor? Wow. Okay I think we can move along here. Megan, why don’t I ask you to step aside, if you don’t mind. Would you mind coming down here please? – Yeah, of course. – So Megan and Victor certainly want me to think they’re dating. What’s your name? – Ehis. E-H-I-S, I’ll make it easy for you. – Thank Ehis. Where are you from? – I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. – Oh, what part? – Boston. – City of? – Yes, no county. – Okay, yeah. What neighborhood? – West Roxbury. – Okay. How long have you lived in LA? – Like two years, yeah. – Okay. And Victor’s lived here
for two years or so. Alright, interesting. What part of town do you live in? – I live in Studio City. – Studio City? Okay.
– Yes. – And where do you hike? – I hike in Runyon, I go
to the West side sometimes, I go to Malibu, I do the
Hollywood sign pretty often. Just cause a lot of friends come to visit and they wanna see the sign, and I’m like, “Sure, let’s go.” – Okay. You sort of half repeated the question, and then you were very verbose. You told me why you go
to certain hiking trails. – Well like because the
Hollywood sign is like, I feel like no one in LA
does the Hollywood sign more than once, but I’ve
done it several times. – I feel like you’re scrambling,
you’re kind of drowning. I didn’t even ask a question– – I’m sorry, I was just
giving information. – I’m just giving you a hard time. Alright. What else do you do for fun? – I go to the movies, I
hang out with friends, I like to eat a lot. – Okay. – So I go and eat. – Where do you go to eat? – I go to Sawtelle for– – Okay and what restaurants
are around Sawtelle? – There’s Tsujita that’s really good. Right the ramen place? – Oh, yeah. I love ramen. – I don’t go there very often, so. – Damn, you’re good. And where do you live Victor? – Koreatown. – K-town, okay. K-town to Studio City, that’s a haul. Why don’t I ask you to step down please? What’s your name? – I’m Jake, how’s it going? – Jake, good, thank you. Where are you from, originally? – I am from here. I’m from Encino. – Okay, thank you for being specific. What’s your line of work? – Film stuff. I used to be like a
independent film producer for super low budget stuff. But now, I just kind
of freelance my skills here and there. – Okay, gotcha. Jake, what do you do… for fun? – I play a lot of video games. I smoke a bunch of weed. – You’re kind of into that
leisure culture a little bit, if I could be so bold to– – I’m an indoor cat, yeah. – To label it, yeah okay. And we’ve got a Hollywood sign hiker. Let’s have our next– – Hi, I’m Lexi.
– Contestant. – Hi Lexi. Where do you work? – I’m a nanny. – A nanny? – Yeah. – Okay, and where do you live? – In Santa Monica. – Okay. And where are you from Lexi? – I’m outside Atlanta. – How long you been in LA? – Like six months now. – And Jake, you’re from
and grew up in Encino, but where are you living currently? – I am in Encino with my grandma. – In Encino, okay gotcha. You’re still there. So what do you do for fun Lexi? – I work a lot, I cook, obviously. (laughs) – I don’t know, I like to cook, and like Netflix and chill also. – Alright. So you’re a bit of a
homebody yourself huh? – I mean I try not to
be, but probably yeah. – Okay. So what do you like to
cook for the most part? What’s your specialty? Give me like your top three. – I love Crock-Pot stuff. So I love chili,
– Okay. – Bolognese, I also make a salmon. – Oh wow. Crock-Pot salmon. – No, no, not in the Crock-Pot. Like outside of the Crock-Pot. – Did you go to undergrad anywhere? – USC. – Oh. So you lived in Santa Monica
for six months, but you’re– – I went back to Atlanta,
I went to New York too. – Okay, alright, gotcha. I get the feeling you’re trying to project to me that you two are a couple. – Why would you say that? – You said, “I like to
cook (laughs) obviously.” Victor and Megan
certainly want me to think that they’re dating as well. Alright Jake, I appreciate your time. I think I’m done for the time being. Will you step down please? – Hi Lexi. – Hey Asia. – Oh they know each other. Okay. And what’s your name? – Asia, like the continent. – Asia, okay. Where are you from? – Florida. – How long you been in LA? – Going on three years. – Okay. So where were you before Santa Monica? – New York. – Okay, for how long? – Four and a half years. – Okay. – I was in New York for five years. – Were you?
– Yeah. – Seems like something a relationship would know about one another. Don’t you think? – Maybe, I don’t know. I wouldn’t wanna project anything. – Would you consider yourself a foodie? – Yeah I would. Even though I’m like,
trying to be vegan now. – Oh okay. – It’s hard. – So chili’s and bologneses, probably wouldn’t fit in
with a vegan lifestyle. – I love chili though. Like I could make an
exception every now and then. – Okay what about Crock-Pot salmon? (laughs) – But she makes it
outside of the Crock-Pot. – Oh okay. – You have a lot of notes here. – I don’t think I have enough notes. Jake, how do you like being a vegetarian? – I am not a vegetarian. – The Crock-Pot is really, I think that’s the key to the whole thing. – It probably is. – Okay alright, let’s switch it up. Ehis would you join us again? – I need like a map of the city here, basically is what I really need. So we got Asia down there, Ehis is up there, Jake, got Lexi down here, Victor
you’re over in K-town, kinda right? And Megan tell me again,
where you’re living? – North Hollywood. – You’re NoHo, okay. Oh so you and Ehis live
somewhat close together. I need you over here. Asia, thank you. I may need to call on you later. And what do you like to eat, did I ask you that already, Megan? – You didn’t. – It really comes down to the stomach. (laughs) – What’s your favorite type of food? – Italian. – Italian? Okay. Didn’t Asia just say she likes Italian? – I love Italian. – If two people like Italian food– they must be dating.
– They must be dating. – Just to be fair, what is
your favorite type of food? – Potatoes. – Even in the guideline of like, it could be Italian, or Greek, or Mexican. – You can have Italian potatoes, you can have Mexican potatoes, you can have Greek potatoes. – Okay, cool. Alright this is interesting. You guys do live close to one another. Jake, why don’t you join us please? – Yeah. – Let’s see here. So you’re also Valley,
you’re in the Valley area, a little bit together. – To be fair, I think she’s… I think Agoura is Thousand
Oaks or Ventura, sorry. Not LA County. – But she lives in No… Oh, oh I get it. – So you’re just going out of your way to let me know that she was wrong. – It’s more like to tell
her that she’s wrong. – How does that make you feel? – I don’t (bleep) care. (laughs) – Can I venture my first guess here? Okay well I’m just gonna
come right out and, say it. Ask it. Megan and Jake, are you
presently romantically linked? – Why do you think that? – I’ll ask the questions. That’s a nod and a
handshake and a question. – I’m real sweaty, but enjoy that. – You’re dating? – Yes. – Congratulations, you’re a lovely couple. – But we want to know, how long? Since the french fries,
before the french fries? – [John] I need the
other four and I need… I need Crock-Pot Lexi back (mumbles). – [Jake] That was good! – How long? I don’t know. I’m John, I’m a private investigator, and I solved the mystery of whose dating.

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