Pro Chefs Compete in a Pizza Making Speed Challenge | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

100 comments on “Pro Chefs Compete in a Pizza Making Speed Challenge | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit”

  1. shamdog123 says:

    Claire is the best chef there no CAP

  2. easily offended says:

    As a fellow left handed person, I feel sympathy for Claire and Priyas' struggles.

  3. be the overflo says:

    Sohla's pizza is the prettiest

  4. first name says:

    there is no way these people are professional chefs
    amateurs or hobbyists at best

  5. Vic says:

    yoooooo where tF is Andy!?!?

  6. Florencia Morales Contreras says:

    Amiels looking like sasuke

  7. Thomas H says:

    Ugh Molly. Pass on this video.

  8. Nicholas Lo says:

    Brad saving the day by putting out the fire with salt was so wholesome.

  9. lexi harrington says:

    Real question, how did priya get hired? It seems like she has literally no experience except her “childhood.” How is she a professional?

  10. Sarah says:

    I’m ashamed to say I didn’t think I would warm up to Sohla, but my God she is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in the world.

  11. Lily Is Awesome says:

    i love how delaney isn’t a professional chef at all but always does the best anyways

  12. Leif Eriksson says:

    I'm here for Claire cussing

  13. Ola Mg says:

    Where's Andy?

  14. Matías says:

    i love these challenges so much but we need gaby in these videos, i miss that queen

  15. Mateus Hokari says:

    Is Priya a cook?

  16. Tony P says:

    Cornmeal the pizza peel

  17. Tony P says:

    The trick with the peel is get the end of the pizza at the end of the peel. Get the edge of the pizza on the stone so it sticks and yank the peel out. The edge of the pizza should just pull off the peel.

  18. Tony P says:

    Every time I see Sohla, I see Does the Explorer.

  19. theylied1776 says:

    Why didn't they refrigerate the dough?

  20. Ariel says:

    I'm living for Amiel's apron.

  21. Mary Dragonee says:

    “its a pizza!” – alex delaney

    if this aint me after an exam then idk what like just throwing my hands up, not a single care in the world just being like I did it!

  22. Kay Smith says:


  23. Gen Timperley says:

    Aka : The BA kids get setup by scary dough

  24. IbzTuber says:

    Is it just me or clair is beautiful

  25. jcims says:

    Why does the word 'mood' show up so much in the comments? Also pizza dough stuck to the peel gives me horrible flashbacks.

  26. Kelly says:

    Amiel had the prettiest pie

  27. Thomas Marrujo says:

    Amiel should meet Joe Wheeler.

  28. ssi1991 says:

    Molly tends to be consistently efficient in the kitchen. I think it really shows she served on the line and a more demanding line than usual at that…
    That’s my impression at least.

  29. crowheads says:

    toaster oven: smoking violently
    "well…we'll see what happens to that" 😂

  30. Christian Arroyo says:

    Sohla really loves the color orange lol

  31. Alexandra Defreitas says:

    Priya literally never shuts up about her parents and her being Indian. 🙄🙄🙄 Not to mention she literally does nothing about the fire and puts everyone in the building at risk?? Fire her already, how is she a cook on BA and has never made a pizza, plus she always gets the lowest viewed videos

  32. Mary Reynolds says:

    Hi guys, love you all…
    I thought all the pizza’s looked greatl

  33. Stijn says:

    Who salts their pizza? I respect Sohla, she is a terrific chef, but you don't salt a pizza.

  34. LAZA11 says:

    Tossing the dough is such a trope

  35. Kasuni Bieber says:


  36. KANEEN KANEEN says:

    this was a bit of a reach for content. just sayin

  37. sofía g. says:

    brad: “there’s a fire in there, priya.”
    priya: wow haha literally

  38. Sesita says:

    Brad: there's a fire in the oven, Priya!

    Priya: oh wow, there's literally a fire! 🙂

    Brad: Priya, shut it down!

    Priya: 🙂

    The oven: 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Priya: 🙂

  39. Lauren Ng says:

    Finally Amiel is not wearing the same outfit!

  40. Joe R says:

    It truly should have only taken you all between 2:30 & 3:00 total times, it is a time only competition so who cares if it is done well just make it to the minimum requirements and don't worry about the mess you are making until after it's done.

  41. Gianina Izabelle de Leon says:

    Delany continues to win my heart with these challenges. Also, it's hard to recognize Brad without his hat.

  42. grayson gwilliam says:

    Someone get these people a metal peel!!!! It's so much easier!!!!!!!!

  43. Suicidal Nematode says:

    5:36 killed me lmao she was basically like what happens happens

  44. mahchymk93 says:

    Claire surprised by her own tassels is like a cat chasing its own tail, so cute

  45. Shaiza Shamim says:

    I like Chris's and Amiel's the best.

  46. Emily Durkee says:

    I love listening to professional chefs complain about minor inconveniences

  47. Muffinsaur says:

    Them: thin sause

    Me quietly: dumping the entire bowl on one pizza

  48. Avi Khan says:

    Oh wow priya continues to suck at everything, what a shocker…

  49. Rick Stricker says:

    Corn meal on the peel. No stickee…

  50. Ginger Claps says:

    I do not understand this Priya hate in these comments! She is funny and relatable and I like that she mentions her family a lot. I’m sure they are the #1 reason she got into cooking so why not mention them.

  51. Cyd Starling says:

    Priya started the fire! I wanted Dwight to pop up so bad

  52. LewHen Silvar says:

    I feel sad for Priya

  53. Kara Mahoney says:

    give sohla her own show

  54. scottmcinnis17 says:

    "Pro chefs" yet probebly not one has ever worked on a line. And almost none of them can even contemplate making a pizza one of the easiest things ever. Dough has 5 ingredients. What a joke

  55. Willow O'Brien says:

    God I love Priya so chill yet.. so chaotic

  56. Jipan Enterprises says:

    Anyone notice how big their kitchen is

  57. Mauricio Medrano says:

    ANDY!!!! Where are you, bro!?!

  58. Ben Brooker says:

    Delaney's even looked the best… you can see why Brad loves to hate him!!!

  59. Alec nolastname says:

    Bread, marinara, pepperoni chunks, cheese, hot oven, done.

  60. Star says:

    Insert Brad in any video and I will watch!! that was hilarious

  61. Robert Sok says:

    Dora the explorer over here making pizzas

  62. lethalchopsticks says:

    Oven: literally catches on fire
    Priya: Oh wow lol goes back to dressing her pizza

    As a person with high anxiety, how do I reach this level of non-chalance?

  63. Abdullah Ansari says:

    Yaaas Chris toss that dough like a pro

  64. walklikearobot says:

    I was kinda devastated when Sohla left serious eats but it makes me so happy seeing her in the BA kitchen 🙂

  65. Dani Wilkin says:

    Delaney for the win. What a fox.

  66. Cassandra says:

    It looks like the oven is still on fire at 9:40 lmao

  67. Echo Zero says:

    @8:31 Here's brad sabotaging the competition.. lol

  68. Jill Kealling says:

    If it wasn't for Chris and Brad, Priya would have burned to death in that kitchen while nonchalantly eating cheese.

    TBH I can't think of a better way to go.

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  70. Christina Belmares says:

    I'm concerned about Priya…………………..

  71. David Aguilar says:

    Am I the only 16 year that watches bon appètit religiously

  72. Audrey Thompson says:

    EXCUSE ME…… it’s called a Speedza.

  73. JoyfulMD says:

    Love my South Asian kin folk, but Priya, how did you get a job cooking at bon appetit?

  74. John Bainbridge says:

    I'd appreciate it if you name names more often. At 8:55 I see the time scores and I see the faces, but no names at all. I've been watching BA for about a year now and I only know 6 names out of these 10 faces. I can't imagine how confused new viewers might be. Naming names too often is better than not often enough, IMO. That dude in the glasses – I know I've seen his face a lot, but I don't know his name – not like I know Claire, Brad, Molly, and Chris, whom are named all the time.

  75. Rana Mo says:

    I’m sorry, but this was too short!

  76. Inigo Freed says:

    I'd love to see a speed mise en place challenge, who can setup all the ingredients and gear the quickest. Wildly unfair, but that fits in with the others.

  77. Valerie Herrera says:

    @6:55 tell me I am not the only one that thinks brad looks a bit like David Harbor 😂

  78. Stephanie Estrada says:

    Love these people so much lol

  79. romxxii says:

    Delaney beating everyone who joined the Perfect Pizza series was the big shocker here, including the one person who handled the dough-making, Claire.

  80. Angel E. says:

    priya really is like brads kid this is so funny sjhdbdbdndbd

  81. wordondee says:

    Priya is so cute? 😂

  82. ACQ Austin says:

    What oven is that!?

  83. Taylor says:

    I love these challenges & the videos that contain all the chefs.

  84. walao eh says:

    everyone panic tossing & messing up their dough

    Ameil *with perfect tossing skills: one ! whoop whoop whoop! Two! Ah ah ah! Three!!

    You adorable

  85. walao eh says:

    Y’all delany literally prep the pizza & put it in the oven within 1mins +, everyone took at least 2 times longer. Insane bro, he made it seem so easy

  86. Sebas López C. says:

    Where's gabi??😕

  87. L B says:

    Claire used her claw hand

  88. cristobal garza says:

    You have one job, one job, and you look like you haven't been in a kitchen in your life!!! These people, humanity is lost!!

  89. Josh Creter says:

    Please stop doing these speed challenges!
    The gang clearly doesn't like them and they're stressful to watch. It's the opposite of the 3+ hours Perfect Pizza experience.

  90. TheBubyChris says:

    I’m actually shocked at how terrible they were at making pizza. I’d love to be able to do this challenge, I worked at a pizza place when I started culinary school and moved on to other things but I can still make a mean pizza.

  91. Eng Xin Jane says:

    Priya stress eating while brad says something is literally me when something goes south and I had to be reminded about it 🙃

  92. Olivia N says:

    I totally just lost it when Claire got startled by her own shirt 🤣🤣🤣

  93. D.P. H says:

    what kind of pizza oven is that ?

  94. Nate Torres says:

    more of this!!!!!

  95. April says:

    Priya's casual "wow there's a fire" while tearing basil is the best part of this video

  96. Daniel Kraus says:

    Delany After Dark™

  97. CHAN-kun says:

    Claire getting a mini-heart attack because she thought her shirt lace was CHEESE

  98. Heather Guthrie says:

    I loved the twilight lighting

  99. Matthew Williams says:

    So no one's gonna talk about the fact that Amiel isn't wearing his iconic denim top in this video? I was in shock when I saw his arms for the first time. The content I like to see.

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