Publix Supports Seafood Sustainability

(piano music)
(water trickling) – [Voiceover] We’ve always heard there are plenty of fish in the sea. But, not really. Not if they’re overfished. Or caught in ways that
hurt other sea life or their environment. At Publix, that’s why we’re so passionate about sustainable seafood. It’s why we’ve joined forces
with respected organizations like Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and the Global Sustainable
Seafood Initiative. These efforts are leading
to smarter fishing and helping replenish the seas, while supporting fishermen
and the livelihoods of their communities. Sustainable seafood is a
choice we can all make. A choice that matters. That
will make a difference. For today and for tomorrow. To learn more about how
we source our seafood and what sustainability means to Publix, visit Publix, where shopping is a pleasure.

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