Quick & Easy Traditional Japanese Food : Introduction to Vegetable Tempura

On behalf of Expert Village this is Ian McSwain
with Passion Foods in Miami, Florida and today we’re showing you quick and easy Japanese
recipes. The first with 3 Japanese quick and easy recipes I’m going to do for you today
is vegetable tempura vegetable tempura as you know is vegetables with the tempura batter
deep fried and usually served with a tempura sauce. This tempura sauce is a combination
of soy sauce see food broth or fish broth I should say not fish salt fish broth there’s
a big difference and merman is which is a Japanese cooking wine which is right here.
And is usually topped or added to your sauce is white daikon root or radish it’s a root
and the reason why that is served is that not only with this dish with but with most
Japanese fry dishes is that the radish helps you digest or break down the oils in the fry
foods. So there is a purpose for it and it also taste nice it’s not a strong radish flavor
it’s very mild but it also helps you to digest the food.

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