Quick Family Pizza | Jamie, Petal & Buddy Oliver

Right we’re going to make a super quick cheat’s home made pizza. It’s not supposed to be the best artisan pizza in the world. But it is delicious and gorgeous. We can start it and cook it in under 10 minutes. So let’s get on with it. And I’ve got two helpers here that are flicking me. And this could be a nightmare guys, this could be a nightmare but this is Petal. My 3rd daughter.

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  1. Maria Makinen says:

    There's nothing like a ' well behaved fun-loving bubbly kid.

  2. Maria Makinen says:

    Trying nana's shower/ tub with a new pair of wellies n rain clothes on Seen that with my own 👀. A 3-year old. In Britain.

  3. rishta bacha says:

    Lovely kids 😍
    Nice recipe too

  4. Tom Jardine says:

    Portion size a bit too small lol

  5. Georgi Ion says:

    Buddy: I'm not a daughter, I'm a boy
    Jamie: Sorry, I forgot

  6. Hoon Kim says:

    Buddy look s like girl
    am i strange?

  7. Tryempathy 2day says:

    Your kids are super cute Buddy looks like you & Petals your wife's mini me too cute,Jil

  8. IzWazThecallingox says:

    Mine didn't rise and lest me with a hard raw base can't understand why can any one help, and yes I didn't enjoy self raising flour

  9. Sergiu Cojocariu says:


  10. Marcin motor says:

    I can't make it good. Components like cheese or ham are already done and good, but dough is raw inside. I tried to bake in the oven at 170 and 250 degrees. And its same result. Any advices what to do to have my dough good and done ?

  11. Izzy Mcnulty says:

    Can i use wholemeal self raising flour?

  12. Paula Godoy says:

    Jamie: “My kid will take a tinkle anywhere”
    Buddy: Runs outside to pee in the garden

    I laughed so freaking hard! 🤣

  13. WinterGirl says:

    Thank you Jamie. I totally get you, mate. This is cooking for the 21st century. And I pissed myself laughing when you said "slash" excuse the pun! <3

  14. Genghis Khunt says:

    When ya wife’s birthed so many girls that you forgot that ya last child is actually a boy

  15. Björn Hellström says:

    This recipe is 1000 times better if you use yeast and proper flour and let the dough rise properly!!!

  16. rashmi peiris says:

    love this Jamie

  17. matster shardel says:

    Love the way he slid the pizza out of the pan with the cheese grater. Lol

  18. Princess Christina Aquino says:

    ur kids r beautiful hope their musicians

  19. Princess Christina Aquino says:

    good teach kids cook

  20. Princess Christina Aquino says:

    comedy too

  21. Princess Christina Aquino says:

    fun been a chef dad

  22. Princess Christina Aquino says:

    i want pizza too ur kids made it

  23. Peter Jones says:

    Blow the pizza! The highlight of this video was Petal kicking open the door so Buddy could have a pee.

  24. Getrudis Neinu says:


  25. Getrudis Neinu says:

    Thanks for the resepy

  26. Metsasusi says:

    Jools have very strong genes. All their kids look like her.

  27. Strength and Grace Movement says:

    Buddy is soo cute!

  28. Voughn Elmerson says:

    I keep repeating this vid because of buddy saying he's not a daughter😂

  29. Makshood Ahmed says:

    I Never Knew Jamie Had Kids

  30. علي امامي says:

    اني من العراق ماراح تعرف عربي اكيد بس اني حبيت اخبرك حبيت الطبخ بسببك انت انسان ملهم 💗💗👏👏👏

  31. nancy nancy says:

    nice family we love you 😙😙😙👍

  32. Maria Alexandra says:

    Hey! Did somebody try to do this gluten free?

  33. 김민건 says:

    they are soooo cute

  34. Kelvin Kai King Lau says:

    on the pizza

  35. Mason Qiu says:

    he pisses olivooooooooooo

  36. معرفه معرفه says:

    Delicious recipe with lovely children ,cute

  37. Viktor Schubernel says:

    Oliver) and kind Band 🙂😁

  38. Flavio Sousa says:

    Brilliant helpers, Jamie!

  39. Алексей Пантелеев says:

    He is a very good boy)))

  40. gladys dinucci says:

    You are great!👏🏻👍🏻 Thank you.

  41. Christine Abu-Izmero says:


  42. M Jesus Alonso says:


  43. Sawsan Ali says:

    I love this video, and your cheldren just amazing, please make more videos with them

  44. cristina stefan says:


  45. cristina stefan says:


  46. Jeanne Amato says:

    Lovely family

  47. eliza hord says:

    Best cooking video ever🤣

  48. Andrea Mills says:

    That was hilarious, good stuff to show future partners. 😄😆😂

  49. Linda McNeil says:

    Hahaha. What a funny video. I had two boys like that

  50. Priya Saha says:

    Lovely kids😘😘😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  51. corey shepherd says:

    Tried it and whole family love it even my fussy son had two pieces 😘

  52. nancy nancy says:


  53. The High hopes says:

    That lisp is driving me crazy.

  54. StormDrop466 says:


  55. Victory Foxy says:

    Good food


    I love ur sweet little family

  57. abdul razouk says:


  58. finsat says:

    Why does the guy have his countrys flag, the Union Jack, as a door mat? It just shows disrespect to his country when people come in/out of the kitchen back door (it's the symbolism, folks, not a "my country right or wrong" statement).

  59. Miss Angel says:


  60. Amala James says:

    Yeast is not required

  61. Kristy Payne says:

    This is too hilarious 😂🤣 keeping it real

  62. International man of mystery says:


  63. International man of mystery says:

    momma's laugh is priceless 3:19

  64. Danuta Wegrzyn says:


  65. Pratik Ranjane says:

    you guys don't respect your national flag ?

  66. Axlxm X says:

    Shave that boys head smh 🤦

  67. Jorge Gonçalves says:

    Pizza dough without yeast! This recipe literally changed my life!

  68. Glive123 says:

    Buddy, what a legend.

  69. Gray Frank says:

    Jamie:now the trick is to not overload the pizza add things sparingly
    Buddy:I want it overloaded with meat dad but first I’ll sprinkle on the door

  70. FR010ijsselmonde says:

    wow i would love to have jamie as a father! my dad would have slapped me if i would take a pie in the garden

  71. Slicky Brit says:

    What a lovely boy 😂😂… Just don't let him meet the royals lol

  72. Joshua O'Riordan says:

    1.5c self raising flour
    .5c water
    Pinch of salt
    Tbsp oil

  73. Who's Your Daddy? says:

    My daughter at 3 yrs old had to go peewee…I was unlocking the front door and turned around to see she had slipped her pants down and was going on the stairs!! I was a bit surprised but now…too funny some 20 years later! I had my own experiences of relieving myself in the great outdoors! There's just something about it that's so liberating!! HA! LOL!

  74. Lumi 4Him says:

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I cannot find self rising flour in my country. Can I make it? Thank you!


    E un offesa alla Italia vergognati

  76. Mohamad Hm says:

    Hi our Idol
    If i don't have self raising flour what can I use?
    I have all purpose flour

  77. Zen Goraksha says:

    made it today and It's delicious and easy ^-^/ but with truffle Balsamico

  78. Parker's NBA Videos says:

    3:44 Exactly how I felt when I was teaching kindergarten. I quit only after one week. Lol

  79. Gulya Swift says:


  80. Guppy Yaar says:

    Buddy is funny

  81. Lisa Greaves says:

    Great video – only thing that really kinda annoyed me : "I want, I want, I want" – How about: "I would like" and "please"???…..

  82. Annamaria Lorefice says:

    Hi, but how long have you left the dough to rise?

  83. manboobs says:

    Both my sons did that, we was at the park once and he left it so late to tell me he needed the toilet by the time i got to the park gate he just whipped it out and started to piss in front of two women. One of the women let out a loud screech and the other just looked at me like i was the worst father ever, all whilst i was trying to turn my little water sprinkler around to a less offensive direction. Kids aye?

  84. Maxwell Smart_086 says:

    THINK before cooking and use carbon steel pans and stainless steel pots (coated with plastic causes cancer. About 160.000 people are dying in the UK every year). THINK.

  85. Maxwell Smart_086 says:

    THINK before cooking and use carbon steel pans and stainless steel pots (coated with plastic causes cancer. About 160.000 people are dying in the UK every year). THINK.

  86. Khang Nguy says:

    What a lovely family!

  87. Morning Midnight says:

    Buddy is like an untrained puppy. On the other hand he was proving to everyone that he is not a daughter.

  88. Kera Logan says:

    I have 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy, and my son is just like Buddy hahaa

  89. Kera Logan says:

    Those who would pick the pizza apart clearly don't have kids lol

  90. Kartacs says:

    So cute 🙂 hehe

  91. d34dj0k3r says:

    What if one of his kids asks for some pineapple topping?

  92. Todd Tomaszewski says:

    best episode yet…more with the kids. that's awesome chef.

  93. zakiaden says:

    I like the way you present it is very simple and natural.

  94. Kao M says:

    I'm a boy (*`艸´) kawaii

  95. Lobo Tomico says:

    Saying ANYWAY is a good way to come out from very bad situations..

  96. Tina Kelly says:

    I wonder if Buddy was a Tom cat in a previous life ! Love it.

  97. AnnaThePuddz says:

    I know I’m late to the party but Buddy and Petal are like the purest names ever ❤️

  98. Anita Karve says:

    “Buddy will sprinkle where he wants to” comedy gold

  99. Jo-Anne Winmill says:

    This is buddy my 4th daughter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  100. C. Darwin says:


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