RABOKKI: Ramen+Tteokbokki MUKBANG / Eating show / Real Eating Sound / Korean Spicy Foods ต๊อกโบกี

38 comments on “RABOKKI: Ramen+Tteokbokki MUKBANG / Eating show / Real Eating Sound / Korean Spicy Foods ต๊อกโบกี”

  1. Random Vince ASMR says:

    First bro!!🤤🤤

  2. Rheny_ ASMR says:

    Hy juleng 💕💕💕
    Topoki yummy

  3. เกศินี อุ่มเอิบ.CHANNEL says:


  4. 끼리끼리남매 says:

    문어소시지들과 맛있는 라볶이네요~!! 색감이 엄청 빨갛고 맛나보이네요!! 오늘도 맛있게 촵촵!!👍😘😋

  5. ram yun says:

    Hi, last night..i cooked japchae for the first time and it taste too salty. But when I eat it in the resto, its yummy.

  6. starryeyesemily says:

    Hey! Glad you are feeling better!! 🙏💕 I hope the interview went well! ♥️ OMG THAT FOOD LOOKS SO DELICIOUS! 😍🤤💖💖 Great video as always! 😁💕💕💕💕

  7. Heba Kitchen says:

    Dlishes 😋👍

  8. Best Recipes says:


  9. H5 ASMR says:

    나는라면을 좋아한다

  10. Chell ASMR says:


  11. Meng Hear KH says:

    very delicious😲😲👍👍😋😋

  12. Kaansunday says:

    Look yum yum😋

  13. YORI ヨリ : 料理好き旦那 says:

    The color of the rabokki is alive.You eat well without pickled radish.🤪have a good day bro

  14. DA10HD says:

    Very good!
    Like 9

  15. omsin eats says:

    That's a great combination.. Ramen, ruce cake with sausages… Yum

  16. yeetee_is_eating says:

    I love this dish! I used to made them with a lot of cheese🤤🤤🤤 it is soooo delicious especially when the ramen. You get really full too since it’s all carbs🤣

  17. misstix Asmr says:

    Looks so delicious😋😋

  18. Jhun Pig says:

    Hi bro!!! Been missing u!! Since ur busy with ur job interview anyways lets eat again!!!

  19. Ari Walad ASMR says:

    I really love ramen and rice so much😍😋

  20. Somchai beauty blogger says:


  21. EdRiLey SJ says:

    I like hearing you talking in your Korean language. but I like more your facial expressions while eating that spicy food.

  22. OSHI B. ASMR says:

    Very appetizing 💞🥰 I am hungry at the same time sleepy 🥰😂😂 Soo delicious 😋 great foods and vedio 💞

  23. ASMR Konney 고니 says:

    소세지 쟤네들 각잡고 얼차려 준거봐ㄷㄷㄷㄷ
    여윽시 떡볶이는 엄마표 떡볶이❤🤭
    요즘에 더더욱 아프면 못써요ㅠㅜ 조심해야 해요ㅠㅜ

  24. Cook With Tahira says:

    fantastic one.;

  25. Elf ASMR says:

    Looks spicy 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Septi Carolina says:

    OMG..i’m hungry now 😭😭 I’ve tried Tteobokki once and its taste is soooo delicious. I can’t move on lol 🤣

  27. Diamond Mang Thit says:


  28. Lizanna's Diary says:

    I'm just wondering how it taste like, is it spicy?

  29. Cooking & simple USA life says:

    Yummy 😋😋

  30. Sunday ASMR says:

    Hope you are feeling better and the interview went well! It’s always so frustrating to not be able to use videos 🙈 yum! But this one looks so good! Food is always best when prepared by Korean mom lol

  31. Murtini Paidi says:

    Good ningt

  32. Lauren Long says:

    Ahhh it looks so yummy! I hope you are feeling better and the job interview went well🥺💕💕💕🥺💕💕💖💕💕 amazing video as always!💕💖💖

  33. RastiNW says:

    Mom’s handmade food is the best food in the world 😍🤤

  34. PeachyEats says:

    I hope you feel better!

    Yess they are so cute 😍💕🌸 the squid hotdogs oh my word 🐙

  35. Damla Slime says:

    Salam  😊kardesim ,sabahin xeyir🌹 can 🌼cox 🌼gozel🌼⭐ugurlar ⭐ bu⭐ deyerli🌼⭐🌼⭐ ☀KANALDA☀ olmaq ⭐🌼#Mene 🌼⭐ #Xosdur🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼⭐🌼🔔☆

  36. TinyBites ASMR says:

    Hope you feel better and good luck with the job!! Your mom looks like a good cook😍😍😍

    Ps… had anyone ever told you, you kinda sound like ddeonggae? Lol

  37. Asmr Natasya says:

    New friend here🥰 like 32

  38. Asmr Natasya says:

    Lets be friend now😍..
    Aaahh i like ur earing!so cute🥰

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