Hi folks hows it going welcome to myvirginkitchen
today im showing you how to make your very own ramen burger big mac.
Its quite in fashion at the moment to fuse together all different types of foods ive
had loads of requests to make a ramen burger and also cronuts which i’ll probably do too.
This is an invention of keizo shimamoto basically replacing a burger bun with ramen noodles.
But rather than copying his recipe because I don’t really wanna copy him I thought i’d
put my own little twist on it by fusing together a big mac with it. So uh, yeah.
The ingredients I used for the ramen burger big mac are right here so hit pause on the
video and scirbble them all down and have a go for yourself.
Now your gonna need some ramen noodles which you can get from most supermarkets but I wanted
to get some proper Asian ones so I went to my local supermarket.
That is a lot of ramen noodles. Oh my gosh. Yeah there was quite a few there and I was
really impressed with the names some of them were like ‘kapow’ and all that sort of stuff
but Keizo recommended some from the Sunshine brand or something like that but I couldn’t
find them. I don’t know if He’s being paid to say that kinda like Forrest Gump was in
the movie I just love my ping pong bat Jenny. Break up the ramen noodles and plonk them
into a mixing bowl then pour over a load of boiling water the quantity of water isn’t
important you just want a swimming pool of hot loving in there…… ow
After about 3 minutes once the noodles can be broken up with a spatula carefully pour
away the water draining the water off and then add in an egg and also you’ll get a little
sachet of funky oil in there chuck that in there aswell and give it a darn good mix together.
To get our noodle bun shape I’ve got these mini springform tins which are perfect for
it … sorry as it’s got a removable lid. What you do is sit the tin on a chopping board
add the noodle mixture and then line it with cling film for cleanliness then sit your lid
on top which as I say fits perfectly in there and just weigh it down with a jar of jam or
jelly if you’re American. Then you just whack them in the fridge for
around about 15 – 20 minutes while you work on your burgers. For your burgers it’s nice
and simple you might have a sachet of seasoning in with your noodles grab that chuck it in
a mixing bowl with some salt and pepper and then dump your meat in there and just work
it all around together like do a little flap like a chicken because the chicken is gonna
disrespect the beef because that’s the meat being cooked today and the chicken is fine……
sorry. Once it’s nice and combined break it up into
two and flatten on some greaseproof paper to make a shape similar to the size of your
patty. I’m doing that quite a lot sorry but that’s what you want to do get it nice and
even and chuck some greaseproof paper on top just to seal it down and whack that in the
fridge too – just for about ten minutes. I forgot to say on the big mac bun on the
top there’s sesame seeds so I sprinkled some on one of my noodle buns. what a good idea
cheers. We’re gonna cook our noodle buns one at a
time so if you can keep it in the cast as it is to help it hold it’s shape. Flip it
into a pre-heated pan with some oil in there and let it sit there for 1 or 2 minutes lift
off your cast carefully with an oven glove and use your fish slice to check underneath
that you are happy with the colour and then just flip it over and cook for the same time
it’s usually 2 or 3 minutes either side then put it to one side to rest and do it to all
your others. Easy peasy. So we leave our noodle buns to one side just
for a minute and concentrate on our burgers take them from the fridge and they’re even
easier than the ramen as there’s no fiddly cast on it. Cook them for about 3 or 4 minutes
with a tablespoon of oil in a pan just cook them until they are nice and cooked through
basically if you made them super thick you’re gonna need to cook them a lot longer so shove
them in the oven. Once the burgers are done, it’s time to build it.
Now before I start I don’t want anyone moaning saying oh man that’s not how you make a big
mac sauce and all that stuff it tastes amazing and just like it to me so that’s fine with
me – you do you’re own video. So anyhow grab a noodle bun base first of all on a chopping
board and then sit on a tablespoon of thousand island dressing. I then got some chopped onion
about a teaspoon of that scattered it all along and got some chopped up iceberg lettuce.
Sit on some cheese, then your massive beef patty oh my goodness now the flavours would
have gone back into that because it’s rested a little bit so so good. Then you grab your
middle noodle bun, the remainder of the dressing about another tablespoon some more onion,
some more lettuce, 3 pickle slices or gherkins whatever you wanna call them or dill pickles
sliced mine were croquet shaped – that’s kinda kinky. Then finally you add your beef patty
and top with your last remaining noodle bun and slide in a normal size big mac for comparison
oh my goodness. And guess which one was cheaper?! And there we have it my friends massive respect
to keizo shimamoto that is how you make my delicious ramen burger big mac.
Righty ho then it’s time to give it a taste and obviously it’s cooled down while i’ve
been talking to you guys so what I just did was wrap it in greaseproof paper and shove
it in the oven about gas mark 5 or equivalent for just about a minute just to warm it through
and the cheese has melted a little bit too which is kinda kinky. You can do the same
in a microwave lets have a little nibble on it right now.
Oh my goodness check out the size of it i’m probably gonna get lock jaw if I try and eat
it all but lets give it a go anyway. I’m not even getting half way down it! That is really
good. Oh my goodness that is so good, it’s the flavour of big mac in there but keizo
is right the juices from the meat soak in to the noodles so it’s like proper good and
it feels a little lighter and healither please don’t question me on that because there’s
no bread – wow. That is amazing so I hope you enjoyed it and maybe I will pimp up a
cronut, but with my style i’ll probably mix it with a mars bar or something like that.
Hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a thumbs up and subscribe and i’ll see
you again soon, bye bye.

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