Ramen Isshin in Toronto doesn’t get much better than this

I’d like to think that it is ramen
season, so today I’m in Ramen Isshin to basically stock up on all the ramen I
possibly can before I potentially go into hibernation for the winter. When customers come here, they tend to order the spicy miso ramen. That is their most
popular dish. It’s loaded with veggies, like carrots, mushroom,s chives and onion. And they use a special homemade spice paste. So, how they prep it is they start
off by mixing the pork broth with their spice paste. Then after that, they mix
in the veggies and the miso and then it’s pretty much ready to go. Next up is
the tsukemen ramen. They serve this one a little bit differently.
They serve cold noodles on the side and the noodles that they use for this tends to be a little bit thicker and a little bit more chewy. And then they
serve a hot soup on the side, so in the soup they add some seafood powder. They also add some green onions and diced pork. The way you’re supposed to eat this is
you dip your noodles into the soup and then just slurp it up. Third and final ramen that I’m having
today is the black tantan noodle. On the side of the ramen, they give you a little
bowl of black sesame seeds, which you’re supposed to grind by hand and then add
to your soup to give it extra flavour. And the broth in this one is again on
the spicy side. They use another secret spice paste, but it’s definitely not as
hot as the spicy miso ramen. And to intensify the flavour even more than spice oil and
some chives and they serve it with two slices of pork. Now that I’ve talked so
much about ramen I think it is time for me to finally eat. I have three ramen all to
myself, so today is definitely not a bad day.

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  1. BeeRich33 says:

    Ramen it in my mouth

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