Ramen Kagetsu Arashi 久留米とんこつ丸星ラーメン

aaaaaaa delicious!! Here is a place of memories that came with my father and mother, when I was little. This month’s limited time Ramen entertainment movie is a special movie that approaches the charm of Maruhoshi Ramen, a Ramen restaurant that continues to be loved in Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture, the birthplace of pork bone ramen. The secret birth story of Maruhoshi Ramen told by the second owner. Customer’s passionate comments Expecting Kagetsu Arashi Making scene The special movie full of the charm of Maruhoshi Ramen Please have a look 40km south of Fukuoka, the largest city in Kyushu Kurume, the world famous rubber industry city Showa 33 when Tokyo Tower was established To support people who support economic growth The first 24-hour ramen shop in Japan Maruboshi Ramen was born Before the ramen shop, we sold a lot of watermelon 3 trucks a day There used to be no juice Long distance truck people Because they can’t drink juice Throat is healed My mother was lamenting. Because there is no purchase price Origin of the name of Maruboshi Why is it called Maruboshii? Stars at night The circle is the sun So you have to open 24 hours I came from the third year of junior high school That was 60 years ago I came in the middle of the night Since its establishment, it has not changed, Many people They continue to eat this ramen The Marusboshi was delicious after a long time. For Marusei Ramen, Many people come from all over the country I’m walking with ramen Maruboshi is famous for Kurume Check out famous shops Ramen roots Fun to learn about culture In Marusei ramen shop, It ’s full of handmade decorations The preview video produced this time Screenplay, appearance, shooting We went with all the staff Son of the second-generation store owner Yamato Takahashi I want to express my personality Think for yourself Everybody’s shop, Marusei ramen It’s fun to see your face Most happy Intimacy is important Each customer is important It looks like a family My father says he ’s here I thank you and return Continue to be loved across generations

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