19 comments on “Ramen Meets Italian”

  1. bcgrote says:

    I want some!

  2. Hello says:

    Great vid, love your channel!!

  3. fuji syou says:


  4. Kurt Mifsud Bonnici says:

    Awesome. Man .. your face was flaming after that first bite of maze!

  5. xcessive2008 says:

    dig the hair, ramen looked really great. as allways excellent vid brian thx 🙂

  6. Crazy From Kong says:

    Ramen is too awesome!
    Check out a couple of our Hong Kong Junk Food & Street Food Reviews if you get a chance 🙂

  7. 近藤春菜 says:


  8. spindext says:

    Hey Brian, what do you do for work in Japan? How are you able to live there year round?

  9. 近藤春菜 says:


  10. Veigar's Twitchy Hand says:

    spaghetti ramen? lol

  11. Louis Simmonds says:

    what's with the "crush it" thing.  Is it so difficult to eat a bowl of ramen?

  12. AKA-.- says:

    I WOuld eat that soba noodle italian style i don't like the taste of soba noodle so i'd prefer those kind of noodle

  13. Littlestraincloud says:

    I really enjoy your videos. I've learned a lot about ramen from you, and you've inspired me to find the good ramen shops in my city.

  14. oontur- mench says:

    Is it still open?

  15. tuzzo secount says:

    Sono stato da Luca a Milano! Delizioso!

  16. Raizel M says:

    You have the biggest nose I have ever seen. I keep staring at it. Its huge.Btw, arent you a little too old to be saying you are anyone's boy? It sounds very fake.

  17. Ahmad Rozak says:

    i know this guy from why did you come to japan

  18. Christopher Gunawan says:

    Awesome keep crushin it

  19. chinchillas Beast says:


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