Ramen Nagi: Black Squid Ink Ramen

Hey guys, it’s Finding Yugen and we’re here in Palo Alto Came to check out Ramen Nagi As you can see there’s a line building up already Apparently they have about 35 locations so far But this is the first North American location Planing on bringing another one to San Jose in a few months It’s the only one that’s here in all of North America right now. They’re super popular They have all kinds of really good ramen all kinds of different stuff. I was looking at online. It looks really really Crazily good. I can’t wait. I’m very excited We need to go get in line right now because the line is just going to get longer Alright guys, so here it is The Black King Squid Ink ramen It’s really black. It looks really interesting. There’s so much going on this bowl Chashu, mushrooms, green onions, A lot of black…stuff and I’ve never had squid ink I don’t know what it tastes like what to expect anything about that nature You’re going to experience this with me. Let’s check out the broth It is a tonkotsu base and they add squid ink to it. I don’t know what that changes or what that does But we’ll find out Check out this broth creamy and black Really interesting I don’t know what I’m tasting though Tonkotsu is there Savory very flavorful very good tonkotsu. I guess the other flavors is the squid ink I’m not sure how to really describe that I dont know quite how to describe that Murky? I want to say it’s really thick maybe a little bit fishy Really good still Really creamy it’s delicious. Let’s just get a glob of it and try that It’s like smokey… and spicy sort of fishy too It’s not smooth It’s like tiny little grains of sand That is interesting. So the next order of business is this egg It’s not really runny, but it is soft boiled It’s a good egg It’s a really good egg The marinade changes the whole flavor blends right with the yolk I did the chef’s recommendation of everything here Lets see if I can grab it Here we go Those are good About medium cooked and not a super firm not mushy They carry that squid ink all over them too That’s a thick boy That nice white color that was there before it’s all gone. I can’t even see what’s in here anymore It’s so thick I can’t slurp it Alright guys, so I’m about done Squid Ink Ramen Is really not bad I enjoy it. I would get it again Just doing so many different and a new type of ramen Worth it I ate about half of the bowl and Im stuffed Thanks for coming with us to Ramen Nagi Don’t forget to click LIKE and SUBSCRIBE

3 comments on “Ramen Nagi: Black Squid Ink Ramen”

  1. Daniel Busse says:

    Not sure if I'm down for squid ink soup, but the place looks on point 🎯🎯 🎯👏👏👏

  2. Mya Silva says:

    That looks disgusting but now I’m hungry. I am confusion America explain

  3. mt. shyna says:

    Squid ink is 🤤

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