Ramen Noodle Burger from L & L Hawaiian BBQ

hey everybody it’s time to taste test
with Tony again and today I’ve got something I’m really excited about
there’s a place where I live called L&L Hawaiian barbecue never been there so I
decided to go through and see what they had so they had all kinds of barbecue
chicken things like that but there was one thing that really stood out to me on
the menu it was called a ramen burger so ask them what it was and it’s basically
a hamburger but instead of buns they use ramen noodles so I had to try it so this
is from L and L Hawaiian barbecue the ramen burger you can see it’s a hamburger
onions looks like lettuce and maybe that smells
like a teriyaki or some kind of barbecue sauce on that burger so I can’t wait to
try this so let’s get to taste testing here it is ramen noodles on the bottom and on the top a
burger in the middle amazing I guess they must take the ramen noodles and
maybe cook them and then put them on a grill to keep them together
so here we go oh good Wow noodles are really really
chewy which is interesting there’s a little crunch on the outside where
they’re cooked more Wow oh yeah messy let me grab a napkin see a ramen burger definitely try it
mmm Im goingt to go back and get another one well that’s taste testing with Tony
today don’t forget to subscribe below for more videos and we will see you next

3 comments on “Ramen Noodle Burger from L & L Hawaiian BBQ”

  1. Kenny Davenport says:

    That really did look rather good. I definitely would give it a try. Thank you for sharing, Tony

  2. The Foot Of Our Stairs says:

    That's weird looking but I kind of want to try one

  3. BigHairyKev says:

    Looks intriguing, left a LIKE. ⭐😃👍

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