Ramen Noodle Tutorial (Vlog)

(If you want) Hey guys, I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out (well it was canceled) You know what? today let’s be different. I’m gonna try to look like BTS Well guess who’s going to feel confident today I’ve never seen a girl wearing a bandana like this oh my god People are going to be like “what are you wearing?” “what’s that on you’re hair?” they better not you better not I should do like a tutorial like a makeup tutorial and like a hair tutorial Let’s go okay guys, so today We’re gonna do this makeup tutorial in this hair tutorial of BTS First section your hair and then add some hairspray then, you can go ahead and start teasing your hair Until you look like a lion and then act cute Keyla here, she told me not to go to school like this because I look weird I mean it’s a different look I mean a lot of people are going to be like, “what the hell are you wearing” but.. YOLO I’m kind of worried now I mean, Im already on my way to school there is no going back I don’t know, lets see how it goes Why is my neck red? there’s the bus oh my god I’m going to get so many looks I can’t stand this school Hey guys, this is my Ecuadorean friend Are you good? You know, you can tell she loves how she looks look at her all confident must be nice so there’s a bump and it’s coming soon we gotta stand up, otherwise it’ll hurt yeah It wasn’t that bad this time it’s impossible to record in this bus, look I’m just kidding I’m going home, finally I am finally home This is the new house and that is the madre That’s the madre eating This vlog was supposed to be about my wisdom teeth but It was cancelled, they call me like in the middle of school and saying that it was cancelled so I can’t But, other than that in school a lot of people were staring at me they were like some people were like ” that’s cool” and some other people asked me if I joined a gang or something I was like I did not take it off because guys, if you want to wear something if you want to do something then just do it (good stuff) but yeah, I’m going to eat now I was looking at my calendar right now and it’s crazy. I’m going to Ecuador next week which it’ll be great I’ll make a vlog for over there You okay hair? it’ll be great Kids, you gotta eat your vegetables you are so cringy you’re face is cringy Keyla if you were a boy, you’ll look like that if you were a boy you’ll look like that if you were a girl what are you trying to say if I was a girl she said, “If i was a girl” you a re a guy Keyla, I’m going to get copyrighted because I drive now, I drive my mom to places Why are you recording yourself eating chicken? she is making a ramen tutorial yo, look it’s the size of Keyla’s face that’s true Keyla, smile I’m back with this cutie ew, you are so ugly I feel like he’s going to bite my face because he does that he bites my face sometimes Awe, He’s so cute Don’t leave Oh look. Oh, he’s trying to act cute you’re trying to act cute boy? He’s trying to act cute awe, you’re so cute today Just kidding Okay, so because like my appointment for my wisdom teeth got cancelled. I am going to Show you guys how I make my ramen so this is a ramen tutorial First you’re gonna need ramen, duh so, once you have your ramen, you’ll need one egg Cilantro water A bowl fork (or chopsticks) And spoon and that’s all you need in the ramen packet, it says that you need 2 cups of water. but, this what I do instead If it’s going to be just you. Use a bowl you know, put some water oh my god, it is so hard to work only with one hand okay, cool, cool leave that there, we’ll use that later now when you don’t know how to cook just kidding now, turn it up to high and then, we wait until it boils for faster results, use a lid even though it doesn’t fit I can’t find the thing but, yeah, use a lid we literally just wait now let me get some flan my mom made some flan but she put too much milk so, we gotta drink it now Actually tastes good drinking the flan I’m still waiting so, I’ve had a lot of friends that they’ve always wanted to start a youtube channel too and if you are one of them, Listen man. Just start one if you are really into making a youtube channel you should definitely go for it you have to start from somewhere like, look at my videos like the first videos were mad cringy this one too but like the first ones need help it’s boiling now so, when the water is like this that’s when you start putting your ramen I usually put this packet first this is what I put first I just made a mess oops so, once you put in the powder, you just mix it and then you put the ramen well that is all for the video guys, thank you for watching!

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  1. Aileen Rivero says:

    Copying my man lol love it tho ❤️❤️

  2. Heydi Chacha says:

    Yooo I’m there 😂

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