Ramen Safety Video

Thank you for purchasing our ramen. From now on, we will demonstrate how to safely make chicken ramen with a white egg (Shirotama). Please pay close attention. Please prepare an egg. Using anything other than an egg is not allowed. For your safety, please break the egg yourself. It is forbidden to break an egg on someone else’s forehead. Please stow the egg into the closest “egg pocket” (a dent on the top of the ramen). Do not stow the egg in the seat pocket. Overloading [the overhead bin] with eggs is dangerous. Because of sudden turbulence, please make sure you are wearing something. Adjust your seat belt to prepare for the sensation of fullness after the meal. Do not suck on the egg in the lavatory. Your hunger strikes when necessary. Pour the hot water gently to adjust the whiteness of the egg. For those who don’t have the confidence in preparing ramen, brace for disappointment. If the bowl is too hot, blow into it from above. If someone next to you is blowing into your bowl, leave immediately to take refuge. Hold your bowl in front of you, sit up, and slide down. Keep your balance to not spill the soup. After the evacuation, eat your ramen there quickly while it has not gone soggy yet. You ARE allowed to use devices that emit radio waves, including mobile phones. Spread [the picture of] your safe ramen with the white egg. Confirm [the information] again on the homepage. Enjoy your delicious chicken ramen with egg (Shirotama).

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