Ramen VS Tsukemen【 Biggest Ramen Festival in Tokyo Week 1】

Yo! What is up, everyone?
I’m here at the 2016 Grand Tsukemen Festival. Every year, October Huge festival. This year, 10 shops each week,for 4 weeks
40 different shops are here in Tokyo, in Shinjuku, show-casing ramen and tsukemen. And yeah, I’m gonna try to crash them all. Let’s do it! Of course, we’ve got everyone’s favorite, MENSHO. So, of course, the longest line is the Koji group. They are kinda famous ramen group connected to Taishoken which is sort of the godfather of Tsukemen. Really old guy, Yamagishi san, who passed away
few years ago but… It’s early in the morning so of course, people who are gonna line up before the event starts are super nerdy about ramen and of course, they’re gonna go to the place where
there is the legit ramen history to it. Alright, here we go! The longest line. This is the popular one but let’s check it out. Really sort of classic Tsukemen that people go for.
Nothing super crazy… but, whoah! Really good noodles! Yeah, so what they did…
Most shops are doing something special for the event So they put some crab in here.
So it’s got a little bit of crab thing going on. It’s nice but this one is super heavy so
if you are planning here and crashing all 10… Good luck! Alright, we got Tsukemen on this side. And we got ramen on this side. Nice! 10 shops, 4 weeks, 40 shops. I don’t know.
I think I can do it! Alright, so the clear winner
in terms of the fandom is the Koji group here. So yeah, super good! Pretty heavy stuff!
We started with it so it’s kinda bad move cause the noodles are mega heavy. But yeah, here is the man. It’s got the spicy miso in there. So come on down here.
You got a week to check it out!

27 comments on “Ramen VS Tsukemen【 Biggest Ramen Festival in Tokyo Week 1】”

  1. フェレットちゃんネコ太郎 says:

    めっちゃ腹減った(›´ω`‹ )

  2. janustokyo says:

    Very fast. because fes is just open.

  3. Joel C says:

    damn are there any ramen noodle vendors in belgium?!

  4. Joseph is Awesome says:

    really glad I stumbled upon this channel, you make really knowledgeable high quality content.

  5. VincentImmortal says:

    New sub here. I want to ask, how did you get your love of ramen? Cheers, mate.

  6. toukairin354 says:

    can I ask: is your ramen adventure and ramen-do session in Tokyo Extra exclusive to each other? Ramen do kinda stopped when you are active here again…

  7. mumblerocks77 says:

    Can't express how much this makes me miss good ramen. Can you recommend me a decent bowl of ramen here stateside? I've tried Tsujita in LA, and if that's the best the city has to offer we have long way to go!

  8. Kurt Mifsud Bonnici says:

    That ramen shack shirt!

  9. hogshead hogs says:

    Thumbnail says Tsukemen vs Ramen when image is Ramen vs Tsukemen. Inner OCD triggered. Request immediate remedial action nowwwwww

  10. tonydeltablues says:

    excellent! looking forward to more videos… will you try all the ramen/tsukemen at the festival?

  11. agungde13 says:

    How could this super cool channel doesn't have more than 100k+ subs???

  12. syarifah sadiyah says:

    i made promise to myself that I won't watch your video before sleep, I broke that promise, got myself hungry af, and boiled some instant ramen at 2am

  13. Rinn Again says:

    You inspire me to visit Japan…thank you for your videos!

  14. Eiji Kawai says:


  15. Abdellanov08 says:

    行きたいでも時間はない 🙁

  16. Yoshi says:

    To be continued?

  17. ultraryman says:


  18. OneManOneCamera says:

    This is a nice event. I went last year and had the super spicy Pho Hanoi dish.

    If people are in town, stop by this event, grab a bowl and have fun!

  19. Joshua Shibata says:

    Very cool! Good luck with all 40 shops!

  20. Rottii says:


  21. kpopimpresario says:

    Thank you! I didn't know tsukemen was pronounced "skay-men". I've been pronouncing it "soo-kay-men". dumb me.

  22. ChickenWingzz says:

    Hey man, great videos, made me so hungry! Anyway have you tried this Yuzu ramen stall at Yurakucho? It had a pretty long line when I went there and I find the taste pretty unique! Its in the basement of a mall near the train station.

  23. 248933499 says:

    Nice video, makes me realize I'm now living in a place where there is zero authentic Asian food. Sad : (

  24. Joey Karate says:

    Yamagishi San invented Tsukemen you fucking dipshit

  25. Gro Skunk says:

    I love that hype guy.

  26. Nick Jones says:

    I love your channel, makes me so hungry

  27. Lady Murasaki says:

    So kool these ramen festivals! Right in Shinjuku too! 👍👍👍❤❤❤

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