Raw Maki Sushi

hello guys today we’re going to see a savory recipe, beautiful colorful we’re going to see how a simple cauliflower can be transformed into rice yes, in fact, in the next recipe will be just the root element and we’re going to do no other than … a sushi, vegan, raw and then let’s see how you do! Let us look at the ingredients that will serve us for a great sushi, vegan and raw we have 250 grams of white cauliflower asunder a piece of avocado Strips pepper I chose red and yellow peppers strips of avocado and carrot There will also serve 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, unfiltered and non-pasteurized and half a teaspoon of pink salt integral I have also chosen of alfalfa sprouts or alfalfa to give an extra touch Finally, will the sheets of nori seaweed along the mat when you choose the sheets of nori seaweed check that against the blacks are because if they are green means they are toasted well, let’s begin! We have to chop cauliflower create and rice the triteremo together with a piece of avocado so as to create a sort of sticky mass cost cable eyes I put the avocado in one piece because it is ripe if it was harder to cut it in cream or put it into small pieces tritiamo! Well! let’s put it in a bowl In this case the cauliflower is slightly green color. If you would like to keep it white, you can safely omit the avocado for me it is not a problem I like to give that touch of color and a little ‘diversify from traditional sushi ok right now, if you wish add salt and apple cider vinegar, so we make it sweeter Mix and uncooked rice is almost ready! And ‘ready! We put aside Now settle the mat and use nori The shiny side should generally be outside, and therefore remains under I cover the rice with 1/3 of the sheet of seaweed and mash took a really nice green color we hit a lot ‘and make a nice rectangle Perfect, I’m satisfied! We begin to color the sushi, I put the red and yellow peppers strips of avocado, inevitable a small strip of shoots there is great! bring curiosity to our sushi. We insert also julienne carrot we put all the colors! Now comes the part a bit ‘more complicated must roll with the help of the mat keep vegetables into strips and try to make a turn seaweed just made the rounds press right now, if you wish taking on this side we’re going to pull it back with the other hand like that. to be pressed all and give shape circular pull and you’re done! and finally rolled up Now I get wet hands with water and soak the end to close the seaweed roll so we let him thirty seconds for it to dry Now we’re going to do 6 maki. I take the knife and the bathroom with the water and before I cut it in half. Council a sharp knife and this cut into three pieces And here is our maki They better settle for a moment you can safely leave it like this, or when they do, exaggerated to bring out the vegetables or more simply let it disappear. How? I’ll show you how! As you can see in the raw food kitchen we do a lot of problems! and here is our maki arranged it’s time to put them in the pot! I had already prepared the dish, you can simply put them Perfect! Our sushi is ready! As you can see, I have accompanied obviously with the tamari and also with the wasabi paste, the market is easily the powder added with mustard and horseradish that lengthening the water will turn into dough but for me to stay in Italy we could easily dip chili directly into the tamari so as to give more spiciness in an original way Well guys! I hope you enjoyed this recipe and see you next time! Hello. And this solitary maki? My! Good! With tamari marry just fine! Spray the cracks of oil, fold it in half and after the crush, being careful …

11 comments on “Raw Maki Sushi”

  1. NinoErrera says:

    Continua così 😉

  2. 4eSaintSeiya says:

    ricetta meravigliosa che proverò sicuramente _ solo per sapere…lo stuoino è obbligatorio?? non saprei dove prenderlo =(

  3. Sebastián Standen says:

    Muy bueno!

  4. Daniele Murroni says:

    ciao simo….2 domande :
    dove hai preso l'alga nori crudista ??' 
    la salsa tamari è 100% cruda o bisogna stare attenti anche li ??

  5. Fabio Di Benedetto says:

    Provato questa sera, risultato eccellente! Grazie per l'ottima ricetta :-)! L'unico problema è stato finire il cavolfiore :-)!

  6. Stanislsva Tsvetanova says:

    Presentaione sempre molto originale

  7. ormogenya says:

    che bravo che sei!!!! in effetti sulla salsa tamari pure io ho qlc dubbio, cioè che io sappia i crudisti nn la usano. però sicuramente da quel tocco in più!!!
    apprezzo molto il fatto che togli i rumori molesti tipo quello del frullatore!!!

    curiosità: d che segno sei?

  8. ormogenya says:

    senti, già che c siamo: io sto cercando il wasabi in polvere, tu sai indicarmi qlc marca affidabile???
    così se lo trovo finalmente potrò farmi il sushi in casa!!
    adoro il wasabi!!  :3

  9. Cyscoi Official says:

    grande simò!

  10. Elizabeth Psy says:

    Che bravo!;) ma perche' non fai piu' video?!!!

  11. Monica P says:

    che belli! si vede che hai una grande passione

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