Hi guys I’m Hiori 🙂 Today, I’m gonna eat raw yellow tail sashimi!! wow so chewy !!!! This is my first time trying yellow tail sashimi It’s really savory and I love the texture.. so thick and chewy I’m gonna dip in red pepper paste sauce this sauce is little bit sour and spicy because it’s made of vinegar and red pepper it goes really great with any kinds of sashimi !! have you guys ever tried a raw yellow tail? this sauce is called “ssamjang” It’s made of soybean paste mixed with red pepper paste so gooood ginger! so crunchy XD now I’m gonna make a wrap with lettuce and seaseme leaf putting some pepper and ssamjang so crunchy and savory it’s more delicious to eat like this it’s really healthy too!! let’s try oysters it’s not easy to take them out really soft and juicy!! I can smell, taste the scent of sea! so refreshing !! delicious l prefer to eat oyster without dipping in the sauce it’s way more delicious !! I bought these at a sashimi restaurant near by my house It costs around 29,000 won If you buy sashimi(main menu), you get so many kinds of side dishes about more than 8 kinds of side dishes! these 3 oysters are side dishes too sorry about being messy It’s gonna be a messy mukbang 🙁 I’m wearing braces inside so the food stucks really easily 🙁 sorry!! next time I’ll check the mirror !! radish sprouts I love eating sashimi with radish sprouts bitterness of a radish sprout goes great with sashimi!! the colour of these doesn’t look fresh but but actually, it’s really fresh!! It’ll be great to eat with rice these are little spicy.. but delicious 🙂 I love spicy food it’s really crunchy like a cucumber Now, I’ll try with 2 sesame leaves really good 🙂 you should try like this.. it tastes much better sorry about being messy I had to cut this part because I didn’t notice something stuck in my teeth!!!!! omg 🙁 I tried fried shrimp with cream sauce I’m sad that I can’t show you the sound of it.. it was really crunchy THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO

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