RBMA presents: Sushi Sequencer (Making Of)

Iwashi (sardines)? Iwashi Yoncho (four sardines)? Yappa Rokucho (I mean six)? Yappa? Yappa Rokucho (I mean six)? Maguro Nicho (Two tunas) Hotate Nicho (Two scallops) Samon Nicho (Two salmons) Maguro Icco (One tuna) Uno…Sancho… Tanoshikatta. (I had fun.) Minna Konjo Aaru.(Everbody was patient) Eizo Ga Tanoshimida. (I’m looking forward to the film.) Kantoku Yabei. (The director was great) Red Bull Music Academy, Domo Arigato.

7 comments on “RBMA presents: Sushi Sequencer (Making Of)”

  1. hopskotchrecords. says:

    badass! loving RBMA content recently, mad ups

  2. Toy Selectah says:


  3. recoveredpixel says:

    This is like the humanthisizer but with food. So basically it's instantly cooler.

  4. GbabyDub says:

    I have SO many questions.

  5. DJ AMALGAM says:

    What effect rack are they using at 1:15??

  6. Crossed Heart Forge - islandblacksmith says:


  7. SARY GLD says:

    Name of the beat?

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