Restaurant Bread Taste Test

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  1. Good Mythical Morning says:

    Are you bready for this? We've developed a quiz to tell you which bread YOU are with 100% scientific accuracy:

  2. mashed taters says:

    Y’all didn’t even eat the Olive Garden breadsticks right, they are supposed to be dipped in soups, sauce, etc

  3. Abigail Despina says:

    I've never been to Red Lobster my mom got a box of the mix at Costco and made them a few times and I loved them. We didn't use all of it though and now what's left is sitting in the pantry expired.

  4. Slightly-Burnt Toast says:

    I know why Link talked about the Tokyo thing (to point out the merch). But a big part of the Tokyo thing is that they continue talking as if it didnt happen.

  5. Vaudeo Productions says:

    Aye, I’m from Clarksville, IN 🤙🏻

  6. Clinton Mathew says:

    4:36 Rhett has a foodgasm 😂😂😂

  7. Nat is my Name says:

    I’ve been craving Texas road house bread🥵🥵🥵

  8. Craig Coleman says:

    I'm from Indiana and Logan's Roadhouse has better rolls than Texas Roadhouse

  9. Chandra Smith says:

    Outback is pumpernickel bread

  10. Coconut Cocktails says:

    Thats not evem a biscuit thats a scone

  11. Kira Hunter says:

    Road house is the one that’s better than red lobster

  12. Becca [AMellowMarshmallow] says:

    For me, Texas Roadhouse is the best!

  13. Luke Gaier says:

    "Butter than ranch you think?" I want you to know that I didn't miss your pun Link.

  14. Karri Burkhart says:

    I agree with your top 2 breads. I love cheddar bay biscuits, and the rolls from Texas Roadhouse! At roadhouse, I'd be happy just eating the rolls and nothing else, well and of course the bucket of peanuts at your table too. 😋

  15. Art with Ivy says:

    The Olive Garden needs the dressing

  16. Tyler Bonni says:

    I believe Nicki Minaj worked at Red Lobster

  17. Anne Mac says:


  18. Moola says:

    I don't know if it's just in Canada, but East Side Mario's has the best bread.

  19. AngelAlex says:

    Fizzolis tho

  20. AKarnold#9 says:

    Lucille's steakhouse has rolls that come with some bomb apple butter

  21. Boner says:

    Texas Roadhouse has literally the greatest breads I’ve ever eaten

  22. Nyle Trew Tattoos says:

    No love for the 'This is America' intro? 😂 Thought that was hilarious

  23. Conectz says:

    Fazoli’s bread is easily #1

  24. Landon says:

    I only like Olive Garden's breadsticks when I eat it with their Chicken and Gnocchi soup. On their own, the breadsticks are just sad.

  25. minisuqa on IG says:

    sizzlers has good cheese toast

  26. Storm Blessed says:

    Jay-Z ain’t never been to Red Lobster in his life.

  27. David Trejo says:

    Cheddars crossaints

  28. laney Hesse says:

    theres probably a 4 year old who is a millionaire because he extrudes bread sticks in the back of Olive Garden

  29. Lizz Witch says:

    Our cheesecake factory also gives us french baguettes (which we prefer). And the best rolls are from O’Charleys.

  30. J Bradwell says:

    The Olive Garden sticks needed alfredo dipping sauce

  31. Spill The Tae says:

    1:22 can yall tell me why he sounded just like Mike Myers in Cat In The Hat?

  32. dirtydan says:

    Olive garden=hotdog buns with garlic salt 🤢🤮

  33. Em L says:

    As I French, looking at this bread makes me feel not good

  34. Austin Emre says:

    As bad as this is, at sizzler I order the cheese bread and dip it in nacho cheese I'm so ashamed but its soo good

  35. Shealeigh Santos says:

    9:21 that laugh 💀

  36. Jacob Casey says:

    To bad y'all didn't have Maddox rolls….😍

  37. Jessika French says:

    Hey! I used to live in Victorville!

  38. Nicholas Salohcin says:

    O'charleys rolls are my favorite

  39. 1agro.R.D.A. says:

    I use the Red Lobster box mix for my chicken and dumplings 😉

  40. pcb19xx says:

    I've just gotta say, I've lived in Texas my whole life and have never eaten at "Texas Roadhouse" before. Let alone even heard of it.

  41. rocknroller 77 says:

    Dont like the sweet bread and butter.. "Did I ASK for dessert??"

  42. Dru Nature says:

    oh man you really GOTTA put the apple butter on the Cracker Barrel bread, otherwise that doesnt even count at all!

  43. LoverOfAllAnimals says:

    If Red Lobster’s biscuits don’t win, I will eat my sneakers!

  44. Captain Birch says:

    What was Rhett talking about when he mentioned Beyonce?

  45. Endre Garcia says:

    I live in Victorville !!!!!

  46. Jess Pepper says:

    We have a place called Logan's Roadhouse here in Indiana and it's basically a diet Texas Roadhouse but they have a phenomenal roll as well.

  47. Assassin0077 says:

    Has anyone else put butter and sugar on a Cracker Barrel biscuit and had a heavenly experience?

  48. William Madden says:

    Canes would’ve won if it was in the competition 😢

  49. YT Ghoul says:

    Texas Roadhouse is the best thing about that place steak is amazing but that bread and butter is heaven

  50. BBQ546 says:

    I hope Rhett and Link stopped at the VFA when they were in Victorville

  51. SiLenT366 says:

    Go to one actual Italian restaurant with an olive oil and parmesan dipping plate and get back to me.

  52. Carmen Trance says:

    Sep 14, 2015

  53. ButterKins says:

    Why does Rhett say whaaaaaaaat after tokyo

  54. kmvoss says:

    These taste tests should always be blind, as far as i'm concerned!

  55. GiboCRAFT ? says:

    I love u Rhett and link the best

  56. Skye Time says:

    The dislikes are Olive Garden managers

  57. marshall jacobs says:

    Cracker Barrel corn bread is made with butter and bacon grease In case you ever wondered why they were so good.

  58. Sophia D says:

    Texas road house should have won I am outraged

  59. Cristina Strube says:

    I don't know what it is about it, but I don't like Red Lobster.

  60. Suzanne Dixon says:

    Salt grass steakhouse and their honey butter is hard to beat.

  61. g Tk says:

    Genuinely angry that Texas Roadhouse wasn't in first. Ya'll underestimate how good that butter is with the buns.

  62. starterpack295 says:

    Fazoli's vs olive garden. Which is better?

  63. kamdaddypurp says:

    Texas road house

  64. Catherine Kimbrough says:

    i live in Louisville Kentucky and we have a few Texas road houses

  65. Karlie Morrison says:

    8:59 that is so cool! I live near there and I always go to that Texas Roadhouse but I never knew that

  66. TheR3aper5 says:

    You missed a great chance to use "On the Rye-s" for 3 -_-

  67. TheR3aper5 says:

    Red Lobster biscuits are great but theyre sooooooooooo dry

  68. Brian says:

    1:36 gets you through the yawn.

  69. Dakota Parr says:


  70. Peter Evans says:

    Am I the only one who hates red lobster bread? It’s too damn salty

  71. Adam B. says:

    Howis panera not here

  72. JustJeo says:

    Can someone explain the Tokyo thing to me? I want to understand. 😅😂

  73. Jazzy 3120 says:

    Red Lobster Bread>>>>>>

  74. Landon Schelker says:

    D A D D Y L I C K T H A T

  75. Frankie Ocean says:

    9:30 fueling all my fantasied

  76. Mark Burnett says:

    You’ve won me back when you put tx roadhouse on 2nd place

  77. Nelly Wonka says:

    their top 3 was my order as well. frozen garlic breadsticks are better than olive garden anyway, so it deserved to be at the end of the line.

  78. MrMoonMan757 says:

    No Golden Corral?

  79. James Brown says:

    can we aknowledge the proper pronunciation of louisville? Thanks Link.

  80. amaya alson says:

    the cheesecake factory bread is my favorite what the heck

  81. ilikeplaness says:

    9:29, Rhett calls Link “daddy”

  82. Jerseygirlgm says:

    Haha damn, I work at a Texas Roadhouse, but I think even I like the cheddar bay biscuits better than our bread! I’ll take a well earned 2nd place 😂

  83. ClintBeastwood says:

    Your supposed to dip those olive oil logs in olive oil

  84. Lovebacon 444 says:

    i thought link was going go say his favorite word is bread

  85. Addi Sullivan says:

    I love Texas Roadhouse rolls😫

  86. Tyler Vandeveer says:

    Still havent eaten there yet

  87. violinplayer101 says:

    That bread rap at the beginning though…

  88. Haunted Haunter says:

    Cheesecake Factory bread is better than Olive Garden bread

  89. wjb722 says:

    I wonder if those are actually butter or margarine. At Colton's I was told "whipped butter" but it was margarine! Margarine is BAD (transfats if you didn't know). Real butter is good for you.

  90. Lyndsey Chidester says:

    Cheesecake factory in Texas gives you 2 types of bread!

  91. millenniumf1138 says:

    I had a roommate one time who worked at Red Lobster and he brought home Cheddar Bay Biscuits every day he worked and shared them with all of us. I miss those days… they will forever go down as the best days of my life.

  92. JesTr82 says:

    Not bad choices but have you ever had O'Charley's rolls? Definitely #1!

  93. Jenna Martell says:

    And now LTAT is no more…

  94. Brittany Head says:

    You have to eat the Cracker Barrel biscuit fresh. It is awesome.

  95. Judy Chen says:

    6:08 6:28

  96. Zelo says:

    I swear to god when i go to Red Lobster i'm not even thinking about the food i'm getting… i'm just thinking about the biscuits!

  97. Scrappy Doo says:

    I know i’m the only one not eating Red Lobster bread while watching this.

  98. Axle Chastain says:

    I need to record that scream for my alarm clock lol

  99. ohmondieu says:

    Wheres LONGHORN?

  100. Small Town Texas BBQ says:

    Blows my kid's mind that Texas Roadhouse wasn't started in Texas. It is crazy how Texas style restaurants – in particular BBQ joints – are popping up all over the place.

    On another note you can make those Cheddar Bay Biscuits at home with Bisquick. I always thought they were one of the best breads. Those sticks at Olive Garden seem to beg for Alfredo Sauce to dip them in. When I was in my early 20s I worked a a day old bread store. Imagine my surprise when we got bags and bags of the OG breadsticks. Would love to see them develop something closer to an authentic Italian bread but who am I kidding? You guys keep me in stitches!

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