RIZ VINAIGRE | Riz à sushi 🍚

Hello everyone and welcome to this first
video. Today we will make a basic
Japanese cuisine: vinegared sticky rice. For the first step in our recipe,
we must, for one person: 150 grams of rice. Some people take sushi rice,
I simply takes round rice or rice for dessert, that I buy in supermarket. With that, it will take 250 ml of water (tap water preferably). And utensil, you will have a great
pan with a lid and spatula. Above all in the kitchen, it obviously takes
care to wash hands !! First step: washing the rice. Put the rice in a pan Put a little water and rub the rice. So there are several techniques. Either takes rice in his hands. Either bluntly, rub the bottom of the pan. As you can see, water is murky. So it empty. Be careful not to lose rice. And yet again twice, until
the water is almost clear. When your rice is rinsed, put 250mL of water on the pan. Put a lid. And I, for safety, I add on top
another pot to weight, because we will put everything to be heated. First cook at strong fire and we will monitor the sound, because in fact we will wait HEAR
the sludge water. So there you see steam, and if you
are clumsy like me, it overflows. We will leave for 5 minutes of cooking. The 5 minutes are up, so now
drop fire to the minimum and leave for 10 minutes of cooking. The 10 minutes have now passed,
so we will be able to move to the final step. THUS, discover our rice. Mixe our rice. Care is taken not to burn, the
pots are still hot. At this stage we can stop
to let the rice rest. Personally, I’m always super hurry, so I do that on hot rice (^_^)
Now that our rice is cooked, it will be possible go sour. Use 3 teaspoons of sugar and 6 coffee spoon (or 3 tablespoons) of rice vinegar. So what do we do that? It’s very simple, mixe SUGAR and
vinegar, and stirs until sugar dissolves in vinegar. Me little trick: I take my container and I’ll put a few seconds in the microwave. In fact by heating the sugar dissolves much faster in vinegar. Put the vinegar on top of the rice. And mixed. The little trick: cut rice (make squares). You can also smashing a bit, I
do not know how to explain it, you see the actions yourself. So now, we just do together
this sticky rice. Simply present in a bowl,
or else as an accompaniment to a curry or even in a bento, it can be really nice. I hope you enjoy his video, All the ingredients are in the description box See you on my next video! Until then… ITADAKIMASU

9 comments on “RIZ VINAIGRE | Riz à sushi 🍚”

  1. Sushi Monsters says:

    c'est amusant, moi j'utilise moins d'eau et j'ai le même résultat que toi… mais la vapeur sort moins du couvercle avec ma technique. cool ta chaîne. je m'abonne !

  2. NhkOnlyKira says:

    C'est sucré ce fameux riz!!! Omg

  3. Or Or D says:

    Que veut dire "baisser le feu au maximun" ??

  4. ktfangirl says:

    j'approuve la manga Nana (je suis trop fan ^^ )

  5. neya zing says:

    Permettre que le sucre "SE DISSOLVE"….

  6. José Hernandez says:

    Tu es sympa. Je vais essayer ta recette 🌹

  7. 54 noureddine says:

    Vous l'avez le riz pour éliminer L amidon, et à la fin vous mettez du sucre…?
    C'è n est pas logique.

  8. Mirage Ots says:

    Je teste ça ce soir!

  9. jacqes cohen says:

    "j'ai réussis" en plus t'es magnifique !!!

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