Robot restaurants won’t take your job and food will be better

(upbeat techno music) – If I walk just a few
blocks from this office, I can find a robot that
will make me a latte, serve me a quinoa bowl,
and now there’s one that will make me a custom
made-to-order hamburger. It kinda makes sense
when you think about it. San Francisco is a hub of
food, and of technology. So having new businesses
that wanna Techify their restaurant concepts,
makes a lot of sense. But, when I talk to my
coworkers about it, they had two distinct opinions about
robots making their food. One:
– I think it sounds cool. I would definitely go. – And the other:
– So how does that affect people working in the city? – Both of these opinions
are completely justified. But that jobs one is where
things get complicated. Typically robotic restaurants
employ plenty of people, they’re just doing
different jobs than before. So instead of flipping
burgers or making pizzas, they’re stocking machines,
greeting customers, and just keeping everything
in working order. But I wanted to see this for myself. So we are gonna head over to Creator, that robotic burger place
that I was telling you about, and I’m going to see
how robots might impact the future of how we order food. (upbeat techno music) – Creator is a new type of restaurant, one that has one of the most
advanced culinary instruments. This baby back there, it makes literally the freshest burger
ever; we slice tomatoes, pickles, onions, the bun to-order. But my favorite part actually
grinds the meat to-order, Which means we make an amazing
burger, and it’s six bucks. – [Felicia] This robot
isn’t what I had imagined. Instead of a mechanical
arm flipping burgers as we’ve seen in the
past, Creator has built a 14 foot, all-in-one burger machine that used 350 censors, and 20 computers. It takes five minutes to make
a burger, start-to-finish. And, with two machines, the Creator team can make 130 burgers per hour
here at their first location. – In designing the system,
we have a principle where we wanted to design a device that would meet nature where it is, and not make food conform to a robot. But that causes all kinds of engineering challenges because food is so different. For instance, with the hamburger buns, each one is slightly different sized, so on the bun system alone there’s seven different laser distance sensors that are watching every
little aspect of it. Seeing where the buns are, how
they’re moving, and so forth. A burger is a composed dish, which means you need to be able to accurately control where everything is, where it’s going, and how it comes together,
and for that we had to build a device with a pretty
impressive amount of dexterity. We didn’t want something, though, that just made one kind of burger. We look at this sort of like a platform for different recipes. We wanted as much culinary
creativity as possible. – [Felicia] There is
also a proper kitchen, where employees prep burgers
and make sauces and sides. But since the robots cook
and assemble the burgers, Creator needed less
space, meaning less rent, which leaves more room to
invest in their ingredients. – One of the great things
about our operation, is because it’s so efficient, we spend so much more on the cost of ingredients, which definitely comes
through on the flavor. So as an example, the beef is whole chunks of chuck and brisket; it’s
steak, it’s pasture-raised, there’s no antibiotics, no hormones. – So how did it taste? Well, I can confidently say that it was the best six dollar
burger that I’ve ever had, but I am not a food expert, so I asked Ellen from Eater, who’s
one of my coworkers, what she thought about the burger. – I think it’s a good burger; it’s meaty, it has fresh toppings, the bun is nice, it’s the freshest possible
burger, and there’s way fewer times that people
are touching your burger. Think about another restaurant where every single thing your
eating on the burger has been touched by multiple people. In this case, the bun goes in the tube, it gets shot through the
machine, it lies the sauce, it cuts the vegetables to go
on the top really freshly, and makes it, and at the end
they hand it to you in a box. At that point, no one has
touched it except for you. – So yeah, robotic restaurants
are cool and interesting, but there’s still that whole jobs thing. It turns out that the average cook makes thirty thousand dollars a year salary, and that also happens to
be the mean average rent of a single bedroom in San Francisco. Not a one bedroom apartment,
just a single bedroom. – San Francisco is notoriously
an expensive place to live, and that is now creeping into
every part of our daily lives. That include restaurants of course, but specifically it’s making it hard for restaurant workers to even
have a place to live here. People are edging out
into surrounding areas; that makes commuting long and expensive, it makes it hard to even
walk to work in the city. A lot of restaurants are
experiencing a big struggle to find people who are
even willing to do it. So in some cases, robots
can pick up that slack and do those repetitive tasks that humans don’t really need to do. – As it stands today, there
are very few restaurants testing this technology,
so there’s little threat of robots taking over any time soon, but I can see a world where robotic
restaurants becomes a thing. With robots on the line, owners can afford to pay their staff, and make ends meet, and the math might just make more sense. – Even if you can find staff, we’ve got very expensive expensive
permitting processes that go on forever, hugely
expensive rents which are not going down anytime soon, and then minimum wage is also
rising, so people who are operating restaurants have
to pay their staff more. They have a whole lot
more overhead and that’s really reflected in the menu prices, which is part of the
reason people are finding it so expensive to dine
out in San Francisco. – Today, the robot
restaurants we’ve looked at here in San Francisco, are
charging around 20% less than their human-powered competition. In there lies the hope, that maybe, just maybe these robots are a solution. – It is an exciting
future when you think of all the stuff you can do
with better technology and the restaurant space,
which frankly hasn’t seen a lot of improvement
over the past several decades. My expectation is that
we’re going to see some pretty exciting new dishes coming out, maybe even new cuisines,
using the dexterity that you get from some pretty advanced instrumentation in your kitchen. – A future with more robotic
restaurants might not be all that bad; we’ll
have to wait and see. What do you think about robot restaurants? Be sure to leave us a comment below, and also check out our
friends over at Eater. Ellen and some other reporters
are doing some amazing coverage behind the scenes of
some really cool restaurants.

100 comments on “Robot restaurants won’t take your job and food will be better”

  1. The Verge says:

    Would you trust a robot to make you a meal?

  2. Jodiann Walker says:

    It would be better for the immigrants… when the streets are cleaned up.

  3. The Dark Knight says:

    I'm not a food "expert" so i asked my friend who is obviously not a food "expert"

    Whatever food "expert" means anyway – –

  4. Karl Morton - Holtham says:

    I would argue why not try to do something with the housing crisis why does it cost so much to live there. lack of supply of home replacing people with robots due to the rent being too damn high is not an acceptable innovation. I'm all up for automation but when it there to help people all people not just capable of being able spend 30K a year on the average rent

  5. Waiget Law says:

    3:39 but people have touched the food – people need to have prepared the ingredients and stock up the machine beforehand for the machine to make it.

  6. Gary Towne says:

    You've already got it. Almost every thing in the grocery store is prepared by automation. Nothing woderful there. Just more killer carbs and salt.

  7. MM Aviation says:

    Until someone hacks it and it gives them free food

  8. ben63vw says:

    Unfortunately Creator's hours (11:30a-2p Wed-Fri) makes it difficult to have their burger if you don't work nearby… I live/work just across the bay and have only been there once, only because I took a Fri off for another reason. I have to say, it was a very tasty burger for $6 (à la carte) in SF.

  9. Gameboob says:

    Damn luddites. Get some skills relevant to the modern world. Technology will always go on making certain jobs obsolete.

  10. Van Park says:

    After seeing this one, I realised I wanted my food served by a human… Imany highend restaurants will still stick with human serving your food.

  11. Edward Kenway says:

    "How does that affect people working in the city?" I don't know but I'll tell you how it affects you. You won't find any spit in your drink or burger if it's done by machine that's for sure.

  12. Quarkwano says:

    Creepy, that she's afraid of people touching her food :/ . Come on – Let's start being afraid of humans everyone – that seems like the way to go.

  13. Cameron Empey says:

    I don't see how people touching your burger is a bad thing lol wtf

  14. Paulo Moniz says:

    This is not a robot, this is a SHOW.
    Why is the machine on the client eating zone?
    Too many sensors, from the video there was only one burger line. 1 burger gets stuck or 1 sensor fails the machine will stop.
    This "robot" its not a human replacement.

  15. Benevolent says:

    Unlike robots, a human will not add a snail with spring mix, a slice of cheese with unexpected mold, a patty with a visible flaw, something that smells outdated etc. Sorry but robots only work in idealized situations. At this time and a foreseeable future. You may argue robots are technically at work for all the supermarket packaged foods, but consumers and preparers are the final decision makers on whether it's appropriate to eat or use the ingredients

  16. A Light says:

    Robots don’t spit in your food if you don’t tip.

  17. Friedrich Hayek says:

    Funny how they sent their fattest journalist to eat out at robot restaurants

  18. Friedrich Hayek says:

    They should fire everyone in the restaurant that the food at the restaurant gets cheaper

  19. Friedrich Hayek says:

    Producing fast food at the fast food restaurant is a nightmare. just making machines which make these tedious, hellish jobs go away is great

  20. Friedrich Hayek says:

    But the machine is just like a fast food worker if it spits on the hamburger

  21. Sandy Degener says:

    Nice 1st generation Fast Food Production Machine.

  22. soyUsernameWasTaken says:

    I think it's great.

    One more step in the right direction for that terminator apocalypse.

  23. dkchen says:

    Blame politicians and stupid activists that make labor too expensive (Mostly politicians) that result in people trying to automate the human element out of cooking.

  24. Burhan Diwan says:

    So the take away is to solve the housing crisis in SF by using more robots in restaurants! Got it, thanks verge!

  25. Baux Sedai says:

    So, this is probably a good thing because there aren't enough poor people to make cheap food. Of course, if robots do minimum wage jobs it is way better for everyone. Except for poor people but they can't live in SF anyway because they're too expensive apparently, so they don't matter. It just makes so much sense!

  26. Jacob Black says:

    I can see Mackdons using this one day once the can buy one that is.

  27. Mr Bäkk says:

    Why does Youtube recommend me this during my diet cut ?

  28. Andy P says:

    The whole notion that robots are not a short term threat to ‘taking your job’ as a food worker is ridiculous. Talk to executives in the call center business. AI is awesome but also the biggest threat to capitalism.

  29. Miller Werth says:

    Cities like SF aren’t suitbale for people earning minimum wage or around anyway. Robots are a necessity for those cities.

  30. Abc Xyz says:

    I would rather have humans touch my food n show the food the respect it deserves than have a machine that God knows when will next be washed thoroughly

  31. Yasmin Ahmed says:

    "no one has touched it apart from you" – not really, the people who filled the stock touched it too mate 3:39

  32. Colin-kun :3 says:

    Lmao greeting customers. If those machines spread wide and ppl get used to them, employees won’t be needed to greet the customers lol

  33. Giacomo Battaglia says:

    The robot workers’ union sponsored this video

  34. Joe Airbender says:

    The title is very misleading.

  35. Tyler L says:

    Ummm the food expert said no one touches your food after the show people in the real kitchen touching food lol

  36. JC E says:

    It's something shiny but it's inefficient at the same time. Production numbers are really low, now what happens when machines fail? Cuz every machine fails at some point. They will need a technician, they will need people to clean it up everyday, to restock.

    Remember that Japanese hotel with dinosaur robots at the lobby? They lost money on them, offered a worse service and had to repair errors frequently? So they got rid of most of them.

  37. LGNEWS says:

    I work at Panera and i make a sandwich in less than 2 minutes. And I only get paid 12 per hr.

  38. Usmaan Sial says:

    Machine also doesn't want to get touched. So it cleans itself.

  39. Real Mart says:

    Wow I like those burgers 🍔 perfect I like the fact that no one touches your food and the products are fresh

  40. WLG says:

    But I like when people touch my food cause that’s the on,y human contact I get.

  41. konkuruseyyi says:

    penny said, "really!?, you want a robot that spits on your hamburger?"

  42. michael almaguer says:

    so it does take jobs away from people. maybe verge doesnt agree, and think its "cool" because its not their job its taking away and they also get a cheaper burger during their lunch…

  43. paolo moreira says:


  44. GulsGuls says:

    No on touches it? Can't really relate, who is making the bread? who is filling the machines? Who brings the vegetables to the restaurant? Who stores them? 😀 I could count more but meh.

  45. MyDailyVids says:

    The rich will automate the poor into extinction and it's not going to be pretty.

  46. edward says:

    Robots already make every kind of frozen food. From that standpoint, every ARCO gas station is a robot restaurant.

  47. Matthew Supermemee says:

    This is so good at this time if the day like right joe at this time if the day like right Jaír at this time if the day like right now at this time of he day like right now at tuisntike of the day like right now at this time of th Etsy

  48. Jeremiah Gonzales says:

    Robots are better because if you get them mad they can't spit in your food

  49. Thomas L says:

    They will just make another robot to fill the other robots up with food and drinks and it will probably be the new maintenance guy to so don’t try and tell me robots aren’t gonna take our jobs

  50. Jamie Coxe says:

    I'm all for it. I still want to exceptional service that I still feel humans will do best.

  51. AZiZ says:

    That thing can work 24/7 no problem but I'm concerned about the maintenance cost of that robot

  52. Llavez Chavstar says:

    Ok and will robots buy burgers and fries with a soft drink and an ice cream cone? Robots are going to have to be designed to have to eat food and have all human behaviors and necessaties since they're going to take over our jobs. HUMANS won't be able to afford anything so why would there be a need for restaurants, fast food joints, manufacturing co., mass productions of products, transportation, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, utility companies, etc.etc. the rich 1 or 2% (don't member) can't maintain or keep all businesses and all our present day system as it is without us the poor humans to exploit. Robots would only work for them for a very little time before everything comes tumbling down on them. It's absurd and RIDICULOUS if they plan on allowing this to happen without thinking of the consequences that in this case would hit them like a stick in the face much much sooner than later

  53. hylwa_ Kpoptrash says:

    The choice of making money a thing in the first place instead of just sharing is starting to take a toll on humanity

  54. AzakaBlue says:

    Truthfully human workers are no longer relevant it's the equivalent of still using horses four current daily transportation. Machines are the future automated an autonomous technology are the future and not just has to be accepted but instead of seeing as a bad thing you should see it as a positive thing since the only reason monetary exchange exist is due to human driven work if machines are capable of doing those functions creating goods and providing services you no longer need a monetary system you can just offer those goods and services to all people without a price tag all you would need is the resources the know-how and the energy to produce whatever good or or service desired.

    this would eliminate poverty or hunger all of those things that people run for or donate to would be not packed with a happy sticker solved and that's a beautiful world it would be no more crime there would be no more need for greed and corruption we can solve diseases we could share ideas freely without the concern of profit and so on and so on.

    and human labor stands in the way of all of that it hinders us making a better world.

  55. RedBaron025 says:

    Now all we need is a robotic government that is not corrupt!!!!

  56. Crimson Hawk says:

    Can they make one that fits in my house?

  57. Cypress1337 says:

    Some people in this video are not very smart.

  58. egn83b says:

    I dont get san Francisco it values objects over human life. Techology shouldnt be worshipped its a tool and a necessary evil to having a civilized society.

  59. Ironpyrites says:

    Everyone crying about crappy burger flipping jobs may disappear etc. Q: Do you want to flip burgers for a living? Do you want your family, friends/children to flip burgers for a living? Erm, no but someone should. Who then, your inferior ? Still, need that hierarchy to feel relevant eh? Good riddance to slave jobs, teach them to code the bots

  60. Leonardo De Vinci says:

    So the food expert is saying people touch the final product? As you see in the video people are handling the food all the way up to final assembly which the robot does. From the looks of it the robot can not load it's self still human assistance

  61. Irisz says:

    They will absolutely take your jobs, the question is what will replace that work. As someone who worked in the service industry, I can tell you it’s by no means a fulfilling experience and I’m happy to cede that work to our future robot overlords. The real issue is policy dealing with labour markets and whether they lead to better or worse quality of life for the people displaced by automation.

  62. B B says:

    5 min to make a burger try getting that down to about 30 seconds is what fast food does so ya

  63. Stefan Kristersson says:

    Jobs Will go away. Anyone who disagrees is a braindead disgusting animal.

  64. Evan Wilkinson says:

    FUN FACT: Machines caused the great depression.

  65. Emmanuel Bernard says:

    True no room for contamination is the future

  66. Path to Billions says:

    People will always pay more for hand made products. While a large amount of the fast food industry will be automated in the future, there will still be a restaurant industry with plenty of human workers.

  67. Kyle Ruffner says:

    Chicago goes 15$ an hour minimum wage soon watch how McDonalds is the first with a fully robotic kitchen & touch screen to order from & the food will be better because they can’t hate their job like the average fast food employee. Have you had fast food prepared by a human lately? There’s a 1 in 5 chance you’ll get your order correct. A hot burger & halfway edible fries.

  68. Edward Sauer says:

    At least it won't spit, lick, step on, wipe it's private parts on your food

  69. Amber 180 says:

    I want to at least get to try this in Atlanta. I don't want to think of it stealing jobs but I definitely want to see it in action!

  70. Des says:

    Yum boiga

  71. Seth Bowden says:

    this is why I'm a fan of universal basic income. and part of the YangGang

  72. magic ninja says:

    I want one of those burgers

  73. Spencer S says:

    I went there two weeks ago

  74. Ahmad Mahmoud says:

    so basically workers who touch your food can't pay rent on minimum wage let's replace them with robots and turn them into homeless people who will eventually grab your food from you when they set up the guillotines? nice

  75. peter pro says:

    what was the shop with all the cubbie holes at 5:39

  76. Athaariq Ardiansyah says:

    Cool! No expensive chef needed, just plain workers 🙂

  77. Ot Boss says:

    Its all fun n games until.. Maintenance. 🙁

  78. Hijfblog says:

    Robots aren't taking your job; after all humans can't afford to live here anymore.

  79. Randomly Interesting says:

    this is why u guys gotta vote for andrew yang!

  80. Tim Powell says:

    "this machine is more efficient so we can spend more on ingredients"

    The machine cost money to buy, it is somehow saving money – why – because it doesn't have the labour costs of people. Not exactly difficult maths.

    I love technology but this is something that needs to be addressed. Watch Humans Need Not Apply by CGP Grey.

  81. lokman Nurhakim says:

    Jimmy neutron

  82. Parth Mistry says:

    Ellen, from Eater looks exactly like I would have imagined an Ellen, from Eater.

  83. Parth Mistry says:

    "Robot restaurants won't take your job" Proceeds to show how robots are taking over jobs at a restaurant and how it is great for the restaurant owner and for the customer. Further proceeds to state in the description that said robot restaurants are "popping up all over downtown San Francisco". Forgive me for being baffled.

  84. yerovi86 says:

    Why are people freaking out about this? Every sector goes through this. It used to take 3-5 people to cut down and move a tree. Now it takes 1 person to do all that. Any kind of manufacturing assembly or even in a office environment technology impacts the number of employees. Airplanes needed a pilot, a copilot, a flight engineer and a what I think it was called a tracer. But now we’re closer to airplanes with no pilot.

  85. Cristan Gutierrez says:

    Now think about this while you have humans touching your food; now you have robots touching your food.

  86. Guadalupe Gonzalez says:

    I like show she says no one touches the burger but you when it clearly shows the guy loading the machine with bread and The other guy cutting the tomatoes 😂

  87. IKaza says:

    I am really looking forward for robotic restaurants being the norm in the future. As a person who has worked in that kind of business making pizzas and burgers, I really can appreciate the effort. I don't think most of the people here know how freaking exhausting it is to work 8 hours straight in these types of workplaces.
    And yes, some workers will get replaced by a robot. But they could be rehired to make sure, that the robot does everything correctly and maintain it. I mean they already have the experience and know if the robot does anything wrong.

  88. jonathan morin says:

    Honestly the food industry doesn't pay well and your barely recognized for what you do and go under appreciated. Industry needs to be automated to get ppl into other industries that are more meaningful.

  89. Richard Swinging says:

    "Do not fear the change human. Accept it. Accept it, and obey."

  90. Narajiナラジ says:

    What if someone ordered medium rare? Or extra ketchup? Or no buns?

  91. MUKESH CK says:

    You are tamilache

  92. Yuz Khairi says:

    The robot is stealing our jobs

  93. Joshua miles Gatbonton says:

    Gordon Ramsey: Now that’s what I call a burger.

  94. Gus says:

    Absolutely YES!!!!

  95. Stefan Kristersson says:

    They Will take your jobs

  96. Barrett Haynes says:

    What caN gO wwwwwwrong, wrong, wronggggg, wrong, wrngonmgfdstyvbnnjhb ???

  97. wilfredo hernandez says:

    I will never eat in a robotic restaurant, its a job killer. If everything is automated how will we have the money to buy the product.

  98. Cafelogis says:


  99. David Reis says:

    Who cares about jobs? If a company can reduce costs by automation rather than hiring people then that is fully justified.

  100. Raymond Serpa says:

    I miss the coffee machines with soup in them!

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