Rocket Age 5e! Ep 1 Sashimi To Go

the years 1938 and the radium fuel rockets of Earth have reached the further stretches of the solar system we’re living in a world where the heroes of Earth Tesla and Einstein completed the first manned mission to Mars and discovered that the earth is not alone intelligent life can be found all around this burning son of ours in the jungles of Venus the desert wastes of Mars the many moons of Jupiter and of course the belt the intelligent creatures of the solar system called serpents move about the solar system on jet streams of radium colonize new lands open new trade routes and make war all of these species interact with the five great spacefaring nations of Earth the Empire of Japan the USSR Nazi Germany the United Kingdom and of course the good ol US of A thanks for tuning in today to your favorite radio station wlp gwv 1335 a.m. coast to coast we’ll be back after this short commercial break hey there Internet welcome to let’s play games West Virginia I’m Kevin I’m Richard Perry better and we’re here to play some rocket h5e so if you’re used to Dungeons and Dragons this is a basically a modified version rocket age is a really interesting setting it takes place in an alternative 1938 and we’re really excited to share that with you we’ve got a chance to play this year at Gen Con and we really really liked it so much we went and bought the setting book and just a few months later here we are sharing it with you so the idea is it’s 1938 Einstein and Tesla have worked together in in the past in 1931 and what’s the first man mission of Mars where we discovered that we are not the only creatures in the solar system so it’s 1938 populated by diverse alien species all competing and working together and against each other for various things and we are some of those creatures and our system is going to be a slight variance on that we’ve introduced a few new things to the setting to kind of make it ours so our session opens up starting out on Ida which is the interplanetary development agency Astro station so our group here is called the cat agency which is a former military unit privatized under the multi or this multi-party system resource pact so we are operating on the largest Astro station the only Astro station in the area we’re located between Mars and the belt and is basically a place to send passengers cargo information equipment down the gravity well towards the inner planets or up out and it’s located in that key junction point so it can sort of spin up and spin down cargo and it’s basically the pitstop that everyone has to make if they’re moving about the system past the belt so that’s where we find ourselves home it’s been a long week obviously our group works with the CAD agency this is kind of a new unit typically it was run by a Soviet and Reich pact but has since been expanded there’s now it’s now a multi-party base so there’s a lot more other non-human softens present on the system so this is a particular unit inside CAD made up of softens from around the system who maybe go places and get access that entire squad of just Earthlings might not and that’s what we have with us today if you guys would like to go around the table we’ll start with Richard and go to clockwise give us a quick introduction for your character maybe a snippet of your backstory and all right right my name is 8/3 5zd 8:35 my first recent memories are the archaeologists that found me in those ruins on mars they stumbled upon me and what looked like an escape pod from a ship created by a long-dead civilization and started pushing blowing tire ghosts they found that they almost got themselves big prizes I came to and leveled by Ray pistol at them I guess I was programmed for security or combat maybe I don’t know for sure but it seemed like I should have shot them they convinced me they were legitimate scientists from some University on earth studying ancient Martian ruins something must have happened on my programming in my years decades centuries of slumber because I believe their cockamamie story I helped them loot that place of every piece of scrap that looked like it could be powered up my enhanced senses made it easy I can see things they couldn’t hear things well beyond their threshold and taste well you can probably figure it out we were caught by some agents from the wolf being in law and detective agency as we look at the last piece into their half track headed back to who knows where it turned out two of them had been looting ruins for some time and some Martian royalty got sick of it and hired the biggest detective agency in the solar system to stop him the agents thought I was Martian at first naked and covered in red dust and they looked more closely they could tell my features weren’t quite right more like a doll maker’s approximation of a Martian they were intrigued by me gave me some clothes and took me with him back to the skybox above Jupiter instead of turning me in with two looters that began my career with Wolfgang along I was obsessed with being a spy but every Spy novel I could find my meager salary and read and reread all of them I was good at my job but working with the Wold a wasn’t exactly exciting everything was so corporate so by-the-book what’s so wrong with breaking the rules every now and then anyway after ten years I left in search of a life more akin to one of my beloved spy novels I ended up at the IDA Astor station working for CAD with a bunch of fellow misfits we get a lot of boring jobs but every now and then we get the chance to do something really exciting my memory must have been white before I was put into stasis but I have bits and pieces of my ancient memory I’ve been looking for someone to help me restore it but there’s a severe lack of experts on Robo brains anywhere in the solar system that’s led me to look for my own answers which I’m convinced live with the technology of the ancient Martians awesome so Roomba men are basically a sentient robots basically awesome how does your character look like what do people see when he walks into a room approximately a Martian bipedal two arms like a close approximation of a biological face it’s plastic-covered if you look close enough you can tell that it’s panel put together but it’s from a distance with clothes on pretty much passable ISM as a human humanoid creature cool Heather who are you playing today Oh me oh well no it’s fine so I am vex I am an IO white meaning my home planet is I owe and I am this tall spindly kind of doglike creature but I look a little mangy right I have some hair that’s missing but for the most part I look fairly presentable in terms of your average space-faring citizen so for the most part I am found to be in my overalls conducting science experiments I am in the lab often times but sometimes I’ll go out in the field so for the most part you will find me with my glasses on and my spindly dog hair up and out of my face and I will be working for the CAD agency or as I called the agency because well my home planet is barren my people have mostly been dispersed across the the planetary system and so my people are at the espera which means then that I am free to go about my own leisure so I decided to team up with this CAD agency on the IDIS base or Astro station sorry and I feel like I need to fix my home planet I’m not really sure what all of the mutations are yet but I know that my people are in serious pain so I have this drive to go find them and fix my home planet so I can get back home for now my real incentives though you know that’s the long day for now my incentive is to find the jerks who destroyed my planet and I know that you know history books tell us history books tell us what happened there but I want to find personally who’s responsible and find some scientific way to make them well you know how it goes so for now I am at the IDA station for basically safe-harbor rent and a job to keep me eating because I’m real hungry and you know the jobs are better than at home so that’s where I am a radioactive wasteland home is a radioactive wasteland and I don’t know I can’t find kimchi worth a darn at home I like that weird food yep okay um hello dolls the name is Dave May former to laundry courtesan turned rocket Ranger deputy Ranger whatever my former and generous master dad is a role uncle to Princess Dalarna terribly passed away of an illness as his favorite I was granted my freedom and chose to journey to earth in search of meaning I guess you could consider me an explorer of sorts while I was talented it as a courtesan and never really cared the lifestyle I always dreamed of seeing the worlds beyond Mars when the Earthlings made it to Mars I was so curious about their ways particularly the strong and adventurous rocket Ranger since a deputy Ranger is the only path for non earthling I spent time on earth in various schools and work my way up with my starting job as a secretary to various captains until I graduated from Ranger school it can be hard as a Martian to find work on earth outside of military installations so here I am working for the CAD agency on Ida the Astro station I’m secretly hoping to be able to save other like myself looking for a greater service than the slow flurry if that’s what they want of course I’m pretty persuasive when I want to be and as a former courtesan doing the best job I can is important to me with a little style of course so our scene opens up on Ida it’s the end of a long day and a long week recently it’s pretty typical for lots of people to go out to this interesting kind of cafe after work and it is called the Java Waukee bistro and Astro bar it’s kind of a cop bar so the system after after the station was kind of privatized sort of all of these things moved around so it was originally a bistro run by Soviets and since has been kind of moved a little bit so it’s kind of this cop barn mentality almost everyone on the station station formerly was associated with the military or currently silliest who isn’t just a passer through so it has that that feel of a cop are who would be the most likely to stay after work do they have food there at work sorry I thought you meant the Astro bar I’m definitely stay in there they’ve got food I would definitely be staying after working cool so we’re gonna pull you aside a little bit and we’ll come back to that secondly but so you guys are gonna head up over to the Astro bar kind of get a table we’ll get set up and you guys typically meet there but Zed is running a little bit behind so you guys make your way to the Astro bar it’s not a long walk the system is kind of windy the station is set up in a series of rings and there’s kind of the central hub is the flight deck and cargo hold the way that the station works as it rotates to produce an artificial gravity so the hub is where there’s the least gravity and actually called the flywheel because they can detach it from the other rings and make it totally zero-g or they can spin it slowly so that’s easy the easiest place for ships and cargo to come in and out the second ring is kind of the commercial area and that’s sort of the more privatized and the outside is personnel quarters and some offices so you guys are heading into the second ring from the third ring heading over to the Astro bar you guys want to find a table and maybe talk about the the week let us know how things have been sorry still rain I’m a compulsive note-taker as is my science background I like to have notes on everything so let me just finish up those notes and then I will be ready for some food at this bar okay it’s max oh my gosh was it a long week yeah I really wish we had been out on the field this week but it seems like we were doing all of the ketchup you know the ketchup and mustard as I like to call it catching up on the week I really would have preferred to be in the lab but for some reason our boss not saying any names just wants us to do paperwork after paperwork I know I want to see things the best things I’ve heard that somewhere she might have had forgetting of a musical intro where the kimchi is so speaking of the boss we’re gonna pivot back to Zedd so the boss happens to be Lilly veksler Lilly is your current boss and on your way out as you’re holding up she pulls up because um excuse me excuse me Xen said this couldn’t go out over the radio so I just needed to pull you aside I have a new assignment for you but anything exciting in an unfortunate sort yes I need you to kind of keep this on the down-low no radio traffic so I’ll give you a chance to look over at this here’s your assignment and you’re also going to it comes from a high source to confidential client if you need to speak with that client to come back but it also comes with a full station search warrant it’s a few areas so should you need to feel free to make use of that it has some specific areas that are noted where where you can start the only thing that’s excluded our personal quarters that aren’t included so while Richard looks over that I will kind of sum up for you guys you can pass that around look at it basically they’re a confidential client who is high up in the military of the station was expecting a shipment and that shipment has gone missing so your task is to find the shipment of goods what the shipment is is kind of immaterial but it’s missing and there’s a few places that they suggest that you start so once Richard gets caught up on that he can meet up a few at the Astro bar and you can discuss the case ahead the paperwork a hand cramp you know you could just use your other hand yeah well I mean I have other paws but they’re not too helpful usually so I have not grown that extra one yet I am my mutation has gone off the radar so far and the same cully’s oh we have a job I don’t know how exciting it’s gonna be but we gotta find some missing stuff what is this give us the goods oh man the best part warrantless searches it’s gonna be so great warrantless search so apparently there’s a shipment missing we got to find it okay tell me more you got it right there right that yeah but you could just tell us all right all right all right multi-part system execute warrantless searches business shipping decks and public areas and it’s classified so we have to get a warrant if we want to go to their personal quarters later personal personal quarters yeah which means if they’re holding the shipment inside their personal quarters somebody would probably have seen that right just sinking ahead there might be personal quarters specifically listed on the one we are permitted to search the quarters of one bruise on tack of europa yeah sure does izakaya Ida is the most popular sushi and Japanese restaurant currently in the ring oh I’ll check there I should check there we you shouldn’t let her go alone yeah that’s true we should all go together maybe we’d go a little bit earlier just stake the place out you know do any of you guys carry a radio do I carry let’s see my gear makeer my gear that isn’t negatory I have a handheld radio oh all of a sudden you hear a like squelching feedback over your radio and you can actually hear it from several radios at the Astro bar and all of a sudden the lights flicker in the Astro bar and you see some tall dark shapes moving quickly in the main hallway outside of the well would your typical reaction be to someone running through the station to see where they’re going follow with you so you guys spill out into the hallway and the creatures are running so if you’re intending to keep up you have to take off as well because there quickly stop stop you need to stop following just slowly behind do any of you just a roll of perception check that is wrong investigation of perception perception disadvantage because the lights are flickering there’s problems with there’s problems the electricity so we will just appendage oh yeah no that’s a that’s a 712 okay anyone with 12 up higher it looks like a group of maybe five the museum’s it’s kind of hard and so they’re large large large figures but has the general trend of additions but you’re not sure and they are hauling through the station and it kind of looks like it might actually be carrying something between them I have Oh what is can I do an investigation check with my enhanced sight I have advantage sure can i oh that would be a 20-6 the net 20 so kind of kind of squaring a little bit you’re like those are definitely museums definitely looks like my new Xian’s so you’re gonna go ahead and get one surprise action probably about 35 yards okay alright I’m gonna shoot my pistol at them because I don’t like what the carrion I said I see him carrying stuff and I wonder what it could be our stuff it could be the stuff we’re curious about go ahead make an attack role here rapist what do i add to that again that was it doesn’t matter so this is a good time to mention everyone starts off with one inspiration point inspiration can be used for a couple of things you can use it to gain advantage on skill check which is basically a reroll and there’s a few other things Rock age matrix um specific changes to the way advantage or inspiration works so we can look at yeah so that inspiration I would like to go ahead and use that probably did roll an advantage this will be your advantage okay that was a natural 1905 20 thanks much better so if you taste it so as these creatures are running they’re running so that I’m gonna kind of give them a bonus to their AC so 20 just barely wings one of them and it kind of singes on the outside but now they’re aware that you’re here so two of them continue to run on three of them stop and face you so I’m gonna go ahead and switch and pull up some dice real quick just so we can have a general look and how things are set up so this is kind of a narrow hallway we’re gonna make use of some D tens here so that’s the current section of hallway we’ve got three apparent the news Ian’s at this location Richard your number one had their number two Terry number three you guys want to go ahead and change your position or let me know how you’re set up she just shot what is your speed your speeds third is pretty standard for medium creatures okay that’s I mean that’s pretty decent we just be moving it down the hall so that works I mean so everyone its rural initiative guys no way I’m over 20 to 20 with my decks huh 10:23 Terry what’s your rule do you have advantage own initiative rules because your class okay I thought it’s for your class he said 14 how the way you say all right Richard so how does a Zed begin combat he gets to go first all right I am I’m gonna pull out my ray rifle and level it it the the new xian’s they’re numbered one two and seven only I can’t count I I will I’m gonna level it at the Newseum number one okay which one did I hit earlier you singed number two all right so radiation ray rifle is one d-10 or Asian that is a five since it’s a control to damage he’s a critic gonna okay oh nine all right awesome so describe how that critical hit happens so I love a lot like the guy he just turned around and is it the one that you changed I singed number two he’s never so gay so I level it at him and he just just as he turns around and like starts to reach for a weapon like it just it it just blast him right in the shoulder and he just goes flying so the blast hits him goes this over it turns him he hits the ground there’s like a little poof of dust and he does not get back up and stay down so you love this take note all right so it is now the Venusians turn number one is down and out for the count dead creature marker so number two is gonna go ahead and partial up here he also has a ray pistol and she is going to take aim at clearly the most dangerous person here which would be Richard and 14 no it does not alright so he takes aiming you with the ray pistol and it narrowly misses so like you definitely feel the singe as it goes by numbers we roll it over so it says three it’s going to repeat this yes number three is also going to turn and taken aim at backs who has also been an aggressive actor does a 16 hit you oh yeah you look down take two points of damage oh that’s still a lot of my meager sum alright next own initiative tree is Terry time to counter-attack my rapists already plus should be whatever your attack modifier is in the scenario page next to your weapons eleven is not going to hit this guy so so he’s a little uncomfortable because it’s a grand that was closer they thought it was gonna be I mean they’re nusiance I open it hey that’s racist that’s minutest so Heather how’s max responding well the ex is gonna pull a quick one shoot her disintegration pistol yet again noise and then quickly move out of the way okay go ahead move your marker to the way you’re going to right so that’s bad just gonna move behind her over here but of course I’m gonna do that like ninja style like pew pew and then jump out of the way so shoot enroll shoot enroll that means that is a 1918 to hit which means then that’s a dese which were talking number two five damage that’s blood no passive damage okay so as you’re disintegration pistol shoots out you can see that it hits him and he winces and you can see like that the pain is he takes a step but he takes a breath and he is ready back for the fight so we’re gonna roll initiative every round so everyone go ahead and redo their initiative twenty five twenty five to twenty twenty-one mouths are usually fifteen to twenty ten to fifteen Flaxton oh yeah wait I totally have forgotten at 1:05 edition why is it your proficiency bonus or your decks month it’s your decks but it has some little chart for initiative I will do that cuz I will constantly forget you sorry oh so even though she just acted back skits is ready to follow up for the next bit so what how does backs respond to the unfolding home pic well I’m gonna peek out over her shoulders and give you yet again same one same 100 number two number two but I got a number one so that’s not happening so I’m just gonna cool off my jets and describe how deceleration pistols work like what are they normally since acid damage well so the acid basically erodes them away so it should begin to like singe in the initial stages like their clothing and such and then once it gets to their skin level right does it take charges or well as far as I know like rape pistols take batteries for instance right so this is more capacious equipment my guess is that it’s not bullets but so what’s gonna happen with your natural one is that the pistol is gonna begin to leak a little bit of damage basically it breaks that’s the one who’s gonna represent and do one point of acid damage to yourself it does have ammunition okay so it’s got a ammunition beam charge one yeah okay so just keep track at home how much you’re using it hit me a damage and it’s gonna take do one point a massive damage to you okay so I’ve shot one two three bullets now so a few seconds of pass sense combat begun but it’s the other guys time so they’re going begin to make tactical retreats so they’re gonna move at just a percentage of their distance and begin to try and disengage can I see which one is holding something they’re both holding weapons there were five of them for getting also two three two of them continued carrying whatever they were going these guys are really willing to stay here to hold you off do they have stuff just they’re just normal whatever whatever the runners were carrying is out of sight just delaying those numbers so we need to we needed to let go after them and keep passing by these guys but I shot first my buzz draw mcgraw yeah sure do one point of damage I’m half-mast here Terry it is a 14 to you so that one injured by it is now zips turn all right I’m bringing up the right rifle again I’m gonna shoot the one that’s been partially disintegrating oh and that’s that’s a 5/5 does not hit either a treating venusian but they’re big I’m gonna take which one’s me this one yeah yeah and I got these are five they’re five hm yeah I’m gonna take after I shoot I’m gonna take off okay Oh with the gun there Andy instruction is stop rolling seventeen yeah I will which one you gave me at number three yeah all right go ahead roll damage yeah three three yeah hey I’m gonna put this day and ten out so that’s the end of the round so we’re gonna re-roll initiative however at this time what are the stun rules I can’t remember oh yeah you can set your pistol is done can you look at this don’t find like that one of the r8 missiles and look at the stun rules they have them there so at this time from around the hallway you can see that other units begin to respond and this is actually basically a detachment of the Royal Military Police so these are folks that you guys know everyone else can go and roll initiative while we’re doing that tear you in a roll initiative for Richard as well sixteen twenty five to twenty nineteen actually okay 20 or 15 16 she had night team was three sixteen over here eight-foot Richard Ricardo action that’s what we can be set to him with a stun effect at TC thirteen is that a regular damage what’s your name again 2d 2d you’re not ZD ZD name seems appropriate I have serious concerns so Daisy has the drop for this round so how does Daisy start out just going to take off and run after them okay for your whole movement or no partial and then like shoot my ray gun again okay what do you wanna move soon where did you see six squares and I’ll shoot it away six is not gonna hit Shh I’m actually going to give you a point of inspiration because I’m basically going to turn that into a Nash natural one so your shot misses entirely but it actually hits a pipe and suddenly fills the hallway with a choking smoke Oh seriously but you have a point inspiration since I’m kind of interviewed you let him get away she’s one who shot the point man I don’t breathe so would I be able to detect what that was take that whatever this is leaking out into the piper sure you have a relevant skill detector intelligence or science definitely science okay if you I can I’m gonna can I advantage because I have enhanced taste which if it enters my mouth I can realize it yeah if you’re willing to help she’s all I can roll it I can roll to help you either you can both roll or one of you promote advantage I guess 16 that’s fine what is it what are we doing investigation I I did science okay so plus six is 16 so ya think so whatever this pipe was it was actually a form of coolant that’s used because anything that’s in space has to disperse heat a lot of it and this happens to actually be basically a nuclear pile that runs this thing so there’s a lot of excess heat they typically turn that into electricity but this still needs to be ruled they’re not using water in this case they’re using other coolant because they can’t just vent steam out into space because you can’t lose that much mass so there’s other things they’re using so whatever this is is a coolant however the coolant you can know is is poisonous so any this is basically an emergency if you have the ability to call over radio or to find a valve near and turn this off you would know that’s something that you should do so yelling it’s a free action so I’m gonna yell out get out your rags don’t breathe it poison Sparky ran you over its max but fine so I’ll wrote radio that there’s coolant in the system out in the air now cool so that’s received and they’re gonna basically dispatch someone immediately but if any of you guys can look around and find a valve you would know that turning it off now is important it’s gonna take some time people’s guys I can i am i immune to poison and disease yeah you’re strange so I’m I can I can’t I have an ant vision so I can I should be able to find about okay and joy make an investigation check it advantage then sure oh that’s a 23 are we at around my name you’re not sure yet okay we’re still kind of acting in John scanner I’m scanning through looking for about right so between where your you saw this come from and where the pipe was you have a general idea of this place to look 23 is more than enough and it is a pretty large valve obviously turning off the coolant system is not something that one wants to be done haphazardly or easily right so it doesn’t happen much so everything is kind of tight and firm so you’re gonna need a strength check or an athletics check all right to turn that valve yeah you can do it we guess robot of course you can always you can always relating your hands that you need help but yeah it certain guys I don’t know if I can handle this on my own I’m gonna need some help if you’re gonna get help from any other people you can roll it advantage well that’s a 15 plus no it’s a 16-1 oh you’re straining against it looks like it’s about to break rule strength check or athletics observer tyrant Oh No fine I’m running over all three of us are gonna try and do this drink Jack all right if all three of you are gonna help go ahead and roll a 20 and that’s just gonna be the number of rounds it takes to do one of you should just pick whoever it is 16 6 seconds for each of those so it’s gonna take you about a minute and a half but at this point rounds are over oh but it takes about a minute and a half it is seized good so it is in the immortal words and once everyone real calmed up so it has it hasn’t been turned off and who knows how long probably since it was built and it’s not not a thing that gets so after about a minute and a half hmm you get that by that point there’s a decon crew there they’re trying to scrub the air cleaning atmosphere up as the fog rolls the hallway is empty even the Fallen bodies are gone is there stuff there is no stuff what are the what about the other crews did they did they back off waiting for us to okay well when the robe it charged into the poison cloud they were like nah not my problem I want to do an investigation check and see if I can pick up any clues I have I have heat detection how that works but a heat detection and an investigation first sight things I’m not exactly sure how long it would take like the floor to cool down from someone to walk on it but I would think that if its route ambient temperature it would be pretty fast yeah so I don’t know the leak detection is gonna go check them – wait a minute now I just but I can see if anyone was hiding in the hallway or in there definitely mixture oh it’s a well it’s a four plus a 6 as a 10 but still not great okay that’s average them yeah so you’re able to look around there’s not like a whole lot of clues per se clearly that you know there’s some scuffs from the battle but nothing that kind of would change your opinion of the situation yeah we got to figure out where these guys maybe we should maybe we should get back on track and work this case that we’ve been given I agree let’s go back and talk to the boss I’m not saying anything but I’m slowly backing away from this coolant like back towards where we were at the bar yeah there’s teams here who are bringing in the basically air filtration units and they’re there scrubbing and cleaning so this air is gonna be decon pretty quickly and it was a pretty short period of time of exposure so you’re not worried about like yeah but I’m shorter if we hadn’t had read 16 rooms so you were going to head back towards CAD yeah I wanna go ahead back to CAD and chat with the boss about this okay it just takes a few minutes to get there is everyone going with dead or yeah yeah so lily is actually still here she seems to live here as far as you can tell she has an office in the back so there’s a large central area where there’s many tables the division was larger and then it shrank announced growing again after the change of hands so there’s a large central area with different tables and desks where people work she works so here is the main entryway to the rest of the astro station there’s basically a Fourier where there’s people can wait and there’s a desk and there’s a few doors that go out through here these are meeting rooms there’s nothing happening currently these are desks where investigators would work these are actually two holding cells and the restroom the restrooms are on the wings the holding cells are between them this is an evidence Locker an armory and this is Lily’s personal office she’s got her own toilet yeah you know being a bug yep any any person who has their own office and doesn’t request a personal bathroom is nothing it’s good to be the king I saw when I head into the boss’s office and and chatter about see if we gets it a little more information maybe the best place to start sure until she’s at her desk doing paperwork she seems to practically live here she looks up as you enter and she goes ah back already well we had a we we kind of had a minor shootout with some Venusians in the hallway I didn’t even hear an air-raid siren you didn’t you didn’t hear that I heard the radio the radio click and I heard the kerfuffle but shouldn’t there been an air-raid siren for a bunch of museums you’re lucky that we were at the Astro bar and from the Astro bar where we were getting some food and drink you know we saw them run past so we took it so ya pretended them apprehended is a strong word didn’t we shot at them and it didn’t quite work but they had some stuff in tow I’m just saying so is it possible that these Venusians could be connected to this case I mean if I knew who took it who took the goods I’m just gonna get them certainly anything is possible but I think it’s strange that we didn’t hear in areas siren there was a landing party the bodies also disappeared awfully quickly from the cloud of smoke that there’s something they need guys wait I assume assume the military police are investigating with a president you reported they came in yes III signaled over the radio because I’m a smart creature so I ignored over the radio but there’s some coolant that happened to get out and so we kind of let Special Ops take over okay okay they’re involved is there do what did you need I’m sorry I guess there’s a do you have a maybe there’s a lot of information here maybe the best place to get started well I didn’t want to I don’t want to write it in the notes because it’s confidential that I can tell you since you’re working the case the client is actually vice Air Marshal Eliot so obviously it’s a little it’s it’s it’s a little precarious because he’s the one that issues the search warrants and basically runs the station I can’t tell you what the shipment is it has personal value to him I can’t tell you because I don’t know but doesn’t matter we have been charged with it and if I’m honest we need this so how do you know your unit we need this politically right I had to pull some strings even to get your units attached there were there was some uncomfortableness with hiring non-human softens to give them such legal authority and permission on the ship and it was not a popular decision so this is important not just for the station not just for the Vice Air Marshal but for you you want but the ones not higher we’re on it boss we’re on it but if I if I could give you a points I would probably begin with the places explicitly stated in your search warrant oh of course your warrantless search power is extended to most of the ship but you do have specific areas that where you’re having an actual search warrant so that would definitely be a place to start well max is gonna be happy we gotta go to the sushi place yeah we do I’m very bout now listen that coolant was enough to take me over the edge and Mike and Russians just aren’t doing it so well be sure to keep me updated all right boss today’s gonna make your way to either Kai all right so you make your way into the commercial district of the station there are a few places nearby this is either Kaia Ida so this is the seating area that’s kind of this is a restroom personal kitchen yeah oh sorry this sorry this is the the office this is the main administrative office this is the kitchen these are restrooms this is the sitting area so this is located right at an important crossroads of the station and there’s a small shop across the street so I guess we go in and ask around so the restaurant is open there’s currently a person who is standing at the hosts table and they look like this this is an toe Diann toe is a Europian who has been chartered by the Empire of Japan to assist in these and the sushi here is pretty crazy it is not traditional Japanese sushi it is your open Japanese fusion it is cutting edge of culinary delight and it is one of the more popular places to eat on the stage by cutting edge you mean not a lot of food but a lot of price well if you’ve ever eaten like other Japanese fusion where it’s like sushi yeah there’s ingredients from all over the system so you come from the main moons of Jupiter from Mars I know is actually one of the few places you have this restaurant because I’m just worried about the price that’s all I know we got paid but you know things are tight that’s why I’m wearing my overalls now my business clothes are you sure so you have shoes you come in and says ah welcome welcome to Giza kaya Ida can I get you a table yeah well this one wants to eat but I have some questions Oh about the menu have you had your open Japanese fusion before yeah how about those starters you got any appetizers here sure sure we have a rare sort of new it’s an experiment well it’s a kind of gyoza so it’s like a little um I would you call it like a dumpling but instead it is actually filled with a living moss that grows on Ganymede it tastes I’m told like strawberries you know that could be sentient I’m not worried just saying can I interest you can I just look at a menu I make up quick let me take you to a seat so you enter guides you to a table brings a couple of menus a cup of miso soup but where you would expect stoke ooh there is a tiny creature swimming lamps if there’s anything I can get you please let me know I’m gonna slurp it down he comes over actually today Z and says is there anything you would like to drink particularly you can actually see he gets a little bit uncomfortable I don’t know anything about a missing cargo or anything like that I’m not involved in he kind of like stutters and it’s not entirely like he’s even seriously I’m nervous I’ll take the strawberry food item yes yes yes okay um yes any any drinks you know the drinks are on the house I’ll just bring bring back a selection and he like pieces out to the kitchen all right I’m gonna I’m gonna follow him to the kitchen all right I’ll stand outside the that’s fine these are gonna enter the kitchen he turns around with a plate full of drinks and drops the entire thing ma’am really it’s it’s fine customers can be back here no I’m sorry I’m just very stressed the owner of the restaurant hasn’t been in the last few days and I’m just I haven’t slept no no that’s right so he’s running on the kitchen he’s calling calling for the chef’s to cook give us a refilling the drinks and he basically leaves you in the kitchen and heads back out he’s giving drinks and the dude is rattled so I’m gonna go up to him because I I have I hear basically heard everything that was because I was outside the door and I have enhanced hearing unless I do you do a check for it oh no if you have been answering and you were like yeah so I’m gonna go up to and be like so your boss hasn’t been around for a couple days what Oh what are you this me so it’s really good what what I am isn’t important but what is important is where we might find your boss actually I have a purse wait I can do a persuasion check to the 14 plus 5 okay so that’s a 19 so what exactly you’re trying to persuade him up and what is the tax that you’re taking to do that so it’s it’s a is a it’s a friendly intimidation like it’d be if you know anything about where your boss is it would be in your best interest will be in everyone’s best interest if you just let me know we’ll keep you out of it I just need the information no one has to know it came from you it’s anonymous it is anonymous I haven’t seen Bo doesn’t talk in more than a week I don’t know anything about the shipments but I’m just supposed to be the front house manager and I’ve been running this place for a week have you seen anything any strange goings-on here why your since your boss has been going or maybe right before he left I don’t I don’t remember anything particularly no I’m gonna check it like to see well I’m were you I was no I don’t know if you were near us or not yeah I can make it okay anyway do you think do you think have I had at least five minutes and physically all together like a constant five minutes or like five minutes where I don’t think something yet so I grab under his arm and I I mean you know you see I really would like to help I just don’t know that that I can I could I could let you into his office that that’s as most as I could do I really don’t know anything about a shipment [Music] I know perception check of him are you more interested in the perception check or a sense motive check I guess ok so which would that be depends on why here so what kind of what kind of skill check is that it is its own check isn’t just there’s perception exception investigation insight Oh insight sorry sorry 18 plus 3 to 21 okay what kind of information are you trying to get from watching I’m just looking to see like if he’s honest about what he’s telling us like does he actually know stuff or is he just making something up to cover you believe him that he doesn’t know anything about the shipment but he is super nervous and he’s probably hiding something but you believe him about the shipment okay does anybody at the table still all right I’m gonna try and like catch your gaze either one of you whoever’s the closest sure yeah so the office is here the doors is there what table are we sitting it um he seated you here so this is a bar this is the door to the office this was the kitchen you were in so yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna fall into the office everything because I’m I know her her skills so the opens the door and kind of steps back why don’t you join us inside for a minute is this threatening or are you like you better join us inside or is it come help us search I’m like come help us search I’m I’m basically just trying to assist her so it’ll be friendly it would be friend sure yeah if three people came into your place of business though and one person grabbed your arm and said hey join us in the back you’ll be like I’m definitely going to end up in a truck like so he’s you were not calming him down I just think why did you stay here with him while I go inside and check give me a intelligence roll around okay I’m still sitting at the table like watching waiting on maestro 14 it occurs to both of you that if you maybe flash of search warrant you might actually get are you are you the police well we are we are in charge of investigating yes we are the end we’re their investigators on the record can I can I see absolutely you’ll see that that this place is specifically authorized for us to search so you are completely in the clear this is kind of long can you point it up you’re there for community search is a Qaeda and the personal quarters of person Tucker euro oh I see um I misunderstood I didn’t I didn’t quite understand yes yeah so you’re here because but it sounds like his mission exactly okay I understand sure let us go in I mean he kind of like sets his hand on top of your hand Daisy sanitary he kind of like puts his hand over where you’re holding his arm yes yes let’s it he’s late to work so let’s look at so the office is as you see it here so there’s a desk there’s a few shelves and there’s a bookcase in the back and it’s a it’s pretty clean it’s it’s actually just a regular office you would have a like so I’m trying to convince it how much time has passed so far yeah I’m in contact with him once you guys do an action or two in this room it’ll be about five minutes okay so I’m gonna do an investigation check okay I’m basically looking for anything I’m gonna rifle through the papers and look for a thing look look for goes to the desk drawers and see if I can find it anything that looks untoward maybe some communicate with someone that looks suspicious or someone a power or someone connected to possibly Vice Air Marshal Eliot mm-hmm so what seven six six is thirteen okay they’re most also investigating room yeah I want to use like a perception check to see like he like if the Europan is like like targeting any areas or anything like you’re following okay that’s a cool that’s actually taken inspiration point for that that’s pretty cool investigating the kitchen for my strawberry appetizer so I’m doing inspiration a little bit differently um anything that like elicits a laugh from the table or is the clever solution or makes me go oh that was neat is gonna get an inspiration point there’s not gonna be any inspiration points for like role-playing or anything but it’s like you know clever solutions and stuff are gonna get inspiration 10 okay his gaze is just passing along the room it doesn’t seem to linger in any spot that is indicative oh it’s it’s been about a week now I mean maybe a little bit more haven’t slept in a while at least a week he doesn’t think he’s always upset he’s he’s contracted by the Empire of Japan to run this restaurant and if I mean neither of us expected to end up as emissaries working in a restaurant but I take I don’t know the details but it’s it’s important for our people that this restaurant do well so we’re here doing well he was here in the office and then he he had a meeting and then he went home I don’t I don’t know I didn’t know I didn’t know him he was a large a large fellow uh I just saw him as he left and I was in the kitchen cleaning could it be a Venusian maybe I’m gonna talk himself most of you down Planeteers look kind of similar so I’m sorry it’s me sorry yeah except for you at this point can i maybe how was the restaurant been doing we were busy most nights um there’s some kerfuffle in the hallway so we’re a little little slow this evening but so so I want to use okay I would like to use my charm so tell me about this power hose okay so basically it’s just a like he would have to save on a wisdom throw of 12 or more and so basically it’s just like I just I have a cur I have the physical touch for a while I can charm him into it’s just my pheromones your power worse yeah and you could tell he was actually kind of inclined towards you anyway but I just rolled one so he’s like can I do it it’s tailored towards a specific creature and they feel affection affectionate towards me yeah so so we’re not asking about that oh you actually don’t notice much of a change in his behavior which is a little bit strange I could tell you where Weber’s on Tech’s quarters are it was on your warrant okay give you directions what made you nervous when we first walked in if I’m honest it’s it’s it’s yourself yeah that’s all he does the Europe and equipment of a blush well yes can you please show us to his quarters I can’t believe I can’t leave the store and attended but I can certainly give you directions did my investigation into office turn up anything was entertain for that Kent for that role no um if you want to spend some extra time and maybe more of you work yeah yeah how about we do another check sure there’s somebody else that’d man just so you know we were Ledisi check it goes up by one I haven’t told you that Izzy but I’m sorry you know you can help him and he can roll it advantage you just tell you just say I’m happy all right that is a twenty-one okay so the DC with the increase was eighteen twenty one succeeds so as you’re looking around you actually noticed there’s a discolored bit of flooring around this bookcase and it’s the secret shelf it’s always a secret show sorry so I have gone into the kitchen to get food I have scouted the entire place and I started making myself at home I feel like they would be like there would be like like whipping stuff up for you if you like this bring it on I’ve been watching this bring me all of the bacon and eggs you have so I’m worried what you heard was bring me a lot of bacon eggs what I said was bring me all the baby all of your kimchi so while I’m out here I’m also like surveying the scene like watching if other people are getting nervous like if there’s anybody else who’s watching us like I’m doing all of these things but I’m also like looking for food cuz I was under the understanding that we were like eating first and business hey guys I’m gonna go out so are you in the kitchen our out in the well I have been you actually finished your investigation okay I’m traipsing through from the table to the kitchen just wandering around like to the bar wherever the sushi chef is like I’m doing the rounds in here well I was gonna say I was gonna go out and say hey I think we found a secret door so that’s how I was I look she’s still gonna have her food you gotta be kidding me I just got my food I’m bringing my food with me see I’m but I’m also like watching other people if they’re like watching me you know I’m watching them watching me while I’m eatin because I’m obnoxious I’m gonna check this this this this shelf I’m gonna go check it and see if I can figure out I’m here in hint site you can see that the floor is actually slightly discolored and there’s actually a slight gap between the shelf on the wall and there appears to be actually a couple of very fine scratches that would probably miss the undated I would generally miss it but with your hands vision you can see that it’s the case all right so can i I’m gonna go over and try to can I just move the shelf does it move it does not does not I so I’m gonna look for a switch or a catch or something and check all the books on the shelf so disabled device school I do have I do have that’s a heart attack – no technology technologically adept but that’s just advantage our artifact analysis I am I’m finally gonna slide in the room with my food and tote going you rang we found the secret door we got to figure out how to open it thanks the investigation is fair alright so I start walking over and looking and watching him what he’s doing ZD I’m watching I’m also eating so do another investigation she’s telling me so hoping yeah sure 16 okay so as you’re filling with it you kind of lino grab a pen or something that’s nearby and you actually feel there’s a catch you sort of insert it on the side and with a little bit of pressure it pops and you can actually see that the the shelf then kind of slides horizontally on rollers which is why when you tried to move it it didn’t go anywhere so doesn’t swing out it actually just kind of like a barn door that’s why it’s what is the it’s this shelf here okay what is the guy’s name yet Oh until did you know anything about this I didn’t all right doesn’t think it’s a weird fellow it’s not surprising that he would have something like this straight away so I’m gonna I’m gonna ready miry pistol and I’m gonna step through the doorway sorry it’s not large enough to scepter we’re talking about a bookcases okay it’s lonely ground my bad okay there’s just uh just a space fine everything I like secret room I was okay so what’s what is behind what is in the alcove yeah there’s there’s like a board that’s set up and so when you pull that aside it’s basically just another shelf and it included there’s just some paperwork and and just like an assortment of things and there’s actually quite a bit of money in here CD this is a safe – safe it’s where it keeps of goods I’m gonna write through the paperwork most people we make any sense of any of it this is alright give me the details cuz I’m still eating right okay incoming goods we’ve got shipped goods can I do a check on this we got just to look for a pattern gonna see what’s on here all right we’ve got planets we’ve got moons we’ve got asteroid can I look around the room see if there’s anything else worth noting sure investigate they’re all signed for 18 plus 6 or 24 okay what kind of well you’re looking for I’m looking for any anything of interest if there are papers like desk drawers with faulty insides like hiding places if there’s any carpet that’s like stained or think discolored anything out of the ordinary you know furniture moved all the rest of the paperwork basically just seeing this restaurant running things that you don’t see anything extra that you found nothing in the office like furniture moves or anything no that’s just pretty regular alright so what’s this Daisy so those are our planet got a couple vegetables going to the moon’s got some contracts going to other planets so it’s definitely just their uh their shopping log what kind of shipments they’re doing looks like nothing out of the ordinary but why would he have it in the safe anything that is non-renewable and difficult to get her has to come from a planet like medicine they just call them all vitamins so anything that is irreplaceable small and highly valuable just gets called vitamins they’re coming here right because that’s its origin from the asteroid belt so we’re getting lots of shipments in I wonder if this is what he’s concerned about it’s possible it got lost on its way it’s a contract there’s no prices listed on them it’s pretty common for certain goods to just have a contract price so you can see other things have prices by weight that’s actually kind of an outlier but it’s it’s kind of a strange document for him to have because he’s not your it’s a restaurant [Music] it looks like a shipping and receiving long if you can read the chicken scratch alright well let’s take this why don’t we have maybe make an investigation or investigation intelligence check whatever 22 anything that looks like an extra marking that is not typical to the form might merit additional investigation there’s a marker by this particular shipment came from and it’s pretty heavy three thousand pounds of it like a Venusian might need to move it possible just sayin if somebody’s gonna be leaving quick with it my bet is it’s a Venusian this so big and strong sure way mystic yeah that’s something let me see that Wow all right Davey any extra markings here what’s this yeah it looks like there might be some things of interest what is that a contract add a country dry dry sorry good so dry goods fuel and is that vegetables yeah the Duke Aryans vegetables vegetarian so yeah fuel vegetarians and dry goods seems to be what what’s coming in intelligence check for vex with advantage because it especially with the bin with advantage so that’s 15 ok the math that doesn’t work out for machine the Matt alright something doesn’t add up um out of character what doesn’t add up if you’re looking at it out of character like my character would know what doesn’t add up but me personally I don’t know yeah I look like some of the shipping weights and costs don’t get up okay so the shipping weights at cost don’t add up and I’m curious why that is where the numbers are being fudged and what’s going on here do you see anything ZD well there’s a bunch of stuff here without even weights can pull out my data pad and start crunching all these numbers to figure out I’ll help them it looks like the ones that don’t add up have been marked in the side column either stars or little brackets okay oh maybe so those are the pieces that never got here pieces of the shipment these worried about things are things are heavier than its disclosed is the problem I disappeared all right so this is deliver had whoever had that sheet before you noticed a mathematical error and made a note about it so somebody’s will offer some off the top is full his full package somebody’s skimming so we got to find a skimmer off the top I wonder he may be investigated that and is missing now it’s possible if you start looking for somebody who’s skimming off the top they’re not going to really definitely investigate his quarters yeah yep okay so the answer gives you nine find directions to person sex quarters we would like to pay for on the I’ll take care of it oh um it’s on the house ma’am thank you for this come again so he gives you directions to burr sticks quarters they’re pretty large or most of the quarters basically were like converted barracks but this was actually already set up as a room um it’s actually pretty typical for your open emissaries to have nice spots on the station and so this is actually not out of line for that but it’s large for the station in general so here’s your main entryway there’s a sleeping chamber a bathroom a very small kitchen and living area I’m looking for like little secret shelves and things now that we know he has a style I’m investigating twelve so the police barely looks lived in um it almost looks like you know if you’ve ever looked in the apartment there’s like that lot the model apartment they do everyone or it’s like if an AI designed a room people lived in you know it’s let me off so that’s kind of this case it looks it doesn’t look like anyone lives here everything’s very clean do we know what this guy looks like objectively like have we seen him you know the keys are you’re open but I don’t like I don’t think I was thinking of nothing particularly though you didn’t ask for a description or anything there’s no identifying personal there’s no personal effects I think that was anything you do notice however that the desk in the bedroom is locked for sure you actually realized that you’re not necessarily the first ones here there’s actually a police tape inside that that had been taped up but has since been turned down or torn down so we’re definitely like the third or fourth people that’s been here I’m a little worried about asking the police anything after the way those bodies disappeared I think we’re on our own in this one yeah we’re gonna have to be careful this discretionary who we ask especially if he’s been disappeared you know you know I’m saying all right let’s check this desk out see if we can uh we can get into this bad boy with my engineers tools be helpful here good all right I will do a check to unlock Oh what skill is then attached to it because there’s like a disabled disabled’ hand yeah okay you a specialty in it which is your necks if you don’t have a efficiency bonus which is a one for me yeah so if you guys want to work on it together you can roll at it we could roll advantage yes and take the highest right your decks is three plus half your plus half your yeah so what is the theory 18 all right so that’s high enough so it’s a simple desk it’s not like you know not like high security options it’s like that one where like the same key open the three-quarters of the desks in the office so you guys are able to get it just a couple couple pins and the desk opens so there’s some continued paperwork there’s some more shipping goods and there’s actually what this is a little bit strange there’s a very small ornate box it’s kind of like it looks like mother-of-pearl but not quite it doesn’t doesn’t really look familiar to any of you I’m at some other store that’s similar so there’s that and there’s actually a small bag with something wadded up inside it I’m gonna check out the little pearl holder thing okay check it out just tinker with it and see if I know what’s going on here just a tiny box can be opened okay fine I’ll look in the box there is a very fine powder pink purple kind of mix well you know I’m gonna use my son’s brain like I am I’m gonna I do I don’t have a tongue but you’re not so immune to poison I’m gonna I’m gonna take a tiny tiny pinch of it mm-hmm and put it in my mouth and see if I can do it is what kind of information can you garner come in oh it is its advantage on science its advantage on science check when I taste something okay I guess you identify that okay so go ahead and roll your science okay so I’m also working to help should I roll separately you haven’t tasted 15 plus 6 so that’s 21 okay you haven’t quite seen this precisely before but you can tell that it’s like an alkaloid so it’s probably either a poison or a drug okay but that’s it you don’t have a name for it okay do I know what the name is you do not okay but something about it is kind of familiar but it’s not in your direct experience okay can I like work through the mental process of figuring out what is familiar and where I know that from and start working through that it seemed there’s something about that is reminiscent of Jupiter I’m gonna take that whatever’s in the leg water it up like wrapped up and unwrap it it is a mask that’s pretty good one of avenues Ian okay so here’s something rough that you know I in hindsight might be pulling together what if this powder which I don’t know what is but whatever this Jupiter moon powder is that I’ve got here and that mask were really a disguise for him trying to go find out what was stolen and when we saw those Venusian sand I shot at first connection that’s possible he’s been missing for five days okay he’s businesses for five days though but you might be close to very track so anything so there anything else of interest in his apartment so guess was it I’m chicken see if there’s anything else special about the desk can I look at this mask like take it from them and like start looking at it you don’t see anything else wait is that an investigation for me looking at this mask or do I need to yeah probably it’s just kind of like a latex like material it the sculpt is pretty good okay like it would pass at a distance since we’ve got that affidavit can we like take this stuff we’ve been given broad authority to investigate this crime especially in these areas so I’m gonna say yes [Music] any additional searching of the desk or partner yeah yeah like I want to do a thorough comb through just to make sure yeah so you can do that if you won I got what I needed it’s a restaurant what I’m gonna do is what investigation or is that like so you’re gonna spend as much time as it takes to look through the rest of the apartment yes yeah for sure okay so um you do find a calendar and nine days ago there is a meeting that was penciled in it just says meeting and it says it literally says the new Seon in quotes the rest of the the papers in the desk it they’re all sort of they’re similar to this one you pull here they’re Export Import papers which are as far as you know strange for him to have um it looks like he may be involved in some kind of import-export something but it looks like it might be off the books okay dates on these at all all right so he’s doing the black market equivalent of trade export and import so no wonder he’s missing some of his stuff right somebody’s slacking off the top of his illegal ie under the radar goods and he’s not happy about it so I wonder if this meeting was him trying to figure out where that went right cuz go to the source talk to them if it’s the Venusians I think maybe we should go to the cargo decks see if you can find anything there or maybe those guys down there know sometimes listen we gotta be careful don’t remember like we can’t just go ask anybody questions because if you go asking and broad daylight about the black market like you’re not getting anything yeah but we know he’s moving shipments of something okay but nobody else is gonna self-identify themselves that’s being part of that you know what I’m saying we may be able to grease some palms you do whatever thing you do and we’ll figure it out so we’re headed to the cargo you’re headed the flywheel to central level yes so this is only a tiny wedge so the distance here is scale to a half inch is about a hundred yards so this is about a half a mile across okay this is a half mile across from the central hub just to show you the size would be like a two-person rocket ship basically would be about the scale there the entire place there’s only a portion here basically there’s a room for the amounts to like airstrip parking and launching around the entire outside edge so the hub is raised slightly and they basically use a slingshot maneuver to get chips into space so that all happens around the edge inside of that there’s partitions and rooms that have storage facilities and things like that each one of these storage rooms basically has an elevator going up or down to my view up or down to the levels depending on which part of the ring you’re at and it’s a huge area it’s about a half mile across so there are how is it man so there are there’s basically like flight crews that handle all the jobs are crammed to tailor so there’s flight crews who are working on craft that the station basically has its kind of own military it’s kind of a collaborative from many of the nations of Earth and but it kind of operates by itself like a fleet so there’s people working in import/export there are stores you can move in stuff like it’s it’s a busy part of the ship you would be able to find out pretty quickly like where certain businesses typically which part of the hub they go to or where certain locations come from they tend to be groups so if it’s going you know certain parts of the system those ships are all in one location so if you want to look at ships who are coming to and from the belts they’re in one area can I use my knack for engineering to sort of like figure out what system is quickly and like figure out like basically orient us to where we are and where we need to be sure I mean the main entrance that there’s like a large elevator in the center you know that basically is Akaya where they receive their shipping goods you can like navigate to that spot if you want to start there you could go when you could look at the places where your open goods come in or earth goods your own thing good that’s where we want to go so we’re these questionable stops they’re all headed to Europe and goods then so you guys make your way to take some time to get there and there’s people moving like you know hand trucks and pallets there’s half tracks that are driving around this place moving equipment and as you get to sort of the Europen sector you can see that this is actually strangely quiet and it might just happen to be the time of day it should might not be a enacted business cycle for your open folks you can see these things kind of our working in concert with whatever their times are kind of locally and that’s you know pretty typical go ahead give me wait about passes perception that’s higher than thirteen that’s it perception there’s this thirteen months okay you see that there’s like a cleaning crew that are operating outside of an office area yeah you’re open shipping area all right so it’s it’s just cleaning crew oh it seems like we’re on our own whatever they’re using this I like an astringent cleaning chemicals so so I go home right now just like I just – so the cleaning crew they’re all earthlings and they’re kind of taken aback they’re not used to people kind of not going to work now so I’m we’re just we’re just cleaning the deck there is much else to do so yeah pretty strong chemicals you using you do its job well there’s lots of you know airline grease and things like that you can use app gas for a lot of this and of course you know we have to be under under consideration of radium likud leakage and it takes strong chemicals are there so are there are there like computer systems like what is the like are there display panels not really went to 38 oh well I mean so there’s somewhere so there are the office with manifests yeah that’s it’s all you know paper paper shipments and business okay okay right might be under the radar so can we I want to I want to look well while Daisy is distracting the cleaning crew I want to look through the shipments check the markings on the crates in the area and see if I can find anything that you know raises some suspicion probably gonna go with them I’m not really interested in these cleaning people because I do an investigation check you know we are we doing out there Oh 18 plus 1 24 so everything that’s in here is basically goods designed to pass through so this area of our stuff that it’s basically going down the gravity well you know towards the inner planets whether it’s Venus or Mars Earth so all of these shipments are sealed they’re coming most of these tend to be look like they’re coming from Europa there’s a few other stuff mixed in but it’s all stuff it’s heading down down towards the Sun there’s no there’s no markings on the crates that yeah there might be stamped kirobo or you know Ganymede or IO or game either grow or different belt markings so all of that stuff seems to be you know higher than the nidus station and heading lower all right so one of the clues are not picking up here okay so one of the do another assumption checker did you want like a sense of motive checker what were you interested in sight sorry like what kind of information are you wanting to get I’m just trying to see what’s in sight okay so here’s something while we’re looking through that area right so two things that are seemingly not correct our fuel vegetables and vitamins which the vegetables might be climate controlled and the fuel is probably not being contained here so maybe vitamins is the only thing we’re looking for here it’s a good point sorry didn’t so these guys basically are just dudes work there doesn’t seem to be anything particular they’re being particularly diligent in the cleaning but you know that’s not [Music] it’s just our area of responsibility so this is you know this is where we cleaned the order came down make sure it’s spotless we’re making sure it’s spotless is it have you never been on a ship before that’s going if there’s nothing else to do yeah it’s pretty pretty regularly sir prime for information in a cutesy way so this is the only easy Khayat goods in the place and we don’t see anything I mean they don’t say anything suspicious like there’s no dates on these we don’t know if any of this there’s got to be labeled right like somebody’s got to know a code for what goes where and why like there’s got to be a minute not necessarily a manifest but like it so all this stuff came from the moon its marked where we join away which is what smarts Hey so we you know there’s got to be like a key or some kind of log here that somebody’s got to know what goes where and once and what crates so without busting all these crates open I don’t know you know I don’t know how so there’s is there an office nearby well if there are yeah but there if there isn’t one for like he’s a chi as good as them so in office but they’re like you know like planetary districts offices that are on other parts of this floor so there’s nothing here that we can garner from yeah you guys want me to take a short break now sure I think our way over to the offices thanks for tuning into let’s play games most Virginia we’re gonna take a short break and be back with you shortly by a break the years 1938 and the radium fuel rockets of Earth have reached the further stretches of the solar system we’re living in a world [Music] welcome to the interplanetary development agencies Astro station called Ida for short Ida is run by cooperative agreement of the great nations of Earth and softens from all over the system call her home Ida was originally designed by collaboration of Soviet and Reich scientists as part of their commercial agreement but as of 1937 and the multi-party system resource pact she is now neutral space and jointly administered Ida is strategically located to help spin-up or spin-down shipments transports and data from the inner planets to the belt and beyond Ida is a hub and mandatory pit stop for all traveling a breadth of the system welcome to Ida and we hope you enjoy your stay hey folks welcome back or let’s play a game West Virginia here for the second part of episode 1 Sashi need to go if you let me have some sashimi inspiration for yourself I should totally keep track of my own inspiration alright so we’re in the cargo hold check-ins about do you guys want to kind of sum up where we’re at thus far yes so we’ve been given an assignment to investigate the disappearance of some cargo disinterested boss the boss turns out that we’ve been given this assignment by air by Sarah Marshall Eliot who runs the station we went to write it’s kind of on the down-low though right that he’s got an interest in it right right he would be the person to sign off on them anyway right it’s just because his privately extra on the top there so we went to izakaya Ida which is a Japanese sushi Japanese fusion restaurant and we found out that the owner has been missing for five days and we investigated his office and found a shipping manifest with some something doesn’t add up I didn’t even get an entree poor poor VAX has not had enough to eat today that’s true and now we’re in the cargo hold checking to see if we can make any sense or find anything that makes sense with this this messed up shipping manifest in Disney World three three snacks I guess I did have three snacks I had too many so soups and that strawberry what was that thing like I got a maaske oh so in addition to the stuff I grabbed from the kitchen on my way in and out so I’m slurping on some foods all right fine so we’re in the cargo hold I would like to keep looking around I’m gonna take another investigation check yeah feel like yeah I feel like there’s got to be something here that we’re missing sorry I happen to miss catch at no Andy this is Big Timber Porter not Boris vest but just as good 16 Thanks enjoy so 16 is enough to notice that amongst the shipments that are marked for Issa kya yeah they’re armed even there it’s a your open import you know restaurant right so there’s a lot of stuff from Europa but there do appear to be like a few smaller crates that are not like the standard great size those do grab your attention mm-hmm I want to show you that I’ve got some wire cutters and some other things I could help so is there any anything distinguishing about these packages are they we know they’re small size is there anything else no nothing really stands out other than they’re not quite the same shape of the others so they’re what’s the what are the approximate number of total shipments for it easy easy kaya are there there’s probably like 100 150 crates and maybe three crates would be the size of this table so there’s a couple you know couple stacks right but and then these are the only small ones then right there’s this other sort of tucked away there are smaller crates that are about three quarters to half the size there’s maybe only twelve of those you seem they seem unusual can i I’m gonna see if I can detect any heat coming up with them okay I don’t know it doesn’t make this important it’s one of my things but I there should be there should be a thing I want to look around the outside of these to make sure that if i crack it open it like nothing there’s no like failsafe thing or you know i want to do some discovering around these so these are all kind of like wooden crates there are like refrigerated crates I think they have held a different part of the flywheel so this is all kind of you know dry goods sort of stuff alright so I want to see do you smell anything I can just detect very everything has been in the same place for well you know what I can’t smell anything because of the mutation so my nose it’s not great just saying just saying yeah these are these physical what are the crates like are they are they would or they wanna stay possible or yeah these are these are wood crates what crates bastards okay oh that’s not gonna be does somebody want to help me yeah okay it’s kind of fun that you’re a weak ro bit my spy I’m gonna be strong alright so 15 minus 1 so working like pry it up and you can you know get a little gap all right and I’m gonna look inside okay because I have my sight and I can see down to microscopic level if I need to let’s see in there this one happens to be like various fruits they’re you know they’re not typical firstly you’re familiar with their there they grow conversion of fruits that count is the most warlike try one I mean you see that microscopic level yeah so you can see that from this angle you can see that one of these actually has a fine score cut around it get it half want it open can I and I can reach one of them if your ramble adapters competitive future just figures alright so I’m gonna read was imagining like those those claw two ways that like you can I can like the old people reach stuff across them listen I could have been bender I chose not to be been there but I could have been hindered I did I did opt for a little more toward data so I’m gonna reach in and grab one out I think hey guys check this out look there look there’s a this has been cut in half so now so I’m gonna try to see if I can pull it apart yeah I just it just comes apart okay what did we find in time so in the brute itself is a kind of grapefruit-sized okay but there’s been a hollowed out point where there would have been like a pit and instead there is a teeny tiny like satchel of that pink purple powder oh can I like eat this fruit yes can I eat this fruit just don’t eat the powder I think for for Iowa it’s there’s only two kinds of things those which are edible and those what your in edible and things which are inedible just happen to be larger than your head it can be broken down how about this I pulled out the little satchel powder and pasta career on the floor why did you that wasn’t paid attention I just like I just got to go so I get exist exacerbated you know I get disgusted by the fact that he’s thrown this fruit on the floor which is valuable food I am but a so I pressure you’re not offended if you know know for sure not but like so like I’m gonna definitely eat that for you so I think I think I’m gonna I’m gonna taste this powder just to confirm that it’s the same say look at ya what are you doing with it I’m I’m gonna look at it see I know what okay y’all so the fruit then is motherfucker [Music] 14 alright so here’s the thing what do we know about the Euro pans like do we know anything specific about the Europeans because if this before I gleaned that this was something related to the Jupiter moon at this powder and I’m curious how or why or when the year opens got ahold of this and you know why is that relative to madoski so these are going these are all going down the gravity well yeah so Iza how do you say his name presenting so Burson Tech is running Jupiter drugs down to earth or anymore could be even Venus or mercury or mercury any way of below there’s no much happening on their hearing right just say alright this is good she’s a middle man here yeah he seems to be what were you trying to determine if she knows about looking at it or you testing it I’m looking at it it appears to be the same kind of powder that you guys saw earlier but there’s nothing he tasted it earlier and he’s immune so it’s probably I don’t want you to get poison rate then you’re a charmer we didn’t we don’t I am tell we don’t know if it we don’t know exactly what it is though right okay we just know it comes from Jupiter geology one of the moons of Jupiter but I could probably distill its chemical components and figure out you know what is relative to this I’m just saying like that’s kind of my job okay but at some point if we can get back to the lab that’d be great cuz then I come I might be able to get us some more clues people at the lab that we could interview do trust all we need to figure out where exactly these shipments came from yeah supposedly arroba but they go through anywheres if they get dropped off if somebody’s taking something off the top right we got to be worried maybe your rope it doesn’t even know that they’ve got drugs in them you know I’m saying how long is it gonna take you to run me I don’t know maybe a day not maybe not even then a couple hours do you have a contact that maybe you could have it do them or have them do it for us there’s probably one gal I can trust at the lab to not say anything anybody let me see if I can radio her so I’m gonna radio down to the one person I know I’m gonna dial her extension on my radio and say hey is it okay time to talk so I’m gonna like try and radio her you know it’s probably fine to get a hold of her via radio that’s probably in a conversation you want to have okay so I’m gonna you may say wake up you gotta bed meet me at the lab but you don’t want to be like yeah I’ve got the strange substance over here that I want you hey I want you to test this thing I’m gonna walk it over to you I’ll be here ya know I’m gonna like please be percept me on the way yeah for sure I’m gonna like say to her like I I need to talk to you at the lab can you get over there and I’ll you know kind of gesture to us that like I may need the head back or we may need to go back to the lab once so it’s a good time all right I’m gonna I’m gonna pack this crate that push the top back down the grate okay before I put the crate back down I’ll grab an extra couple and I’ll be careful with you they’ve got more substance in the middle and toss now yeah I put that mother immediately for science we don’t know if all of them do just that you saw one that maybe some just be careful for science for science yeah so put that back down so they make sure it looks about yeah it’s all cool all right so we need to like check anything out at the office I know Nevada we go ask the janitors if they’ve if they’ve seen anyone around these killed somebody else with you you know search warrant and go to the office and like demand some info before we leave right cuz we didn’t do that with what’s-his-face and he got weird about it so we can walk in state our purpose and say give me what you got do you might check that there are identifying numbers on the crates yeah so I wanna take note of those and I would like to go to the shipping records office okay and use the like flash our credentials to to like have someone assume demand office yeah yes people there so like and I would like to see the records pertaining to these shipments are you flashing that warrant uh see here’s that your parental didn’t win there you do have like an agent badges like you are or yeah let’s see jhin’s yeah let’s uh this is just for those who just come in those it’s just the quarters and Isaac hi so it’s a different okay yeah let’s let’s just wash our bad doesn’t be like hey we need to see the the record pertaining of these shipments oh yeah so there’s like a deck chief there who’s in charge of that stuff and so he kind of snaps his fingers and you know summons someone lonely and says do you have those numbers here like ever written down room yes yeah I took note of them on my data pad he takes something he’s like go find these okay so he’s sitting there just kind of sitting properly he doesn’t do what he does that that’s his job yeah good so he didn’t look at them he didn’t he does past the numbers he doesn’t care okay well I mean I’m just thinking like internally like we show up with the search warrant he’s shouting off to somebody else he’s got to go do that work right maybe they go flag and let them know I’m just like whispering this and tear here on the side like you know that gift somebody stole time to like go alert somebody yeah but if he didn’t even look at the numbers and he basically was just like here just keeping my eyes open no I maybe actually hang out oh yeah yeah for sure do it do that thing you do I mean the chief is actually not going to let you in further record he will stop you if you try another of you is pissed off looking pretty records so anything else we need I mean you could try to chat him up on the station to two years now to two extenders now she’s with every asshole in Newark you so much we don’t miss each other anymore do you always start conversations this way got anything painful in your best I can bring up we can talk about very wealthy man I’m skating in the place I mean it’s just the entrance area to a records room there’s card catalogs are there are the workers are there this amount of time there’s got to be going right I mean it’s it’s unclear like you would assume the records are well organized it’s been a couple of minutes it’s probably longer than you would expect to wait there’s been a couple I’m just saying I’m really curious about what’s going on here and like why we’re waiting this long so I’m like looking around at all the potential so it’s the warrant and I’m like we’re just trying to do a job yeah so I don’t know if maybe we should go check on them let me see one I’m gonna lean over a point to this section air vice-marshal Elliot you have been very displeased if you didn’t do whatever you could to help us yeah well he works for the Queen and I work for the US of A so I am a rocket Ranger I’m familiar with the US of A sir this is neither izakaya Ida or the person of quarters a rose this guy Europa so you can take your warrant you can stay right there and wait three records to come back more than willing to help you out but don’t throw me some bullshit paper he called someone else over beans in has a quiet conversation you could probably pick it up he’s like where is that dude tell him to hurry up and get out here we’re waiting people out of my office so he sends another runner to come back a few seconds fast they both come back your records are missing I don’t know where they are I don’t have these records I can we do yeah that insight yeah according to my records I don’t really need any warrants to come look in your shipping decks get some information here so what do you got I got a bunch of men with guns who disagree with you if you try to walk past this desk but I don’t have your records and you believe in I don’t know what they happened you can report that to the Air Marshal you can report that to whoever is running CAD these days I don’t have your records if I had them I’d give them to you well you just threatened the storm past my desk so you’re not trying to upset me you did upset me we’re just telling you like if slowly as his voice gets raised you see other people kind of tricking them in what is a significant amount of money so does 1938 so this time like an ounce of gold it’s $25 I think 20 $25 that’s 1,800 so if you were on earth your hundred dollar salaries would be exorbitant but you’re at the edge of the frontier and frontier prices are always expensive yeah so like hundred hours is a good amount of money but it doesn’t go nearly as far out in the station of the what on earth he looks at it this way big troubles I don’t have any troubles that cost $10 these slides of $10 back do and she rolls in that one you believe he told you look to the other records even ask maybe an honest answer all right we got to go check someplace else so what do we know we know we got some some Jupiter dust like that we’re gonna call it I wish I’d named it that [Laughter] [Music] we got some missing records maybe these are the missing records all right let’s go go drop this up off right it’s gonna take you a while this could take me probably a couple hours I want to like disseminate what kind of compound this is are you gonna do it or is your lab isn’t gonna do it there she is letting you use the lab well it’s my lab like it’s my lab she’s gonna help you she’s gonna yeah maybe she’ll do some of the grunt work if we’ve got somewhere else to be yeah I just wanted to get Leever there we can go check we got we can switch off the bridge to check okay all right so I’m gonna like after we get there I’m gonna tell her that I want the chemical components like I want to know the chemical breakdown I want to know if there’s any kind of other known chemical that’s like this right if there’s other substances that has this resemblance and where this is used if she can find that okay that will take some time a long time we talking a couple hours all right couple hours she’ll do it well again all right so the bridge on the space station on the astro station is actually this like hemispherical module that runs on tracks and it can go on any ring any pathway there are tracks that run all over it so it can like swoop around the station it’s not located in any one spot you can find out like where it is and you can meet it somewhere where you can ask it to meet you at some place but it’s this like kind of ever moving three-tiered hemispherical thing so it can move around if there’s like a defense situation like I’m gonna whip over that part of the station put out planes if there’s you know like other kinds of problems it can it can move to different parts of the station all right so let’s have another character conversation for a moment okay so we have we have the Air Marshal or the Vice Marshal of the station looking for a shipment that could possibly be drugs yeah that easy kya he’s that guy Burt Reynolds is likely helping him move maybe he’s the middleman who sends it downstream well likely but the Vice Marshal may be running drugs through the station with through his restaurant he didn’t know it that’s what I’m saying no he would have known about it right it’s in his personal it was in that shelf yeah but nobody found out about it yes so he’s like he’s investigating maybe also got rid of him because he found out about it and was getting too close so if we go to the bridge okay what is the on that who’s on the bridge what is the what purpose does the bridge serve on this diverse nation if it were a ship the bridge steers the ship charts the course does all of that slight day however yeah there’s also a flight deck component so it contains I gave a quick reaction force of rockets it contains like an artillery barrage and it contains like navigational and communications equipment okay so it is roughly similar to the bridge of like a naval vessel but has some other kind of Quick Reaction Force and s commandments to take a look no that’s okay so if we go to the bridge we need to I’m trying to figure out like we don’t have information on what this stuff is yet we have enough information to point fingers at anybody you do know that the air vice-marshal is is the kind of a client he’s probably here but you would also know that you since this is kind of clip played played close to the best that you shouldn’t walk in there and be like excuse me sir about your investigation that you are people that maybe should know these potential contacts are in other places they’re not on the station the contacts we have a list of potential contacts and locations Europe Venus Earth Poland and England but we’re not going to be able to talk to any of those people here so anyway I just wanted to write recap where we were and figure out what we’re gonna do when we get to the station or to the bridge so maybe our plan should be to try to be at least one of us I don’t know all of us I don’t know how the Vice morale handles himself but we should we should try to maybe chat with them and catch him up on where we are I guarantee you you know something we don’t know the question is what I know many things you don’t and will he have us murdered for knowing anything he had to know we were gonna find this well so but Ianto is a year open but he is on the ship so maybe these other people are on the ship that doesn’t just because like it tells you where they’re from doesn’t change that the guy that we talked to oh yeah those are just their places of origin so she I know who they are so maybe we talk to somebody who knows oh yeah I’m stupid others understood that so is there is there a universal like registry like you can tell where people live on the ship yeah that information can be had yeah okay the space pages as it was do we know anything about any of these characters any of these other which in particular brought rush knock so of rush knock is from Venus he may know the Venusians on the ship or if you think someone should be he might be interested to know that people have that doesn’t I’m saying he might have heard that somebody’s impersonating in the Newseum mm-hmm he may be talked to so he’s the only one so we know drugs may be going to earth or a substance may be going to earth consumer actually but we’re not sure what the Venusian would so maybe we go chat with him that make sense I’m worried about going to that vice Air Marshal Munno oh for sure yeah we should be care I realized I praise my situation it would be reasonable to think they’re in those places but that’s no I mean I thought that was a long-term thing like it is salt so can we have let’s I don’t know if we can find out if that’s information we can just have then you can find out where most of those people would like live and work if there’s there any particularly one time it’s okay and we I was like we would like to figure that out for this brush knock okay we’re sagas action you can find that pretty easily he’s actually not a permanent resident of the ship okay so he’s actually staying and something akin to like a guest quarters which for the Venetians is actually just like an unconverted barracks area okay on the guest quarters basically don’t get their own rooms there they’re put in in sort of barracks but it’s you know it’s where he’s at now is so we should go do some talking what if quarters look like how do you is our bell do you knock on the door these are just like open quarters so they’re like barracks so it’s just like Rosa basically bunks with trunks at the moment [Music] mom’s crops and drugs all right I want to find his bunk and see if he’s there okay he actually we’re gonna need your charm Daisy in just a moment so I just wanna ask him how much time he spends on the ship like do you get they generally like conversationally you know how much well let’s say just introduce ourselves into our badges hey we’re conducting an investigation do we need you speakin uzi oh shit I have English agent Marsha and ganymedian and you’re open if he’s any of those well I need to check I totally didn’t even think about languages he speaks bad low marshal so you come in and start talking to anybody just kind of looks at you and like just goes my name’s baby dude and the pads work as translators there’s no way to get around that they share a little more so that’s a good question you let him know where we’re we’re investigation what we’re investigating some things that doesn’t seem helpful and we may need your help what was she saying so we’re just think [Music] potential Venusians involved but we have some suspicion that maybe there are people pretending to be Venusians we thought maybe you might have some interest in this real voodoo cioth What did he say a skim are there not real the news Ian’s on the ship are you aware of people pretending to not be Venusian no not aware and I do think you would be that’s a dumb like sell gold need gold no cell you need gold we need to talk to that’s rush now we’re testing we’re talking oh that’s him what’s my gold how much do you have now penis big how much gold do you need we jumped the gun on this one I’ll take responsibility from the potential contacts or locations we know nothing about about this guy okay so if there’s gold on there is there anything you you guys are generally aware that like most of the non earth planets are kind of frontier like in the setting and Venus is like resource rich and Earth and Mars are kind of competing and and you’re open to colonize it and extract that wealth trouble is they’re like giant dinosaur like lizards and bugs and it’s like a really inhospitable place right but it is incredibly resource resource risk rich so it’s unsurprising that Bruce and I was trying to sell you gold like that that would that’s kind of ask him what he’s doing we don’t need any gold we need information from you we might be able to provide you some gold lots of gold what do you need what can we do for gold we can provide to Dulles we need information this guy he doesn’t know anything I mean even know how he’s connected he knows where the gold is he knows ntek fish guy that’s him have you seen him recently [Music] two weeks two weeks your information isn’t what that much you give me information I’ll give it more dollars how does he know him how do you know him so gold gold to him so apparently what was he getting in return what was he getting will let it go was he kidding what are you getting for the gold what doesn’t talk by but doesn’t touch many goods many dollars in gold tell us anything else so what else do you sell only gold apparently he’s only giving up okay can you can you tell if someone in speaking their language is lying I mean you can’t know you don’t you’d have to be able to parse the semantics um we need to be able to asking good questions hey Gold salesman what do you do so go what do you get money you do with that gold – right now or like you know who’s this recent client okay so it’s been it’s been two weeks since you’ve seen most recently so gold to Burger fish guy it’s been two weeks those money needs dollars business is bad you know person talk to me give me dollars already has gold he owes money was giving you know one person thought Oh others how many does here to collect he is here to collect money how much how much does he owe you how much does he owe you you like pulls out a small book 843 yes that’s a lot of go dollars you said Golda’s 22 Spinelli’s notes any of those now that’s who is this Burch rush pound of gold so like eight eight hundred dollars 42 42 fish guy we pretty much know you know this ask him if he knows any of the other Venusians on the ship do you know any other than museums on the ship no those are there regularly the news Ian’s on the ship because they go but right now only when is the last time you saw the Newseum mission would you be aware if there were museums on the ship baby alright I’ll give you another three dollars you tell them thanks thank you for your information and I hope that you might be helpful later maybe by golden he’s like counting the five dollars just like talking to a cat you guys barely share language hey we got information out of him you have no idea how smart this guy is in Venusian let me just speak with newts if he’s still all right what are you in French I mean I carried every second so now we know we know that he’s not aware but he’s you seem pretty confident though that he was the only penuche on the ship early he’s been waiting for a fish guy to pay him for two weeks I think in that time you know if another of a New Zealand come on the ship so that’s seems to me fairly reliable information that’s that is probably information we can go talk to the Vice Admiral about they why would why would you opens be impersonating the museum’s to steal from the vice marshal we think that the euro well but fish guy fish guys are you’re open and there was a there was a monkey mask and it’s just I’m just done with this right Benton wish I was here open there’s a monkey mask in his desk so either he found that in his aware that other year opens we don’t know we don’t know yeah he’s out of it or he’s finding he’s found out the plot and it was killed was he found out by the vice marshal was he found out by so why would he he might have found it he might have been putting together evidence he had the he had the Venus or the Jupiter powder he had the mask he could have been just throwing it out I don’t know this is scenario could we could go either way still this is be aware we as any friend delicious it’s a good question we don’t have any other contacts all right second guys I think it’s time we go talk to the Vice Air Marshal does the side note does the how closely does the station track the comings and goings of people on it and their species or anything like that anyone coming on to the station basically needs permission to do so okay that is changing somewhat like they can basically it’s something akin to like a ticket or a visa but that information can be related by radio but like there shouldn’t be people just appearing on the ship if that occurred it would be like an invasion and it would be treated as such there’s a shipping dock like you know people can like can land a ship there get permission to board and board like they’re there the ship is like moving its function from this military vessel to this kind of commercial vessel so like it’s in this weird in-between stage where if you pissed someone off like lots of soldiers show up versus like trying to facilitate communications there isn’t it’s in between but it’s unlikely that somebody has an exact number of Venusians currently on board or you’re opens currently on board that number should be available Yeah right like you should know who and what it would probably take something like in general they’re probably not a person who’s necessarily has one sheet of paper with that information probably it’s tabulated like as a daily report X number of souls on board from these numbers places but there’s like probably a personnel manifest but it’s probably not it’s not like a computer database or you wouldn’t be in the cargo bay though that would this would be this is probably something on the bridge function or something like a team or some administrative office yeah so innovative office hey that’s is is is it an administrative office is that’s something we can go there yeah there there’s an admin where there’s let’s I lives of clerks what if we go what if we go don’t add the admin office and and see the comings and goings the official comings and goings of a new xian’s so we can get a little more information all right okay you make it way to the admin office so all of that stuff is kind of located on the Outer Ring which is kind of them still more militarized place but also aware of the personnel quarters are yeah as the ship kind of is in flux so the admin offices is kind of like any office where there’s a front desk and there’s a lot lots of people moving about lots of paperwork getting shifted but it’s it’s a you know there’s there’s no transistors right so it’s it’s all paper-based so that I assume there’s an admin like a secretary yeah well there at the end there there’s like a personnel servicemen that you can leave the room so I we can I’d like to flash my badge in bi where we’re connecting an investigation and we need we need some information on the comings and goings of Venusians and year opens over the last several weeks trends like a daily report of yeah I could manifest from one time period let’s do the last three three weeks weeks what we need to know we need to know the number of Venusians and your your opens leaving and entering the ship those station broken down by day or by week by day so take me a little bit to pull those I can get that the information from today is not yet compiled but I give you a rough number okay I give me like an hour okay how long have we been how long did our Trek – it’s really been about two hours since you sent your report in you can check in with that person if you wanted to yeah okay leave them there and go back and check with your yeah I’ll radio ahead and ask any any anything you know ask if there’s other developments not to disclose it over the radio but like should I come back in and check talk yeah there’s some preliminary results head back to the lab excellent [Laughter] so tell me about your your helper in the lab so my helper in the lab she’s kind of my assistant help her like my technician person my weight as well um no she is she’s a an earthen person she’s from yeah she’s an earthen person this is my Iowa talking she’s a human she she’s a human person she’s from the US of A proper but over time she has proven herself in the lab to be fairly trustworthy so Jane works there was no World War two this is Jane better talk to Jane um so she’s been here a while the longest of all of the other assistants which is why I trust her a little bit more but she also makes smart choices so yeah I’m gonna call back in to Jane and then go see her lab and also get some grub cool so she pulls her aside and she’s like it’s weird it’s it’s actually like a complex molecule it dissolves in alcohol it behaves strangely it’s it’s like kind of like an alkaloid it’s probably a poison yeah I don’t know I’ve never seen it before so probably a poison not a drug most drugs are poisons well so when you see it dissolve to toxicity when it dissolves an alcohol as in like the effects are like we have like lab grade ethanol that we use to dissolve stuff it dissolves really okay like most stuff does like it’s it’s it’s organic solvent it’s presumably organic I guess as I’m trying to tell you okay I haven’t seen before is there anything else that’s similar to the structure out in the ether space not that I’ve seen okay I mean there are limited resources here you know so this is like an entirely new new compound it’s not something that to me yes I’m sure someone knows what it is that I mean though okay like I would probably reasonably say that it’s it’s not something that I’ve encountered before so it’s probably not from Earth yeah so here’s the thing like we have a suspicion that it’s from Jupiter but we need to know like how that is and why it’s important all right so we’ve got enough now that we think it’s very basically some kind of alkaloid poison yeah yeah could be a drug could be a poison no no it’s just something organic I think that’s all I got like I’ve never seen it before most stuff dissolves an alcohol it’s a pretty pretty good solvent so no idea like how this could be useful okay would I be able to determine this if I step out of character if I set some time in the lab determine what like how it’s being used its 1938 with some slightly enhanced technology yeah so basically worse we don’t have a I’m assuming like we don’t have like a gas chromatograph so you couldn’t like figure out that’s gas chromatograph invented I don’t know you probably know that might be possible to do like some chromatography and then you could you could you could determine the structure but that still might not tell you hmm but I mean if we in the way that the way that some something that is non terrestrial behaves in a human nervous system versus European versus Avenues Ian there’s a Martian like I don’t think that there’s nothing that Jane is gonna be under you to predict that like whether it is yeah it’s poison or a drug or salt you know like something equivalent to a seasoning for food like it’s too like if somebody knew if somebody knew like the structure of heroin you know and then or morphine and then you gave them heroin right because they they wouldn’t know that it’s similar would bind to similar receptors but that might not there’s only because we know a lot about the human brain like I don’t know about how it will work in some other okay so we need to investigate more and that’s the gate so I’m gonna tell Jane to keep plugging away at this and see whatever details she can pull up if she needs to do some outside research do it on the down-low like for sure down low hmm like don’t just go ask anybody about it but yeah Radio me if she has questions and I’ll come back sure we’re basically basically hit my limit of knowledge about stuff like that and and this non-existent substance so I don’t tell you much more Jane should be able to yes but I need to know Thanks next episode Kevin goes and wins about mass spectrometry about Jupiter dust gas chromatography probably sprinkle some Jupiter dust on it alright I’m just real quick y’all may be so we’ve been talking about going to see the Marshall yes so so if there’s this drug that’s moving through here maybe you know it might be beneficial to go talk to he is the authorities the Vice Air Marshal is he runs the station paralyzed by it so fight so we need whatever people have died did I get that backwards it’s like a living to rank in the room try to write it down right and then I just flip them it’s a VM and it does look backwards so [Music] no but I need I need to use a med kit and I’ve got limited supplies let’s go to the med bay yeah it’s sort of like a Sandals resort but for medicine it’s ago the Med Bank yeah mostly they hand out aspirin and water and tell people to change their socks like this but there’s not like like any long-term patients again right like statistically it’s about who we know who’s in charge there and find them yeah yeah there’s like a medical chief who’s here alright so have you had have you had anyone come in with unusual symptoms in the last few weeks ah really just the the typical stuff that we see from cases overexertion tired alcohol poisoning every once in a while yeah yeah I mean it’s it’s a really rough stressful environment for some of these guys and you know their circadian rhythms are all screwed up so you know they caffeine all day to stay up alcohol all night to go to sleep I don’t think I’ve seen an uptick or anything I like on the ship no no so anything out of out of the usual any poisonings that people are complaining about or anything untoward no I had a lot of band-aids and aspirin I mean there’s not there’s a lot going on it’s not like there’s open combat in the ship very often inside I’m thinking so what is it that you do here here what would you say I hand out aspirin and water I don’t know why everyone has like this weird I’m going to make a perception check just see if they’re lying it would be in such yes inside there was a 19 you believe okay we’ve been beating around this bush but let’s go check with the air vice-marshal wait one more stop back in to the records department to find out the comings and goings so he basically gives you a format let you know there’s like 4700 souls on board plus or minus about 50 a day at any point in time like there’s currently 16 year opens on board one Venusian they’ve changed generally the Venusian a year opens come and go maybe two to six a day so the actual particular ones have not been here that long there have been Nova nusiance to come or go during that time except for the one who arrived excellent all right although they would know that they received a report there was five of new scenes on board today but those people did not check in because the fight they said earlier right okay I don’t think the musicians all right I think this is information we need to take the to the air vice-marshal all right so let’s go to the bridge all in favor max is getting angry I’m angry so the command module is three three stories the it’s hemispherical shape the bottom one is basically a quick reaction force of rocket fighters they also do like cap patrols so some are not here some come and go so that’s roughly the layout of that that’s roughly the layout of that floor the second floor is basically the actual bridge from where the stip the ship is like flow what’s funny and the third tier is basically artillery so it’s for 20 millimeter cannons so that’s the fishes that’s the deal okay so we would enter we enter on the second floor you printer on the third floor and then go up okay so I think we should find the Vice Air Marshal others try to discreetly air vice-marshal p.m. I’m gonna look down every time I’m just gonna send you a Royal Air Force enlisted and officer ranking what Kapiti article to read before next yeah I got homework thanks yeah it’s good just gonna find the ABM ABM air vice-marshal did you write it down wrong too vice president you know president vice yeah he’s here on the deck doing officer things sir if you have a moment of your time [Music] are you like flash a badge or anything like how’d you go home dick yeah I did actually so you shoot you show them like a bad cop is he um I need the deck clear the deck and people scatter so in a very short order it’s just you at him all right so listen you are you yeah yeah anyways got some information yeah we have some information so I don’t know if you know but but but Roseanne tak is missing has been missing for at least five days who is that the proprietor of the ISA Chaya the fusion Oh Japanese yeah yeah yeah he’s missing he’s missing did you report that to the Royal Military Police we have we have not yet so when initially we went downstairs you have not yet reported we have not yet reported initially we were downstairs and we saw what we thought were several the Newseum carrying out some very heavy cargo it turns out there has only been one Museum on this station yeah we’ve been a Messing event as well we think that they landed a ship away from a dock and basically we’re able to sneak in we have some suspicions that they may not actually have been Venusians really yes huh and interview decided who that might be we have we have not yet but it seems suspicious that antek is missing and the this mass that we found is connected to him can I do an inside check it’s that straight insight [Music] 16 yeah it seems meaning is pretty hard to read but he seems yeah he’s genuine he’s not like like oh bird zach is missing hmm he doesn’t know who that is okay out of character this guy probably knows pretty much everything that’s going on on the ship right but there’s almost 5,000 people on board didn’t right but he don’t that was so gonna be able to basically lie on a whim if he wants to yeah for sure that’s why I’m like inside checking him so but in his inside check it may be higher so just be aware as we talk to him I’m trying to not give him all the information like yeah that’s like we’ve done no powder yeah so all that’s very interesting and you should immediately report that to the royal police as soon as you lose meaning but if you found my missing cargo because that’s actually the instructions yeah yes instructions we have you been doing the other thing well our records from our search at the records down in the cargo hold they lost the records of the shipment so of my ship they have nothing okay they have no information about that shipment we don’t have any connection between what his is that his what his shipment is you’ve actually asked no one about his shipment no one you immediately began investing investigating for his target and we did what we did we asked Yenta yeah but he didn’t know anything about it we knew that somebody motherfucker we never got a list of like what was missing though right from what’s-her-face no it’s my boss no no cheers no what did it okay so I’m gonna spin it so we know that some shipments have gone missing but we need to know exactly what you’re missing or what kind of shipment where it came from where it was going in order to fully get the details on your goods we can understand if you don’t want to share with us exactly sure but we need some kind of lead yeah this was this was a shipment of goods that were mine that were sent up from Earth so it’s just you know family thing they were food I don’t know if you’ve tried to get Jif peanut butter down at the commissary it’s not happening so it’s just basic stuff like that I give you the I can give you the number of it’s attached that shouldn’t hands you the number okay Elliot Greyson Illya okay how do you how do you address the AVM everybody’s much more or sir okay if you don’t know someone’s ringing service always planes it’ll correct you if you’re on a server we thought the relevant information is that we’ve discovered as there may be your opens impersonating Venusians on the ship hmm your Robbins or you know somebody else but somebody is probably impersonating I mean the Reubens are generally pretty and untrustworthy bunch so they’ve got their own plans admissions is entirely possible I’ll go ahead and feed that down into my Intelligence Agency and we’ll see how that goes you have any updates about my shipment no you we needed this lead to get further in in our research we have some other information but we don’t want to we don’t want to present it we’re not ready yet yeah we need to go do some more digging on your on your stuff here right there yeah back away slowly thanks for your time sir thank you sir well the unhappier shipment yeah no problem I mean it could be that it just got lost on the cargo deck I don’t know but I’d like to get it back soon yeah I feel bad that we forgot about his stuff we’re the best buys ever I’m a spy I’m not I’m a scientist all right so go to ask of us so should we go back to the car go back to ask about his shipment should we report what’s his face missing we uncovered we’ve uncovered an illicit drug trade but we haven’t found the ABM Yemen god damn it mark we found mr. Birkenstock all right rein it in rein it in all right let’s uh the stock first or missing persons report I mean I mean the missing persons report seems more serious like like the right agency mentioned Jif peanut butter like I think it can wait a second yeah report so we’re going to report this missing persons where did he tell us again to go to this yeah you can report that for the Royal Military Police that gets you you could even probably report it over the radio well but we don’t know who all’s losing radio we’re not going to do that over the radio okay we’re going in person so we’re gonna go to the royal military Popo and report how about this how about we we there’s been a report that he hasn’t been seen for five days and we’re looking for him you’re gonna request the health and wellness check they I mean you know his quarters are not there that yeah we should let them know that yeah so they may already know that but also what’s-his-face Russia oh yeah so the Russian Ock has been waiting for two weeks on this guy so it’s hard to tell how long exactly but they reportedly and I saw him five days ago okay arey so we’re gonna report five days ago he was seeing last we should do a health and wellness check and like see what’s up yeah so as you get there on they basically they take your report and someone comes out of the back and they’re like yeah we’ve actually had this min reported in the past we’re currently searching the ship for him he hasn’t been seen we were actually there was evidence in his apartment that he may have left the vessel but we’re currently investigating that but thank you for the report so we we did notice them in your tape [Music] we conducted a health and wellness check who’s the the host at the restaurant yeah that’s it one of the only other your opens they called it in and so we did help him well in the shack he wasn’t there so that’s when we had it’s potentially a crime scene but you know because someone reported someone missing who else reported he is missing when anybody goes on a vacation do you always put up crime no but when someone reports that person missing we do someone made a report we’re looking into it you may be missing I mean we don’t know what whereabouts are you may have left the ship but we’re looking into it so do we trust the royal military please I don’t know like if do we have any reason to trust them or not to trust them because we could not yet I mean because we could mention team there we don’t yeah I mean he’s telling you like you they’ve got something to report they’re looking into it they don’t have inclusion you all right but outside the outside of his shop right there was that scene that we were involved in it wasn’t that Sena his shot it was angry that was that side where you were getting to and you didn’t find anything suspicious you just put the crime the crime tape up as a precaution yeah anything else we can ask here while we’re here because we’re a military assistant operation we should ask somebody about his package yeah for sure of the air vice-marshal package so we should go back down I mean we could go to the cargo the cargo deck we don’t know who these two other people are yet max from the Marshall why would he know all right so we have a listing of potential you know contacts about the thing we’re investigating and we thought maybe you might know about these people have you heard of max from those ringing a bell and no way on the ship nope tell me something you should check in with a military commander no this is the police station police okay thank you please now the Royal Military Police they’re like UK’s contribution to people on board men that’s a small town you know stuff you know things what would you say Jon Snow okay I mean yeah you would have paid it you would have noticed that uh amaya Sutton is the one who actually signed the witness affidavit on your search warm oh we would have would we potentially a myosin earth person yeah earth Lloyd all right well let’s go no she actually no she’s associated with so obviously like they’re signing warrants yeah it’s all kind of like a military justice situation there’s no like earth law that governs what’s happening on this so because the co-operative military adventure they’re all kind of operating on what are we gonna ask her that’s up to you I mean it’s just she’s just one of our known contacts like that’s all we might ask about so we asked him at the shipment we asked about the kerfuffle would she know anything about that like why they were running with good sir who’s investigating that you don’t know I mean the military are we and that’s where we are I feel like we’re so do you have you guys made any progress on the on the incident that happened in front of the was it the jab Jabberwocky yeah in front of the Jabberwocky this morning no we gave chase and they actually made it on board a vessel and they made it off station before we could get them you do there there’s that poison poison cloud yeah and in the report okay but you all never apprehend it anyway no they made it off the station video surveillance doesn’t exist soft no audio surveillance potentially mm-hmm any recordings from one of the depots around there I mean they’re not like they’re not just like they don’t like microphones out and I was like constantly recording stuff like that would be expensive or storage wise and I approach I would it are there is this ship where they where they do constantly monitor or their suits student mics on their suits there what would you say we do wander in circles she was she was the witness statement that got B warrant signed so like the werner’s is approved by the air vice-marshal but she was the witness who signed the affidavit that a crime crime was potentially committed okay so she actually works in the command module that should weed but she’s my favorite okay [Music] it’s like so we explained to her who we are like I we’re with we were the Caddy agency I understand that that you yeah doctor right that you provided the affidavit for this for a search warrant to find the avians package yeah yeah i was actually i was i was actually moving it when it was taken who was it who was it taken by I don’t know I got hit in the head but I was near where’s that we were moving it through you’re moving it through the hallways and we were near that um that Japanese joined izakayas yeah this was uh two nights ago it’s late so two nights but yeah I mean I got attacked I went to the the medbay you know they gave me the typical aspirin water sent me home and you didn’t get any information about who or what was trailing you know it came out of nowhere I got hit and what did you pick it up see you where did you pick it up oh we got it from I think it was from the earthbound shipments and we were bringing it to the air vice-marshal feedback on a cargo bay yeah yeah there’s uh there’s an office building an office building like there’s a room down near earth received shipments and they check in all that stuff so there’s some of some deck chief his name’s Jones Jones who else knew that you were going down there to pick up a shipment for the I don’t know we just we just got the order we came in one night was gotta go to him to bring up a box to the air vice-marshal and you know no one tells me who says me and there was one other one of their other Airmen no I don’t know max yeah no I’m sorry I think I’m a little bit of a headache guys named Jim Jim yes that would be a funny reason I don’t know have you seen Jim since well you mention it I had missed Jim look like he was going like dark hair dark eyes yeah yeah standard type have you no no no I just you know he just works works in some other division so how did y’all get paired together I just had the order handed to me he was there with the box and I got there and offered help carrying yeah he was dressed to his dressed like a car cargo crew yeah just regular work uniforms look like a deck guy see his name was Jim you think yeah Jim something he was with the Box I he just offered help carrying yeah it was heavy so you didn’t sign for the box no that no that’s not really a thing that’s what we brought up it had already been accounted for I guess I didn’t get here I’m not a deaf person huh and the shipment didn’t get here so Jim clearly didn’t do his job I mean we were carrying it we got attacked and it was stolen [Music] is there anything else you can tell us about the situation that’s all I got well thank you you’ve been very helpful yeah thanks all right I’m gonna jet to the medbay and find out if anybody came in with with corporal Amaya well it she even checked into the mid-may yeah I’m gonna go I’m gonna do I’m gonna go check that out if you guys want to run down to the office we gotta find out if they know Jim if he signed for something I assume they have to sign for something to take it I mean yeah she never gave her any paperwork she got an order to come pick up this box take it here so she showed up good luck stick she didn’t know we have a number for the box so we need to go yeah I’ll meet you guys down there okay somebody I’m gonna get it over to the and find super-super miss helpful or mr. helpful yeah I’ll be like do you keep records some people that come in do you give aspirin too oh yeah yeah all right so two nights ago military loads records all right so two nights ago there was a cool kind of snap some room call calls over it was like someone who’s actually gonna do work all right so two two nights ago there was a corporal of maya that came in she was attacked said you gave her some aspirin send her on her way so yeah go check to see if you can pull the record something and he’s just kind of like hanging out comes back and yeah I’m Sutton Amaya type yeah she was here yeah we did anybody come in with her she was brought in by a couple of corpsman but no she’s just her just her so no one else usually patient okay all right thanks for you yeah Christie section can you know go to whoever the person is handling that with the shipment number ask its whereabouts yeah so the receive the receiving chief is Jones so you think okay so hello mr. Jones um we are here to talk to you about was received recently that may have been missing Oh missing cargo that’s that sounds important uh let me see that number hey guy he grabs it he goes I’ll go check and heads into a back room I don’t know when like I’m heading down so just let me know when the front one time when I would show up ya know Zulu you’re gonna hear something but in the back and he’s like I think I found what you’re looking for he comes around around the door frame and you see raises a firearm roll Perdition but you’re gonna come in second room the party that was per meter that was you know that was me yelling at myself it figures fucking figures fourteen for me Kevin’s probably just stand around waiting for us to split the party so first Terry Heather and then Jones so you actually he’s customs Jones yeah yeah he’s coming around the door cream he’s coming over the door frame with a rifle and so like as he’s coming around you see it and so you’ve got the job section so don’t take time to do the stanky leg though so are you trying to disarm it with the whip or just hit it I’m kind of like like with the right well I’m saying okay it makes make an attack role for them [Music] you shouldn’t like an attack number okay that’ll actually make contact the rifle so it’s not enough to make him drop it but it’s enough to like knock him back and he’s gonna basically have like a stun round at me next next alright so how close is he to us within like 12 feet or so it’s I mean he’s it’s like a doorway right behind a dead alright so I’m gonna use my disintegration pistol and shoot at this mofo the staff staff or pistol well even though it sounds imposing remember it doesn’t just automatically disintegrate right well you know the phrase spare the staff melt him with acid they melted my planet with acid so so that is plus 118 to hit okay yeah you definitely had damage okay he’s got some some big ones and scratches he’s not like cheese so he’s taking a stun round at this point Richard is gonna come in we’ll all roll furnishes it from second round again 2016 13 was your turn alright so Richard you walk in you’re like what’s going on but you still get to go first I would like this try this I would like to try to stump him with my pistol okay the stun setting has a special rule it’s a DC it’s a DC save you have to look at the equipment table if you flip past the weapons there’s a stun setting right there near the bottom that means he’s your buddy c-13 he has to make a DC 13 or whenever you make an excess we just assume of course well don’t do you see sorry I realize you read it that was or do I have to attack with it and then and then stun like he makes it safe so you make a successful attack and the target makes a constitution saving girl so I do have to attack first yes okay sorry okay I will do that then oh yeah that is a modified or day okay he rolled a 15 and yeah so you it that works okay so I want to stun him so you do one d6 or sorry and he gains a stun condition for Wendy six rounds okay roll a d6 one clear what stun means yeah okay if it knocks him out or freaking question him now or we can tie them up a [Music] stun creature is incapacitated can’t move and can speak only falteringly the creature automatically fails strength and dec saving throws attack rolls against the creature have advantage so the automatically fell strain saves so yeah let’s time up yeah so you would automatically fail aground I have both plant matter rope and metal cable rope in case excellent let’s is this a guy human what is it yeah human let’s just time up for you I know that you tried to attack us just trying to get five minutes skin contact I’d like to see you just sit on it thank bucket just like aggressive bubbling continues like like like Owen I want to see like a drunk Terry colic hey hostage yes alright we need some information though yeah so we need some information for sure this fucker has the information we need yeah yeah sure so do we take him to the questioning so so the son condition he can speak falteringly but he’s not gonna cooperate with at this point so he’s just gonna kind of grunt and make noises so any kind of that sort of questioning is probably at least until can we like go back and look in the room so maybe maybe I’m just gonna hold if you guys can we like search further good Samir yeah you definitely could go back in the back or network I’m gonna go do that right now but I’m gonna try okay I’m gonna I want to make a deception check I’m gonna try to convince him that I know what was in the box that what was really in the box and that he needs to tell me what where it is if he knows what’s been formed okay like that’s a seven so what’s that uh what’s that failure look like Richard I’m going to point out forest and this like in my in my I pull out my spy novel bravado and I’m like listen we know it was in the box you tell us what we need to know he still stands easy let’s go look and get that shipment man all right okay so we’re going in the back room one mortar the room has the shipments in it or just a records room this actually is a is an attached room that can contains both records and some shipments okay and we have the number is it reasonably organized like you could tell where something is okay so we’re gonna we’re gonna look okay hey so the records are organized it’s not necessarily clear how the shipments organized there no there’s not like because the numbers may change with some regularity right so someone not familiar with that organizers that’s not clear yes I’d like we’re gonna Scout the room he’s gonna look for the package and I’m gonna look for people investigation yeah I’m gonna do it sure you guys are working together you can mean we’re doing separate tasks together so 15 plus 6 is 21 yeah you have you have the number it’s pretty it’s much easier than 16 to 21 to find it it’s are able to find it and it points you I’m looking for the paper I’m looking for you do find a paper I’m sorry I misunderstood I’m looking to like make sure that we can go and get the thing and that we’re not going to be followed and there are people back here there’s no one else in the storeroom after you do a quick side area okay so I found the number and we’ve got the paper yeah and it tells us where what Ben does where it would have been that was some time ago so things have moved and changed so the paper doesn’t lead you you know specifically to a spot that’s useful now but you can go and look at that spot looking at all around the room to see if he’s got it somewhere else you know like if he’s stashed it in a place that it should not be well first let’s go check and see where it was it was in just a standard standard receiving kind of pile so everything’s kind of there’s like markings on the floor that have different like you know this is like been a 72 bin be 643 or whatever and they’re all laid out that way so that was like a pallet location basically and so there’s still other stuff on that pallet but the you know some time has passed so it’s not there anymore okay so what else can we tell what else can we look for back here you guys can just can you have to debate this issue of manual search okay so we have the number of the package so you know what the box should be stamped wood right and so let’s manual search well you guys did I’m gonna pop exterior you guys go that way I’ll go this way it’s close to okay so as you start you can tell that he’s you know even though he’s done me starting to come out of it because it’s been you know those five rounds meds are working is that stuff starting to see Ken but at the same time military police come piling through the door and they’re coming in fast [Music] maybe we should why are they coming in so they’re spilling in and as they’re come in their former stack they’re clearing the room and then finally you see someone else come in at sort of the last one in and he raised a rifle and he shoots Joan’s right in the forehead at the same time that you can hear them coming in you locate the box I get out my pistol pause for that you guys locate the box alright so how big is it it’s about this wide and maybe that deep so not small enough that I could stick it in a backpack this so we find this so work so like wait a minute if Jones gave her Jim if Jim gave Amaya a package and it was supposed to be the abms package then this should have some peanut butter in it I’m gonna baby I’m it’s foolproof I have I have been its smell I’m gonna see if I can smell any peanut butter you don’t I don’t can we crack it open we should check and see what’s in here okay so as you kind of pry open the lid you hear the shot go off from the other room and have you seen your opens they’re like six and a half seven feet tall yeah you’ve never seen in a row and a year open folded up and stuffed into a crate until today but is that alive so you crack that open find the corpse of Birkenstock here Jim died and that’s what we’re gonna oh shit come on that’s pretty good we bound Birkenstock we are that we are not the bullshit Detective Agency where they eventually come around to finding some shit agency thanks everyone for tuning in this has been the first episode so she me to go of rocket age where let’s play games West Virginia we’ve got something going on every night of the week there should be a ticker tape at the bottom of your screen feel free to hop back in and tune in say hey into one of our other shows and thanks to you internet guys if you if you enjoyed this tonight we will be back with part 2 yep two weeks two weeks from tonight so at two Saturdays come in check out if you find out what happened to burnt stick thanks guys you

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