Saiki City in Oita Prefecture – Home to delicious seafood and cat island Fukashima

Hi I’m Chien Chien from Feel Fukuoka Japan Today I came to Saiki City, located in the south of Oita Prefecture. Saiki City is the largest city by area in Kyushu It is pleasantly located on Saiki bay, part of the Bungo Channel that feeds the Inland Sea of Japan. Let’s find out what you can do in Saiki Let’s go! It takes about 3 hours by car from Fukuoka City to Saiki City. The city is pleasantly located in middle of nature. The sea is famous for its beautiful coastline and marine products. To get a taste of Saiki’s famous seafood,
I came to Maruni Marine Products. At Maruni Marine Products you can experience various kinds of seafood according to the season. Just a few minutes before I got here, fresh sea urchin arrived. Completely different to the sea urchin I normally eat. Johnny Depp is here!? Nice to make your acquaintance. Nice to meet you too. May I ask, why are you dressed like that today? This is the image of a fashionable and cool fishermen here in Saiki City. Oh Well… You can laugh if you want. It is still alive so please watch out. I got the chance to prepare spiny lobster for my own meal. Spiny lobster is treated as high-class seafood in Japan and it is indispensable for every celebration You are not wearing the waist cord Oh I’m sorry This is my apron for today. Then I started preparing the lobster It’s really difficult. The shell is really hard. Really interesting experience. It’s my first time. Arrange everything beautifully on the plate and … done! Yeah! The lobster is part of a set meal you can enjoy here. Spiny lobster sashimi Very delicious Somehow sweet The head of the lobster is inside the miso
soup. The miso soup is also very good Do you like it? There are not many restaurants where you can eat fresh caught
lobster. This is a really rare experience I think. I’m happy now Saiki City faces the sea and you can go to remote islands by ship I chose Fukashima as my destination for that day. I took the ship “evergreen” for get to the island. I arrived Fukashima is a small, remote island with
only 20 inhabitants. The island has a untouched nature, waiting for visitors to get explored. The water is so clean and beautiful. Look! Blowfish! So many cats! With more than 100 cats living on the island, Fukashima is also called the cat island of Oita. So many of them it makes me laugh I’m surrounded by cats. What should I do? Cute! Fukashima visitors can enjoy a variety of leisure activities in every season. This time, I tried fishing. It’s my first time doing fishing It’s difficult If you can’t catch any fish, you can ask the islanders for help. They will kindly give you some beginners tips. The fish ate it. Are you sure? Yeah, the fish ate it. Great! How can I get it of the hook? I caught one! You can have it Don’t fight okay? There is only one restaurant on Fukashima, which is simply called Restaurant Fukashima. You can also stay overnight at Fukashima. The room where you can stay is spacious and comfortable. No you can’t go inside kitty The restaurant has a variety of fresh seafood and you can also enjoy Fukashima’s famous miso soup. Itadakimasu Which I should eat first… The special thing about Fukushima miso is, that it is made out of wheat.
It’s flavor matches perfectly to seafood. The vegetables are very sweet. The vegetables themselves have a sweet flavor. And if you eat the vegetables together with the miso, it’s really delicious. The miso is made by hand here on the island. I have never eaten a miso like this before. It has a plain flavor. It’s very delicious. With a trip to Fukashima you will forget your normal, everyday life for sure. Saiki City is also home to many sushi restaurants. Due to its close proximity to the sea, you can enjoy a variety of fish and shellfish food. Sushi Restaurant Nishiki is a popular sushi
restaurant and well known under foreign
travelers. Wow! What’s that? Look how huge it is! There are so many dishes on the menu, I don’t know which one to choose Do you have any recommendation for me? My recommendation is the “Omakase set” which means let the chef selects your fish. All of the seafood served here is of course caught in Saiki. Well, in this case I will take the Omakase set and leave it to you. Look at the size of the shrimp. The huge size of the fish served here and the freshness is the reason why Nishiki is famous. Very delicious It’s really good That’s so cute! Also, another specialty is sushi in the shape of various fish. Ingredients like squid and sea urchin is used to let guests experience the wide range of seafood served here. Because it is made of various ingredients you can enjoy many different flavors at once. I feel so happy right now My mouth is filled with delicious sushi Saiki City is also nationwide famous for its
ship yard, which is able to build big sized ships. Today is a ceremony for the launch of a new ship. This ceremony is done every time before a ship is let into the sea for the first time. The ceremony is also there to ask the sea god for safety of the ship Let’s get a little closer Wow! It’s so big when you get closer to it. It looks really powerful. The ship is moving The first time I saw something like that. The ship is looking really impressive My trip to Saiki City has come to an end. I visited the coastline and beautiful sea, plus I ate delicious seafood dishes. I really had a great time. My visit to Fukashima Island was amazing. There were more cats on the island than islanders which was really surprising for me. Also, I could experience fishing and attend a ceremony for a new ship. The ceremony for the new ship was really impressive. I could feel the power of the elements. I can highly recommend everybody to visit Saiki City in Oita Prefecture. It’s a place worth visiting!

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