SAPPORO – Miasto seksu, najlepszego ramen oraz skoków narciarskich.

In today’s episode we’re taking you on a 48-hour journey through Sapporo. This is the fifth largest city in Japan and one of the youngest among the largest. In 1857, the population of Sapporo was just 7 people and they were representatives of the Ain ethnic group. The Ains have lived in Hokkaido for millennium and they were native people here. However, at the moment when Japanese from southern islands, mainly from Honshu began their expansion to Hokkaido a tragedy happened for the Ain and it happened to them more or less as with the Indians in America. For us Poles Sapporo is mainly associated with ski jumping very year tournaments are held here. In 1972, Wojtek Fortuna unexpectedly brought a gold medal from the winter Olympics. However, for the Japanese Sapporo itself is a city of entertainment gourmet culinary and a communication hub on Hokkaido. We are in GEMU SENTA, i.e. in the arcade. This is one of the TAITO game centers stores. Even if the name says nothing to you you’ve probably come across one of the company’s creations somewhere in your life. They are the creators of, among others, SPACE INVADERS and BUBBLE STRUGGLE. It is a Japanese company but interestingly it was founded by a Russian. And so it has been dynamically operating on the market of arcade games and game centers from the 1970s. This is a very Japanese place in several respects first of all, there are no other GAIGINs here, i.e. people outside of Japan. They are all Japanese in all ages. What can you do here? You know, you can play right now I’m in part with so-called UFO games machines, to which coins are thrown, hoping that something will be pulled out. I haven’t seen anyone come out with a prize yet, and we’re here for a while. The second type of games is quite surprising, it is a zone only for girls. It looks like a photo booth to which you enter and take pictures … this is how it looks from the inside … and in these pictures some different filters are applied to your face. I saw that after leaving the girls are all happy, so I suspect it is funny. I don’t know, I won’t come in and test it. The third type of game is related to music, here for example is a gentleman who plays drums and at the same time it’s obviously an arcade game because these drums capture characters. Sorry does not capture characters but accumulates points. I have now entered the part where it is much louder. Arcade arcades rule here players press on the keyboard of machines with passion and commitment. Sometimes it looks like they are playing an instrument, especially when they wear white gloves, for example. There is also electronic dancefloot, also known in Poland you have to dance the layout that currently appears on the screen. If you ever go to Japan and have the opportunity to enter such an arcade, I would definitely recommend it. It is true that after a dozen or so minutes, the head pulses from noise and overclocking but it’s still worth coming and experiencing. And if someone is a fan of computer games then you have to drop by here and spend some hours and several thousand yen. Yo we’re at the SAKA KAIKAN antique museum in Sapporo this is another place that we think is worth visiting. Why? You will find here a lot of old items that were made in Japan. The place was founded by a businessman, who also owns a biscuit factory. Apparently his life motto is not spend money, as far as the truth is we do not know most of these items have sentimental value for this gentleman and the collection was created by the Japanese, who have been carrying various things here for decades. A lot of movies and erotic pictures here, for example, these nudes of Japanese women. There are patches from the 1972 Olympics in Sapporo and other types of lumber, see for yourself. Most of these things are Japanese craftsmanship so it has sentimental value and today it may even be historical. Especially in the era of mass, automated production. So you can feel some kind of nostalgia in this place. You will also find a whip for driving cattle, a cricket bat … it’s … hard to say. Dolls VHS erotic movies there’s really a lot of porn here too. Here is a collection of masks that have teeth painted black. This is because in ancient Japan teeth and especially white teeth were considered to be a very ugly. So hundred years ago, mainly women wanting to refer to the then canons of beauty painted their teeth black so that they became invisible inside their mouths. This room looks like an altar mannequins highlighted, in sexy underwear. Great collection of panties. Guy’s definitely crazy about women and sexual themes. After going through the whole museum I realize that the guy is a good freak. Dolls tied up in cages. I will make a quick tour around our apartment this is an apartment for exactly PLN 310 converted to Polish currency. This is the lowest price shelf available here for two nights. As for accommodation, it’s not cheap in Sapporo, basically all of Japan. I will show you how it looks… overall it’s really okay this is a typical Japanese style. A lot of the elements are plastic, the kitchen is basically an annex while here it is not strange because this is how Japanese apartments look like, they are tiny. Kitchen Oski peanut butter sandwich TV, which we even turned on to see the weirdnesses of Japanese television. What’s interesting is the bed these are called futons these are traditional Japanese folding mattresses on the floor. They love to sleep in it very much. This apartment also has a normal sleeping area but we wanted to experience the Japanese Style Inn, which is why we slept on the ground. It is how bedroom looks like. Antechamber with washing machine and bathroom. Modular, plastic – classic. This is how it looks practically always in Japan unless you go to some luxuries then you can expect tiles and so on. we are on SUSUKINO in a nook and there is a climate here to put it bluntly – whore’s. Yup. Susukino is a district in the center of Sapporo that is teeming with night life. there are over 4,000 bars, restaurants and so-called love houses. As they call it. This is the so-called red light district some sources say that Susukino was the first red light district in Japan to be formed. And there are mainly brothels where you know what to do clubs where girls dance or simply make time for the gentlemen by spending the evening with them sitting and talking with them. Often in various strange costumes of funny animals, characters from fairy tales, maids or nurses. The strangest service we’ve found here is bathing. A client comes to the club, orders a bath and then goes to the room with the bathtub and the girls come and rub him with soap. Ok, we found one of the clubs – JAGUARO and here are the faces of girls who probably work or worked in this place. Most of these places are reportedly unbranded, they have no ads you just have to know the place or some secret clubs but we don’t delve into it. It will give an example of an entry to a takeigo club, in this case the PINKY club it costs 9,000 yen, which is not a little … like 300 PLN but we don’t know what’s in the price or some drink or dance. And where the eyes reach here on Susukino there are bars everywhere there is a bar by the bar. All these buildings on the ground floor have some signs. Restaurants, bars, ramen shops, clubs with girls… also the entertainment business is really pulsing here. As Oski introduced you, Susukino is a district of love so there are a lot of love hotels here too. And generally not only here but throughout Japan there is a culture that these hotels are very popular. This is because a lot of people live with their parents until they marry and all these Japanese flats are tiny first and have cardboard walls. So you understand that making love in such places could be uncomfortable and that’s why there are many love hotels and they have practical applications for couples. So it’s not like these hotels are dedicated only to services with prostitutes but simply in the world couples come to them to spend some time alone. We’re going to the food now already? Yup. The time has come for a meal … as you probably know in Japan, ramen soups are very popular but Japanese curry is equally popular here. That’s why we ended up at the Samurai Curry House and we ordered two portions of vegetable curry. I will show you the menu and ordering process. The first step is to choose a curry there is really a lot to choose from here seafood, chicken, vegetables. We chose 20 kinds of veggies. A portion costs 1200 yen plus TAX of course. Soup broth is then selected from four possible based on coconut, soy milk or tomatoes. Then choose spice on a scale of 0 to 10… and then the basic addition so rice. On the other hand, there are extra extras: cheese, fried chicken, eggs, vegetables, seafood. Arigatou. It looks really delicious veggie curry, rice … we have the same. I can’t wait. An interesting fact about curry… it came to Japan thanks to the British who tried it for the first time in colonized India. Japanese curry is a bit sweeter than Indian, apples are often added to a decoction or coffee or chocolate. Today, for a change, we have a snowstorm which is why we decided to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art Hokkaido. This museum has about 4,800 works from craftsmanship through paintings by Japanese and European artists. We are hoping for some nice lighting installations that will look cool in the picture, we enter. The most important point of this exhibition is ahead of you people from all over the world will come to him. Here is a marble egg. Marble flat egg. Dear, if you are in this museum, do not really hang on these cabinets I am begging you you can’t do that. We are already after the museum, unfortunately slightly disappointed because there was no installation we were hoping for the most. One exhibition was cool, paintings by contemporary Japanese painters and the second exhibition was an absolute failure. So visit here such fifty fifty and all in all now we’re wondering what to do. Most of the places that we wanted to show you are outside but in this weather it is too impossible. We’ll go to the ramen district, aight? We will go to the iconic street with only ramen shops and we’ll record something for you there. Hiding from a snowstorm, we reached Sapporo Ramen YOKOCHO that is to the alley where there are bars only with traditional ramen soup. It is kind of a hidden diamond on the map of Sapporo, there are 17 locals where only ramen is served. You can drink a beer, sake and just sit and have a meal before further exploring the city. Mainly locals come here, who usually come here after a day of work eating ramen and drinking alcohol. And it’s very nice here. Now we will choose a random shop apparently all are equally good. Ok, I’m choosing a bar with teddy bears. My ramen has just hit the table it looks phenomenal here the logo of the pub or the bear on the seaweed. And I’m starting to eat. The main ingredient in ramen is meat, but because we don’t eat meat we always order ramen with vegetables or possibly with an egg. The soup itself is definitely on meat, but here in Japan it is hard to be 100% vegetarian. and I have to sacrifice myself a little to show you some Japanese culinary which unfortunately is mainly based on meat. My ramen is based on miso brew. This decoction is brighter, a little fatter. I analyzed the card and the cheapest option is soy sauce ramen noodles – 780 yens and also shio ramen noodles, same price. The most expensive choice is the ramen noodles crab, which probably does not currently exist. It costs 2500 yens. Also price range from 700 to 2500 yen. There is a lot to choose from, the card is very extensive As I said before, you can also drink beer, Japanese sake and no frozen green tee. What up ?! we were supposed to make a serious movie at the chocolate factory on the phone the lady promised us that she would take us to the production line and we had full vision for it after which we came, it turned out that because of the coronavirus they would not let us there and we finished in aprons, chef hats and soon I will make chocolate. Also fun max. Hand over the apron! So at this point I think I’m a little KAWAII, a typical silly girl. I have to pull one switch and say Cacao second and say Cacao also for the third switch and say chocolate and then magic will happen … choclate will fly in here. Hokkaido Gold, Chocolate. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20! The box in which I have to write a message I could write to my mum that I preserved the chocolate factory, but I will tell her – I survived, mummy… and the message will be for you SUBSCRIBE! What are you drawing Pati? hedgehog… Head with hair? No! it is a hedgehog. You told me to draw a hedgehog, so I try. Aight, this is a hedgehog. A beautiful hedgehog. In plastic, of course, we pack chocolate like in Japan, everything in plastic. Preferably double. Patusia 12 years old made chocolate. I feel like an idiot. This is typically Japanese, for girls. Come and make a chocolate and you sweet idiot .. then Japanese men are happy. Everyone applauds. Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory is a total failure. Never come here in your life.

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