Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of! Very very excited today I’m going for overall win number 391. Last year I was here to take on the 27-inch pizza challenge at tony’s pizzeria in Giffnock, near Glasgow Scotland, today I am with Magic Mitch! We as a team we’re going to be taken on basically Scotland’s biggest pizza challenge we’re taking on their 40 inch pizza! It’s the biggest thing they can fit in their oven but I’m here with Tony the owner of Toni’s Pizzeria he’s going to explain the challenge! So basically you guys have got an hour and a half and you do half each and a few and if you finish you get it for free! okay all right well great yes the other pizza challenge the 27-inch has a 90 minute time limit as well so we’re going to go with that we’ve got a whole bunch of cheese about five kilograms total or about 11 to 12 pounds and yeah if we win we’ll get it free so let’s get this challenge started! All right now we’re the first people to take on this challenge I know Magic Mitch is hungry! he got a win in Aberdeen and then I got two yesterday as well but time to dominate this thing you ready? Yeah! Alright we have 90 minutes 1, 2, 3. . . Boom! alright I beat their 27 inch and about the think somewhere around 27 minutes I think of something like that we’re going to try to do something like that today! five minutes and 20 seconds in this pizza is delicious! Tony’s relative or friend had to custome make the metal pan that they used to put this whole pizza in the oven but it just cooked awesome I love the cheese and everything they use here at Tony’s but let’s get the rest down! This is terrific pizza right here! Tremendous! When we build the wall we’re going to use this pizza because it’s so big, okay? believe me they’re gonna pay for it! fantastic 15 minutes and 20 seconds in doing awesome we’re working on all the crust pieces now one of the incentives of getting this thing done quick is that were outside and we knew that all this wind and stuff here in Scotland was going to cool the pizza down fast but we were able to get the middle and all the cheese and everything down but we’re going to get the crust and then we’re going to get the victory! An even 25 minutes so great job to Magic Mitch what did you think of it? love the pizza the sauce was pretty sweet and of all that together really made it easy to go down or should I say Michelangelo over here and there is little outfit but awesome awesome pizza thank you to Tony’s Pizzeria here in Giffnock near Glasgow, Scotland! delicious delicious love the cheese and all the ingredients that they used in their pizza but so we got the meal free and first team to try to challenge and first team to win the challenge so the new record but thank you guys all for coming to watch thank you guys for watching

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