SDRW: Azuki Sushi

This episode of Food Quest is brought to you by Sean and John of Windermere Homes and Estates. What’s up you guys? Chris here with another episode of Food Quest. We’re here in Baker’s Hill for San Diego Restaurant Week. And it occurred to us, with over 70 miles of coastline in San Diego, it’s about time Food Quest goes fishing. And we’re doing just that today at Azuki Sushi! San Diego’s Azuki Sushi offers a contemporary dining experience with insanely high quality ingredients. Azuki means red beans in Japanese and because of its mint color, it’s believed to bring happiness and good fortune. Hard to believe this is all on the prix fixe menu at Azuki Sushi for San Diego Restaurant Week. And what does Food Quest recommend? Yeah, there’s a lot of options so maybe we can should have Daniel explain. For first course, we of course incorporate our salmon crudo here. Albacore and big-eyed tuna poke at it as well. We have our braised short ribs here. Followed by our grilled salmon a shitake-based risotto. This being one of our best sellers, our signature roll the Are You Kidding Me. Not to mention the fact that there’s desert. Not here though, because you have to eat your dinner before you get your dessert It’s the rules, San Diego Restaurant Week rules, not mine. All right, that was delicious. I feel like a health nut. My body’s gonna thank me for all that omega-3 and antioxidants, vitamins and minerals … brain food guys! And why are fish so smart?Because they live in schools! Okay, I’ll say it … Are you kidding me?! Don’t forget to LIKE Food Quest, COMMENT on our videos, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, brush your teeth, clean up after yourself, respect your elders, look both ways before crossing, and definitely never feed a Gremlin after midnight. Those guys are cute, but they’ll turn on you!

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