Seafood Boil Blindfold Challenge | 7 Days of Seafood (day 5)| Bloves Smackalicious Seafood Sauce

hi everybody and welcome welcome welcome
to tasty mukbang tasting my pain taste my pain
tasty month bang tasty mukbang doing her thing y’all I am here today with the
seven days of seafood boyo and I think today is number six or five five I think
today is number five I’m not sure you guys the correct day will be up in the
title so today I have some potatoes been eating the same thing every day just
making my plate look different potatoes red bell peppers or bell peppers I have
some king crab legs so corn in the below sauce in the middle now you guys I’m
gonna add a little twist today so I’m gonna do the seafood board blind sea
football today I have some water here I have my scissors over here and I got my
blindfold so I’m gonna blindfold myself and eat that spot y’all and see what we
could do y’all know I’m gonna be able to do this so anyway you guys I want to
make sure that you give this video a thumbs up leave lots of comments down
below make sure you press the subscribe button turn on the notification barrel
and be sure to come back for another video thanks for watching me today so if
you want to do this challenge I’m not sure who created this challenge I’m
gonna find out but if you want to do this challenge with me then go ahead and
do the challenge and say blindfold sea football with tasting my vane eats I
will put your video in a playlist and I will give you a shout out I’m gonna try
to find out who created or did this challenge but if I do then I’ll put it
in the title but if I can’t then I’ve done all that I can do you guys I’m
hungry and I’m ready to eat no yeah I can’t see nothing
just in case my other thumbnail didn’t come out right let me do another
thumbnail and let’s get started so I want some water I should have had more
than water I’m thirsty I think I know everything where
everything is the potatoes over here the let me move my phone because I don’t
drop sauce on my phone before and I don’t have my phone around water and
nothing ok the potatoes over here the corn is over here the crab legs are over
here this is the bellows sauce and the real barriers are right there okay let’s
go for a corn first cuz I love corn how are you guys doing today mmm that’s just to girl like Khan
shouldn’t be there good these are still hot be love be love life says she won’t
teach me mmm that came straight up she says she’s gonna teach me how to open
the crabs mmm this is the last of my batch of love sauce almost oh y’all know
what I forgot to put on this plate but I’ll be forgive me eat with it anyway
yeah I just grabbed them sisters it’s like I don’t know don’t ask me ah
people probably gonna say you must conceal a blindfold cuz you’re doing too
good but like I got a sense of stuff you guys like I have a really good sense of
things probably because I’m kind I’m blind in my left eye and like I would
practice this on an everyday basis because I have really bad sight and any doctor would tell you that I’m
legally blind but I feel like if I ever lose sight in my eyes completely that
because I’ve had sight already before I think I would be good like I don’t think
it would be that devastating I think it’s harder for people who have never
seen before then it is I think I had pulled this out of here already yeah
that’s the way it came I think it’s harder for people who have never seen
Dunedin it is for people who have had sight before what did I lay down okay I
got there I don’t want to keep picking up the same so how is everyone doing
today I’m gonna give a shout out to G Mama’s world she is doing my seven day she’s doing my seven day she’s doing my seven-day subway
challenge yes she’s doing a seven-day of subway
challenge and she’s doing the 30 day a gallon of water challenge she’s trying
to eat drink more water a day so y’all go check out June Mama’s world shout
outs to fab six it’s one the wool wonder what is it about wonder woman’s name I
just love her name I told her I guess I can get
I don’t like nicknames I don’t like people to give me nicknames but I gave
wonder wood nickname is still good did I say stop shout-out to Glamour – I did a phone a subscriber the other day sorry to prissa PNB love life a shout-out to you guys huh awesome
awesome beautiful people shout out to Freddy yeah I don’t be eating the
potatoes I tried to save them for last because I’m gonna get fool I don’t
really want what job he wanted me to eat one I’m trying to find my smallest one I
know it was a smaller I think it’s this one shot up to Freddy shoutout to fit Angie these are just
regular subscribers you guys there are awesome supporters Freddie fit Angie
Jill I don’t I pronounced his name right you guys J al ly L y’all know who he is
he supports everybody and he loves burps and he’s a burper
shoutout to him here’s an excellent excellent excellent
supporter I got a lot of new subscribers so you guys I don’t know all your names
yet shout out to its somebody on the tip of
my thumb but I can’t say her name she has been really watching a lot of my
videos lately she has her own channel I don’t know the name of her channel I
can’t remember you guys let me give you a tip let me give you a tip I’m gonna
make this a youtube tips and trick video too but let me give you all the tip for
those of you who have gotten this form when you name your channel I try not to
make your channel name too long that’s for you Joe Joe Doyle yeah try not to
make your channel name too long but if you do make your channel name long make
it snappy and catchy where people will remember it but if you make your channel
name too long and you’re just talking to someone in passing and you tell them the
name of your YouTube channel and they try to go find it later you don’t you
didn’t write it down then we’ll be remembered on the name of
your channel if you don’t make it you can’t make your channel name too long like you just can’t if you do you’re
shooting yourself in the foot because people might not remember it if they
want to tell a family member or friend about your channel they might not
remember the name of your child so you got to make it catchy and another thing
in order to help people remember the name of your channel you got to be
interesting you got to be you got to be something about you that makes them want
to remember your name say for instance be love life is known for seafood
Principi is known for challenges tasty mukbang eat
it’s known for her laugh and her intro song so you got to do something on your
channel that you’re gonna be known for so that people will remember you unlike
your name will roll off their tongue so if your name is too long and plus
it’s not memorable if it was long but it was memorable that would be a different
story but if it’s long and it’s not memorable you want something that’s real
simple and easy that could roll off people tongue I’ve changed the name of
my channel several times until I found what I liked and tasty mukbang eats I
think that’s it but you might have to name your change
the name of your channel more than once if you have a long channel name you
might need to rename your channel something that’s in that name already
but just shorter cuz people not gonna remember you if they got to read the
whole sentence that sauce is so good y’all didn’t pick
it up a little bit I think this is day five I think I hit on crabs y’all I can eat
the rest of these corns potatoes are like bread to me I don’t eat a lot of
bread I got shrimp in this sauce I didn’t bring the towel over here if I
eat one potato you guys I’m doing good I’m gonna eat one potato your Super Bowl
is tomorrow yeah by the time y’all see this video totally to be upward I do not
want another potato I don’t take another bell pepper I though okay yawns do we just make sure where’s alma crabs I think I did I did I got a few bad
rivers left but that’s it you guys I’m gonna take this blindfold off okay guys I did do it let me get this
little piece of weight out of here I could have ate my corn but I could eat
all the rest of course but I’ll be trying not to overdo it cuz y’all know I love corn that’s a
little piece of meat but yeah my sake let me work it but let me tell y’all
something y’all are some picking Eagle Watchers now from picky eater watches
somebody was watching one of my videos neighbors like this was a good video but
you didn’t get all of me at the shrimp tail and it’s bothering me and I’m like
would I couldn’t eat the way I want to eat can I come on y’all would tell
people what y’all think in a minute about them eating food in their own home
oh my goodness somebody told me my life get on in there
I told him well please don’t watch no more cuz that’s hot laughs they say
you’ll cat purring and get on my nerves it irritates me well I’m glad this just
a video and you ain’t got the never watching me no more if I irritate you I
hope you clicked off the video right then and there do not force yourself to
watch somebody you don’t like you don’t enjoy you didn’t even got to leave them up a
message because that’s who they act if that’s who they are they’re not gonna
change so you’re telling them what you thought really don’t make a difference
so you should just go ahead and unsubscribe if you subscribe if you
don’t like them of young John just pound on and do your thing just do your time so you guys I’m through I’m done like
bingo say that’s it that’s all what’d she say that’s it that’s all
something that’s it that’s all I can remember was you saying but that’s it
that’s all yeah so make sure you give this video a thumbs up let me know if
y’all want me to do another blow blindfold challenge if so what do you
want me to eat Nick’s blindfolded thanks for watching thumbs up the video leave
lots of comments down below press the subscribe button turn on notification
bill thanks for watching my tinkle and my money buddies

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