Seafood Boils at Euclid Fish!

Hi, it’s Terrie Young at Euclid Fish Retail Market and this is my son Charles. And he’s going to be talking about the boils. [Charles] We rolled out a couple of years ago. It’s been very exciting for us. Hopping on the boil trend we have several different boils. Give us two or three days lead time. We pack it with fresh ingredients. A couple of my favorites are the lobster boil. We’ll put a whole cooked lobster in there for you, clams, and we also have potatoes. Everything with the boils comes with the fixings. So plasticware, coleslaw, everything else, rolls, butter, if you want to add anything else on. This has a full pound of easy-peel white shrimp in here, along with some kielbasa, corn, and little red skin potatoes in there as well. Just want to make sure everything’s on the bottom evenly spread. The New England Bake has the live oysters and crab claws in it. The Lobster Bake here. And then we’ll also provide you with Old Bay seasoning. And we will give that to you in proportion to how many bakes that you get. [Terrie] We’ll be including all the cooking directions. And if you want to build your own, we’d be happy to gather everything for you. And they’re here all year round, as well as the clam bakes. So come in the market and see me and Kristen and Richard and stop on by! Thank you!

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