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it’s rich its creamy it’s honestly to die for hi I’m Betsy I’m a tasty producer and today I’m going to show you how to make my grandmother’s seafood casserole first we’re gonna take a bread loaf and tear it into roughly cube sized pieces they don’t have to be perfect and we’re going to lightly toast them in the oven then we’ll put them in a food processor and pulse them until they’re finely ground I personally like to have a few chunks for some extra crunch but you should have about 4 cups total when it’s all said and done a lot of people have different names for their grandparents I called my grandmother gammy and she’s someone who is so near and dear to my heart she was known in our family as the casserole Queen she loved hosting dinner parties and this dish especially was always a hit with her guests my aunt actually mailed me my Gammy’s handwritten recipe which is pretty cool according to my grandfather the recipe is probably 70 years old you’ll bring the wine back to a boil and add the scallops when the scallop has become opaque meaning they’re no longer transparent you’ll know they’re done some of my favorite memories of my gammy involve food I think that’s one of the reasons why I love to cook I think she kind of helped spark my curiosity for it when my gammy moved to Delaware from North Carolina after she married my granddad she didn’t know anyone with three kids she actually went back to college at night to get her degree in special ed which was a fairly new field of study in the 60s and then she became a special education teacher she actually never lost her southern accent either even though she lived in Delaware for like 70 years I’m honestly not really surprised at her ability to connect with people and I don’t think it really surprised anyone who met her she was definitely a social butterfly maybe that’s how I’ve become a little more outgoing even though she’s no longer with us here on earth being able to cook her own recipes definitely makes me stay connected to her I hope she’d be proud to see how far my culinary skills have come Oh God uh now I’m getting all emotional after you butter the casserole dish you’ll scatter some artichokes in an even layer on the bottom and then top them off with the seafood mixture so my gammy liked to add shrimp scallops and crab meat to the casserole but you can get creative with your own seafood combinations or mix-ins maybe you want to add some lobster maybe you want to add some salmon for me crabmeat is a must as someone from Delaware we love our crabs especially blue crabs pour the sauce all over yeah baby and then top with the breadcrumb mixture and that flavor just takes me back to all the summers I spent at the beach with my family and friends who I could really go for a crab cake right now according to the notes gammy left with her handwritten recipe you just need a light salad with it it’ll help balance out the heaviness from the casserole I also like to top it off with some chives and then serve it with a couple women wedges for a little extra flavor I’m so proud to be the granddaughter of such a loving and welcoming woman I can’t wait to continue her legacy and pass down her recipes to the future generations in my family oh yes [Music] [Music]

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