Seafood is the Way Forward

The commute begins before dawn, through the rolling seas and changing winds fueled by passion to search the depths, its timing the ebb and flow to harness what nature provides, the oceans, seas,
the lochs, the shorelines these are where we make our living, guided by skill and experience the thrill of the catch, markets to supply and communities to support the back-and-forth buzz of the sale, the
hectic cacophony builds the cool head seeks the best deal destined for plates near and far, its sourcing the sustainable the catch is cut with care and precision, skills honed over generations the end result the perfect fillet A variety that’s the delight of every chef
creating a culinary wonder, a balance of freshness and flavour, it’s the simple health dish or the humble fish and chips we are bound by a need to protect
and look to the future to ensure the cycle continues for generations to come and to see it thriving seafood is the way forward

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