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It’s just a labor of love, and it smells –
how good does it smell? It smells like mushrooms, shallots, cauliflower, broth, garlic… Say good, say it smells good. It smells really good. Hey guys! I’m here in the Thrive Market Test Kitchen. You may be wondering, who’s this handsome gentleman to my right. Mr. Thomas DeLauer. You make me sound so fancy. You have a beautiful last name – Mitchell DeLauer. What sounds better? But you’re here to join me, to help me make some keto
recipes. Yes, I’m gonna be dropping science bombs along the way. I can’t wait!
So I wanted to show you this recipe because I hear your wife cooks a lot at
home, so I wanted to show you maybe something you could make for her. Totally
she deserves for me to make me to cook for everyone yeah. So we’re gonna make
cauliflower risotto, we’re gonna sear some scallops that are from the Thrive
Market. Nice. It the best and I’m gonna start by browning some butter, and I’m
also adding extra virgin olive oil to the pan. Nope use avocado oil. Really? Yes,
you don’t want to heat up olive oil. You guys! That’s better, she almost used olive
oil. Olive oil has a pretty low smoke point which means it’s going to oxidize,
go through lipid peroxidation. Avocado oil, like 520 540 degrees smoke point, so
you can cook with it at a higher heat and be in a lot better shape. How do you
feel about butter? I’m good with butter. So good?
Yeah good grass bad stuff that question but if you don’t want to use butter you
could use ghee, but I want to get this a little nutty because we’re not adding
like crazy amount of flavors. I want like fresh herbs, I want some nutty butter, okay so my my butter is brown. I have mushrooms okay so I’m gonna put
these cremini in that are already sliced, but if you don’t mind kind of
tearing tear it up we’re gonna tear up some mushrooms. Okay
these are oysters and miyataki. thought this was a pinecone. Okay. It’s
kind of velvety, feels like my dog’s ears. So am I just throwing this in here?
Yeah, you’re just kind of tear them up because I don’t like to cut these
they’re so pretty. I kind of want to leave them whole so you can see what
you’re eating, and the thing about mushrooms – do you, do you cook with
mushrooms, like you like them? I love mushrooms. Okay so some people I feel like either hate them, or love them. yeah um the thing is you want your pan to be
hot. Okay you don’t really want to move them around too much because the more
you move them they’re gonna steam, you want to get nice carmelization on them
you want them to get nice and brown. I also don’t season them until after they
cool. I don’t season them until after When you do Keto, you don’t do a lot
of dairy. I feel like when people think of keto they’re like oh I can’t eat all
the dairy that I want I get to eat all meat bacon and stuff that’s not really
true. Right it’s still keto, but just like anything there’s dirty keto and there’s
clean keto right? So you’ve got, you have to factor that in you can eat a salad
that’s not clean, and you can eat a salad that’s clean right? I got into the
ketogenic lifestyle because I needed to lose a lot of weight and my wife was
suffering from autoimmune conditions, so it didn’t make sense for us to be adding
a bunch of inflammatory ingredients, adding a bunch of heavy dairy, and if we
do have dairy we’re getting grass-fed you know really good quality dairy and
we’re having it in moderation it doesn’t need to be a staple. Alright mushrooms
look great, so I’m gonna add shallot and some garlic and I’m adding it now
because I’m afraid it would have burned if I added it before. I thought that was
rock salt, I’m not gonna lie. I’m gonna add 3 tablespoons rock salt just in case
it gets icy in here, I don’t want to slip you know. So I’m gonna add some of that,
very important and just once again building the flavors. Prebiotic fiber
central. You know it’s it’s like you take the words out of my mouth
when you speak, it’s it’s wild. Alright so I seasoned it with salt and pepper
and now I’m gonna deglaze the pan with vermouth, okay? How do you feel about that? Another layer of flavor and I’m gonna cook it so much that it really
just absorbs, okay you know like you would with a white wine or anything like
that like we’ll cook it until we don’t see it any more. It just adds another
depth of flavor,I want to make this as tasty as possible because we don’t have that rice which I feel like ,you know that’s what people think if they want a creamy
risotto. I’m gonna give you so much flavor that you’re not even miss the
rice, you know? Alright so we’re gonna cook that, and then we are going to add
the estrogen modulating vegetable. Yeah. HMV’s.
dropping HMC’s left and right. If you drive in the HMV lane you’re gonna get a
ticket. Oh okayI also have fresh thyme, you wanna – what do I do with this just like plug it, see let’s
see what – how you would handle this? She loves me, she loves me not.
So the best place, it all grows up like this hold from the top and then go the
opposite way. Ah okay, like that it’s kind of like what you do with kale you know
you want you don’t want to eat that thick stem so you grab it you just go
the opposite way and I just want to toast up my cauliflower a little bit, I
want to get it nice and nutty. So before I add any liquid, I’m just gonna sautee
it if your pan looks too dry you can add avocado oil. ooh. Oleic Acid. Add if it looks just a little dry.
Alright so just some fresh thyme, you could do rosemary, you could do sage. I
always like cooking with fresh herbs, I think it just adds another layer of
flavor and richness to a dish. Pumpkin spice? You could do pumpkin spice for
sure yeah why not. alright I have some low-sodium chicken
stock. Ooh! I want to cook this until most of the liquid absorbs, the cauliflower is
nice and tender, and make sure you season with salt and pepper every step of the
way. I want the mushrooms to be seasoned, I
want the cauliflower to be seasoned, don’t want this dish to be bland and
boring, and I have dairy over here you know when you make risotto and you cook
with rice okay the natural creaminess comes from the rice – so usually you don’t
have to add any dairy, or you can add parmesan, but you don’t have to add like
cream or anything and it’s super creamy. This doesn’t get creamy, so I
added mascarpone cheese – am I in trouble? Yeah you’re fine actually, that’s not too too bad. Do you like mascarpone? I do yeah. It’s usually found
in like tiramisu but it can be used obviously for savory things as well. I’m
gonna add some Parmesan cheese, I guess you don’t have to. You know what the cool
thing is, Parmesan cheese is on my approved list. I did a video with those ranking ranked
best to worst, and Parmesan is one of the best ones because it’s naturally
gonna be aged for like usually 12 months so that sort of kills off all
lactose anyway.It’s pretty darn decent. She’s pretty darn decent, pretty darn good
What a glowing accolade. All right I’m gonna keep this warm and then we’re gonna start on
the scallops. Let’s do it, let’s go to the harbor. We’re back thanks for sticking
with us. Yeah my ears are a little clogged from diving for these scallops.
Oh yeah that was really I was crazy how quickly you got those. Yes. Yeah all right
beautiful sea scallops from Thrive Market. I patted them dry. Okay cool so
they’re nice and I don’t wanna put them in the pan and if they’re wet they’re
gonna steam and not keep it nice yeah just a whole different taste yes. Ghee?
okay we feel cool about ghee? Yes love ghee, it’s safer to cook with ghee and a
moderately high temperatures simply because the milk solids are out of it
you’re left with basically 99.99% just milk fat or butter fat which is totally
cool to cook with. Yeah I use a lot of This on Whole30 cause you can’t do butter
so I was putting it in my coffee and I was cooking all like my eggs in it. I
love ghee, it’s like dairy but not dairy. Right it has that strong butter flavor
but yeah okay so I want to make sure this is nice and hot, you can sort of see
that it’s steamy, smoking. I’m not gonna season my scallops until after okay cause
I want to get a nice crust and sometimes pepper can burn in the pan, so I don’t
want it to burn. Get it, get a little bitter so we’re just gonna go give him
some room we don’t want to overcrowd them. Alright so yeah you see I’m
giving them a little space around once again like the mushrooms, okay leave them
you let it get a nice sear a nice crust and then flip it once really you don’t
even like try to get it on the sides. no I don’t okay I like them a little more
cooked than other people, sometimes they just want the sear so they’re very
almost raw oh really okay I don’t know I either want raw scallops like sushi or
I want them cooked oh yeah interesting. Yeah, I usually cook mine all the way through. Yeah I think it’s just its preference, but I like to have them a little bite on
this. I’m serious though so do you feel like
you could make this at home for wifey? I could pull this off yeah. Yeah? I could, I
could do it – she’s not the biggest seafood person any ideas on potential
substitutes that I could do if she didn’t like scallops? I think she, I think
she’ll dig the scallops. Does she like shrimp or is she not a big seafood person? She’s not a big seafood person. The nice part about the risotto
you could also like stir in some spinach or kale or to add greens and then that
could be the bulk of your meal and you could be like I think Angela just fell
down she okay if you want to keep it just vegetarian yeah you could even sear
some more mushrooms and like saute some more mushrooms and put those on top find
you some do with chicken to it yes once these are ready season with salt pepper
and we’re gonna put it on top of the risotto
all right my scallops are done yeah golden just I like the way when I say
how pretty there you just described them instead of saying yeah they are golden
brown they are scallops they are cooked it’s like so that’s good with salt and
pepper now and then you ready to are you’re hungry you’re very quiet so I
know you’re hungry you don’t like clock not based on how many meals do you eat
it to what yeah you say usually fast skip
breakfast I don’t eat in the morning I’m like yeah a couple scallops you could do
five you could do six depends and yep 14 you could do 14 scallops if that’s your
jam and then that was so awesome thank you and I’m just gonna put some finely
minced chives pop of green freshness and
sir all right diggin all right I hope you like it I don’t know if I’m gonna
like it should I try to get everything in one bite yeah okay
ideally well this a little of that some mushroom it’s gonna scallops some
scallop buddy Sochi nice pretty sure that’s how you say all of those things that is the perfect combination of
flavors like it’s something that’s the that softness of the scallop some reason
that texture it brings out I don’t know the intensity of the mushroom a little
bit I don’t know it’s just weird I usually have to do this at the end I try
it and I have to explain to the people what it tastes like amazing but mommy
flavor from the mushrooms it’s kind of Hardy it’s light it’s nothing there’s a
sweetness yeah with the scallops do you know there’s such a subtle sweetness
that you usually don’t get on keto yeah and it’s like I don’t know I just then
just you you didn’t make it salty like you made it like so it’s just savory
enough where I think the sweetness from this scallop is making that salt kind of
come through yes I don’t know this is awesome I think you’re gonna take my job
if you keep talking like this I’m glad you like it and thank you for doing this
recipe with me check out Thomas of ours YouTube and Instagram and everything if
you’re looking for some cuter recipes if you’re looking to get into keto even if
you’re not great recipes great tips everything thank you for watching you
find the recipes below you can find all the products I use at thrive market on
social happy keto cooking Thanks like parsnips sneaky-sneaky parsnips
yeah isn’t that weird sure did you hear about the more steps tell us oh my gosh
they’re terrible or big they’re monstrous or voluptuous and they’re mean
they’re just like I told him you

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