Seafood Monggo Soup, Healthy Mung Bean Soup Recipe

and now let’s get started and roll that
intro intro hi everyone Emz here again welcome back to my
channel and to my small kitchen I hope that you guys enjoyed my previous videos
in today’s episode we are going to make seafood mung bean soup or seafood monggo soup there are a few steps that I am going to share today first the traditional way
mung beans should be soaked in water overnight before cooking the soaking
process shortens the cooking time and makes the bean softer and easy to digest
second I will show you how to peel and devein the prawns the prawns heads and
shells will be used for stock and this will be the base for mung bean soup
third I will demonstrate on how to clean the squid and take out the skin I soak
the beans overnight and beans are starting to sprout and the volume has
increased to more than doubled if you forgot to soak the beans overnight you
can cook the beans using pressure cooker which is much faster or if you don’t
have a pressure cooker it is still okay but it will take a longer time to cook the
beans wash the beans under running water and put inside the pot or saucepan add
water and then start cooking the beans while waiting for the beans to cook I am
going to devein the prawns the vein is not harmful if eaten first
twist the head then using your kitchen scissors cut the back of the prawn and
remove the shell using the tip of your paring knife take out that thin black
line repeat the same process for each prawn and then wash and dry now we are
going to make the prawn stock using the heads and shells and this will be the
base for our seafood mung bean soup heat up the cooking pot and add a little
amount of oil then saute the prawn heads and shells until you can see the brown
bits at the bottom of the pot continue to stir and add water bring to boil and
simmer for about 13 minutes remove the scum from time to time now the stock is ready strain and
transfer this into a container and set aside check the bins if it is already cooked
and the texture becomes mushy let us now clean up the squid this is a
medium-sized squid we are going to divide this into two the head and the
body tube start by holding the head and slowly pull out the internal organs take
out the ink sac and do not throw this because you can use this for squid ink
fried rice or pasta or other dishes cut below the eyes separating the tentacles
from the head and then take out the mouth then remove the pen or the transparent
skeleton and discard wash the squid and take out the skin it is recommended to
take out the skin for more appealing presentation but of course it is a
matter of personal preference once the speed is cleaned slice the fin and then
slice into rings now let us start preparing the
vegetables first slice the tomatoes using your knife remove the root of the
garlic and then crush and mince it peel the ginger using a paring knife or you
can use a tablespoon or teaspoon to scrape off the skin and cut into pieces
using mortar and pestle pound the ginger clean the onion by cutting off the roots
on the top and then slice the onion into strips rough cut the spring onions and
cut the green chilli into half wash and dry the Malabar spinach or
alugbati and then trim the leaves and stems you can also use other green
leafy vegetables if the Malabar spinach is not available
same goes with Moringa leaves or Malunggay or Kamungay in Bisaya wash and dry
and then pluck the leaves heat up the pan and add a little amount of oil saute
the aromatic by adding in the garlic and onions then mix add the ginger and
tomatoes then toss or shake your pan add in the squid and prawns then gently
mix shake again to avoid sticking add the cooked bean and then pour in the prawn stock when the bubbles start to come out inside of the pan add the spring onions
and green chilli and then stir pour in the fish sauce let it boil and season
with ground black pepper add the alugbati and malunggay and then mix and simmer for a bit always taste and adjust according to
your preference do not overcook the squid and prawns now we are going to
plate our seafood mung bean soup there are many ways of cooking mung bean soup
back in the Philippines some people they like it with coconut milk or ginataang
monggo or monggos soup with lanka or with mais or even with kalabasa if you are new to this channel please
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