Seafood Pasta with Cannellini Beans | Gennaro Contaldo

Hi lovely people of Food Tube Channel. Look where I am. I’m in the countryside of Gozo. It’s a small island next to Malta. It’s so beautiful around here. and I’m gonna cook pasta with cannellini beans and mussels. It is only right that I cook a dish that belongs to the islands. Such simple dish to make. Pan. Extra virgin olive oil. Show it the whole of Gozo. Then about three garlic. Roughly chop. Put it inside. A little chilli. Be very careful. When they smell very hot your eyes go mmm this is warm, it is hot. Just few of a chilli. It goes straight into a pan. Fantastic, Make sure you don’t burn the garlic, so I just put them on top. So mussels. Mussels have to be alive. Make sure they all closed. Look at they close it. Cos if they are open it mean they dead, and they’re not very very good. You also have to clean the mussels. So get the mussels like this you see this beard Just pull it on one side, and you get perfect mussels. Grab them a little bit and they should be alright. Put the mussels inside. Here we go I put just about 50ml of wine. Yes. Fantastico. Then I get a bit of parsley chop it. Just put them inside Don’t use any salt, yeah. The reason why, because the water of the mussels contains salt. So you can taste after and then put it in. Cover. Shake them again., and make sure they’re open. Look at that. They’re ready. They just been cooking for about three minutes. You drain it because I need to keep the lovely juice. It’s fantastic. Look, a perfect cook it is. You have to make sure that every mussel is open, if they’re closed, what do you do? Just chuck them away cos they’re not very good. In exactly the same pan, just wipe it, because I don’t want to loose that lovely flavour. But I don’t want any water inside. The reason why, because here I’m going to cook the pasta. And the cannellini. Olive oil. Straight in. One clove of garlic. Just crush them a little bit that goes straight in. Let it flavour the oil Get about four or five cherry tomatoes. Cut them small, cut them big. Cut them any way you like it. This is a fantastic dish. Covered. Just for a little bit, Get back this fantastic juice, sea flavour. Yes! Just heaven inside. Look at that. Start to bubble. Oo nice. Cover again. Cannellini beans. Half tins. Here I got fantastic stock. It’s about 150ml. It doesn’t matter if you put a bit more. Bring to boil. I’m going to get broken pasta. Everything. Do not chuck them away. Just got a handful of pasta. The spaghetti. The linguine. The little conchitas. I am very very greedy. Cover again and you cook this pasta for about 8-10 minutes. If you use fresh pasta it’ll only take about 3 minutes. But that flavour of the sea which is the sauce. You wanted the olive oil, the tomato, the basil, the garlic, the chili. They all combine together and make a big wedding. Like the bride and groom and with all the people, all the guests around. If you can understand me. Now let me show you the way you remove the mussels. Open the mussels and use it as little tong. Don’t do them all. Because it looks nice. A little bit of theatre on a plate. It makes money of the sea. One more, and let me just put it on top here. Don’t touch it. There’s nothing left. You can have a look. It’s not my fault there’s nothing left. You drink. Yeah good luck if you find some. Come with me. The pasta is ready! Look at that! Mussels go straight in. Stir them a bit, and the pasta is al dente. Because it’s a little bit under-cooked. Because you chew it longer you taste it better. Come one! You digest it better as well. Mmm! A little bit of Extra Virgin Oil. Now, I need a very sweet onion. Just very, very thin slice. Spread them on top. Lovely wild fennel goes on. And this is Pasta with Cannellini beans and Mussels. If you want to see me cook more this dish don’t forget Jamie Oliver Food Tube Channel. Subscribe. It’s free. Then we can eat it together. From Gozo with love, what a fantastic dish. It’s ever so easy to make it. Mmmm It’s really good. Thank you for watching my Food Tuber’s. This recipe was adapted from my book Two Greedy Italians. It has lots more lovely dishes for you. And your family to enjoy too. Please, take a look. You will love it. Ahh, mind it’s burning. Wah, I put my finger under it. With Gozo, with love. Yes. I will be back. You take the mick out of me. Yeah, well done. They take the mick out of me. They do. Well done. Hi lovely Food Tuber’s. If you like this video make sure you check out my channel. I got my own channel. Subscribe. It’s free. Love you!

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