Seafood | SEARED PEPPERCORN TUNA STEAK | How to Feed a Loon

5 comments on “Seafood | SEARED PEPPERCORN TUNA STEAK | How to Feed a Loon”

  1. davidtdavidsondd says:

    Have you guys ever watch the Modern Family

  2. davidtdavidsondd says:

    Just starting to learn to cook you guys are an inspiration just recently discovered seared tuna sounds like a good recipe

  3. Shazzam!!! Eduardo Principe says:

    What the frack happened with the "this is 100% loon aproved"???? 😐😐😐😐😐

  4. J-Roc D says:

    So glad I subscribed the other day. I said Iiked the kind of foods you made and BOOM I get tuna steaks and a vinaigrette that sounds delicious and different. Mirin is one of my favorite ingredients. Thanks.

  5. Paul says:

    So elegant! Thanks Kris.A keeper.🇨🇦🇨🇦♥️♥️

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