seafood stew and ramen / thanks for 100k subscribers / family eating show / 해물탕 라면 가족 먹방, 구독자 10만 기념

hi, we are fantastic family Finally, our Fantastic Family has exceeded 100,000 subscribers. Clap your hands At first, we did not start this to make YouTube content. It was meaningful for our family to spend more time together and eat more. And I wanted to record the daily life in the video. It started to be so small, but because of the love of many people, there are up to 100,000 subscribers. Thank you so much for loving our family like this. My family will continue to make funny,joyful,happy dinners together. fantastic family let’s go~ we will have a delicious meal today Thank you for today’s food Today, we will boil ramen noodles to return to the beginner. let’s start boiling i love this brand , is it spicy or normal? let’s put noodles, first i will do it mom, you try one and soup powder i want to do, too then, try this vegetables flakes mom, help me, please is this flake? yes, that’s it i will want to put one powder ramen soup is boiling I am a little sad because I am going to boil only two ramen How about putting this octopus once? yes it is so big let’s put octopus so then, i will put this squid there is two there are two squid it’s very charismatic This is what happened. let’s put crab Oh, the crab legs broke. here is one more legs. we have one more too. put it Let’s put it all in seaweed. Let’s put on good abalone. i want it this is called abalone let’s put together abalone is live now really? It is moving now. is it delicious? do you love abalone? mom, put this, i cannot please give me, basil clam Are you afraid abalone? not afraid at all It seemed to bite me. I will put all her favorite clam baby clam basic and shrimp~ the adductor muscle (of shellfish) webfoot octopus let’s mix what is this? it is the adductor muscle of shellfish i love it wow. here is white octopus it is small let’s put shrimp how is it? All of your favorite things are gathered here. it is so sad If you put only seafood, let’s put some vegetables together. let’s put all vegetables bomb release~ bok choy bean sprouts onion and mushroom I want to put bean sprouts myself like pyori This is all tangled, let loose. i want to do it…. now, do it yourself good job so clean show me please, yours sister, please show me i will help you mom, show me so clean let’s boiling Among the ramen we have eaten so far, the quality seems to be the best. From now on, I will start a meal for 100,000 subscribers. bon appetite~ thank for today’s food we are good family because we are eating ramen noodles at night … sarang’s first is basil / baby clam you are very professional. i wll help you bok choy,please~ it is little hot now clam, clam, clam Please remove the shell. There are so many expensive and good seafood here, I do not know why I will eat ramen first. noodles is most delicious I can not understand Korean people either. I did not eat ramen noodles first. Because you are a gourmet, you ate the clams first. do tou want one more clam?? do you want the adductor muscle this is your favorite it is mine here is for you, sarang~ so cute~ ramen is so yummy. really yummy i will try adductor muscle loodles please~ wait~ The food may be hot, so let it wind and cool. be careul sarang, it is hot yet please more Try it a little bit first. short arm octopus is so cute here is crab leg here is for you, this is not hot I chilled it. you eat so well please, give me~ can you eat it? i can eat it Flesh does not come out. Has it started to come out in? Crab legs move. it is alive mom. The crab legs moved. mom, look at this, It’s like a slip. baby clam~ dad, please give me one clam. no, two more clam? mom, give me clam again sarang, try this one let’s try abalone crab, please~ crab, crab, crab~ There is no flesh here. really? i will help you try this abalone~ here is crab leg please bite this. Try it on yourself Use your molars. Why do not you give it to me? I will of course give it to you. Are you getting flesh? It is strange that children like crab legs. let’s try shrimp We did not spice up the food today. we only use ramen soup and garlic and red pepper powder And we only used soup from Korea Mart named Yeondu, but the soup is awesome. This is the power of a ramen soup. try this bok choy here is your favorite mushroom please, give me abalone again is it good
? It is really delicious because it is chewy. i want middle part mom, try this one have you eaten your abalone? great girl mom, please, crab legs again here is no more crab legs dad, give me crab legs dad, give it to pyori, too How can I do this? so hot not hot at all give it to me wow, this leg have so much flesh this is for you, sarang This is still hot, so blow it with your mouth and let it cool. This is really a lot. All crab legs are disappearing. give me again you eat so well. wow, it looks so good give me again so good~ i got flesh sarang, do you want shrimp? i ate shrimp all, too wow, you ate all, just a moment dad, please eat tail of shrimp, instead of me i will eat it~ uh, there is no tails~ dad, This clam hold it’s lips tight . I will open it. This is really tight. oh my god can you open it? wow, you are very strong give me shrimp again shrimp again? please, try this adductor of muscle what is this?? , this is shell be careful, it is dangerous i will try this broth try it. it is so delicious really?? how is it? so good~ Now let ‘s cut out the octopus once. let’s cut this leg i will try it~ Cut it with your teeth and try it once. how is it? Did you cut it with teeth? I feel like a rabbit. It is very soft than I thought. There was a lot of octopus skin in my hand. so soft do not move, please~ wet tissue please. how is it? so yummy~ so~ so chewy~ i will help you eat Ramen, abalone and shrimp together. it is so delicious dad i will give you ramen octopus is so delicious~ let’s cut this squid~ who do you want squid?? here~ this mushroom looks like a tree. look at this~ it is mushroom tree so cute This clam is shut up. now squid for you, sarang~ I can not open the mouth of this shellfish. mom. help me please~ i will help you~ let’s open mom is super~ try this squid, captain~ here is for you~ thank you~ Please open this shellfish ~ You were tricked~~ how is squid? The octopus is very soft and the squid is very chewy. have you ever eaten squid?? sure~ yes~ how is it? yummy sarang fall in love with basil / baby clam pyori, here is two abalone here is abalone for you this is not abalone so then, i will eat this please, abalone again I mistook you for giving it to me. It’s still on your plate. i also have one mom. look at this i can eat this well dad, look at me you eat so well. Why do you choose only octopus suckers? The octopus suckers all disappeared. If you say one and two, I will eat this. one, two, three sarang is very tough say again one, two, three Is not it the first time you eat octopus?? isnt it? yes it is very strange My dad took me and my sister somewhere and bought it. Did I ever do that? squid many many squid many many here is for you wow~~ harder~ wow good job~ please, give me adductor~ please give me adductor~ i will give you Please cut it. Tighten with your teeth. good job~ In the future, cut off with teeth and eat. pyori~ pyori loves abalone i will cut this for you, sarang what is the best ? pyori my best is… Is it okay if I say everything i love? ramen, squid, adductor three?? and this me too baby clam how is abalone? right, i love abalone, too and octopus~ bean sprout~ I guess I did not say well. I’m sorry. Have you ever had anything tasteless in your food today? let’s see never how is shrimp? so yummy dad, i love all the ingredients for today. really?? please, give me noodles. i want to eat it with squid is thay way delicious? sure~~ you, try it what do you want another? you eat clam very well mom. This does not open well. i will eat this later it is real at this time It is not likely to eat. wow, it open mouth mom, you did it~ do you want this? yes~ it is too big, please cut this~ mom. please open this~ i cannot open it~ please stop this~~ enjoy your meal~ do you want clam?? ( so sad….) here is for you~ give it another? sure~ (happy~) here~ dad. This is a bit cheesy. we had a good meal today~ we will come back, next time~ see you next time bye bye~

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