Hey Guys It’s John here, What’s been happening? I’m right ouside Nakiryu It’s a ramen restaurant that was just awarded a Michelin star that’s the second ramen restaurant to receive a Michelin star We’re here today for their signature dish They open up at eleven thirty in the morning and the line is huge So get there early We’re gonna go in now, come on let’s go! Nakiryu is located in Tokyo, Japan and it’s only a five minute walk from Shin-Otsuka station Like other ramen joints You order through a vending machine Let’s get straight into it The tantanmen I was salivating as the bowl hit my table Look at that color! Spicy nutty broth with peanuts ground pork and topped with green onions I’m no ramen expert but that broth was absolutely delicious! slightly spicy, peanutty but highly addictive, I couldn’t stop slurping The handmade noodles were awesome with firm texture and held the broth really well Next time, I’ve got to add an egg and some Chasu at 800 yen, what a bargain! We also got to try the shoyu ramen it’s a soy source based ramen and again another awesome bowl of ramen Broth was flavorful the noodles were softer than the tantanmen but it worked well with the dish You can see what that broth just sticking to the noodles And the slices of Chasu were were nice and slighty chewy Although I prefer mine bit more fatty and tender But the egg, Oh man, the egg. Wow! That soft boiled egg was AMAZING! If you finish the soup, that’s a sign of a great bowl of ramen Guys, that is one meal I would never forget It was delicious flavors works well with The flavours worked well A bit of sweet, a bit of spicy If you go to Tokyo, make sure you do check out Nakiryu and have the Tantanmen You won’t regret it If you do have it, let me know what you thought by leaving a comment below l If you like the video make sure to give it a big thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you next time, see you later!


  1. Vina Le says:


  2. esangwaf says:

    Oh wow I will certainly give it a try thanks for the awesome video

  3. The Remote Lifestyle says:

    Great job and looks delicious. Really loved how you shot and edited the video. I learned a lot from this.

  4. Nick and Helmi says:

    def going here 🙂 in april

  5. Benjamin Price says:

    Cannot wait to slurp that tan tan men down

  6. Daniel Louie says:

    Hello! Great video! If the shop opens at 11:30, what time did you get there? What time would you recommend getting there? 11? 10:30?

  7. cooper1979 says:

    was that onion or scallions on top of the shoyu ramen?

  8. Jimmy Le says:

    YUMMMMM! Adding this to my list of ramen places to try!!

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