Senate Estimates – Seafood Export

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  1. Vero Bee says:

    How about the greed gets dumped and they sell Rock lobsters at fair prices to our Australian local market. Australia is an island and we're being ripped off with seafood prices across the board. We used to be able to afford , lobsters, crabs, oysters and prawns without having to take out a mortgage. Australians once more being shafted by our local producers prostituting our seafood to China. We end up with crap imports at ridiculous prices. Australians used to be fair, now they're ripp off merchants just because of they can be. Free trade agreements are a crap idea as we (Australians) have to pay far to much for that produce we already have. Glutenous Chinese and greedy suppliers. It shouldn't be allowed. We Australians should have the best quality food all types at the lowest prices anywhere in the world, but no we get the raw end of any deals. Lamb us another staple that has turned premium unaffordable on our own soil. What happened to Aussie fairness? Energy the same. We'll just about everything, were ripped off and taxed to the eyeballs. Why aren't we marching in the streets, answer, were too damned tolerant. Hey and you bus tour people stop taking Chinese and Japanese tourists to our great local shell fish beaches where they raid the places like locusts. Stop it. Greedy salivating marauders eat anything that dares to move. It's disgusting. Go away you cruel ignorant people 😡

  2. Stringy-bark creek says:

    How bout selling more seafood to Australian seafood should be one of our staple diets but we are sold out by these mugs. Half the seafood in Newcastle where I live is imported that's just a pure joke they are raping our country

  3. john ruan says:

    roberts is a hero.

  4. Stringy-bark creek says:

    Free trade deals are killing australia ya gotta stop more from getting signed

  5. Peter Jones says:

    Great questions Senator Malcom Roberts.

    Can’t say the same for the answers

    Do they not know the topic of the questions before they appear?
    Did you just say we import 3/4 of our seafood?
    How much are we paying these people?


  6. Matt Butler says:

    Keep holding their feet to the fire, Malcolm!

  7. Mel McGrath says:

    coronavirus came from the deep state and hillarys closet and Obama was is in that closet as well lol
    biowarfare was put into action to get rid of Trump at all cost destroy the world economy this is what they did

  8. Merv Stent says:

    Now they will go Malcolm Roberts a racist! 😆

  9. Andy Su XRP says:

    Malcolm, can you please leave the comment section open on all your new uploads.

  10. DRW says:

    The Senator might be interested to know with the UN modelling of climate change has been devoid of any Solar activity in their models apart from the small amount of TSI for the last 40 years. Multiple Scientists from across the world have now raised concerns about the inaccuracy of reporting real effects of the Sun on our climate ,
    such as Solar Particle forcing , Magnetism and Space weather events.
    The Great news is that from the update from astrophysicists if various top universities, Nasa , Noaa and others will included in the next 2022 computer modelling to show accurate effects of the Solar activity and then they will finally get to see the Missing data of what really changes our climate.
    He has done great work on challenging the terrible work that has been done by various Governments that do not understand the importance of Co2 in our atmosphere. I am going to share a link that the Senator might find informative and give him another avenue to follow up on.

  11. DRW says:

    Keep up the good work Senator.

  12. Scott Phillips says:

    Concerning the final point of question in the video… 

    28 animals you can eat at China’s Wuhan Market

    Some science suggests the coronavirus spreading in China started in bats served at the aforementioned Wuhan market. Analysis shows the virus’s genetic makeup is 96% identical to that of a coronavirus found in bats. “I would be very surprised if this were a snake virus,” says Timothy Sheahan, a virologist at the University of North Carolina. Bats were also the ultimate source of SARS, scientists believe.

  13. Des Bell says:

    What, of anything, do these public servants know?

  14. Des Bell says:

    Stop importing 2nd rate foods from around the world and sell the good stuff to Australians 🤷‍♂️

  15. David Sea says:

    Great questions Malcolm. Keep the bastards honest.

  16. Blob fish King says:

    Most people seemed to surprised that the 1974 fires were about 10 times the size of the 2019,20 fires. The media will never mention any of this. Thanks Senator for your fight against the Cash Ban Bill!

  17. Apollo says:

    Asia buys our high quality seafood and sells us their crap .
    They got all our jobs and now they want our food

  18. Jimmy hall says:

    Globalisation means losing control over your own economy…. the part about ‘can we stop imports’ is a good example of this

  19. Des Bell says:

    Stop shopping A grade Australian produce for 3rd grade – the Australian people do not win in that scenario.

  20. BigWheelGolf says:

    Malcolm, great comment regarding admission of the CSIRO never having said there is a CO2 human caused climate emergency! Well done mate.

  21. Charlie Dekadens says:

    I met a CEO of a WA lobster company who exports to China. In breif my conversation was: so how much do you sell lobster for to the Chinese? He said $15….And how much do you sell lobsters for to the Australians? He said $45. So why are they sold cheaper to China? Because they buy more. This although brief is facts from the CEO.
    If lobsters were $15 how many would you and the rest of Australia buy? Same goes for prawns to Japan and native forest felled in Tassie and replaced with plantation timber (prior to poising the native fauna with bait to stop them from eating any new seedlings) and btw the wood is chipped yet were beautiful trees and is sold at a loss to Japan.
    You are owned by Asian money.

  22. Billy Mclauchlan says:

    i got my prawns from coles, they come from CHILE SOUTH AMERICAS

  23. Paul Howard says:

    Well done Malcolm, top work as usual. 🙂👍🇦🇺

  24. Nick Kam says:

    Love your wording Malcolm keep up the good work

  25. spex357 says:

    You won't find the virus in dogs or in fish. You won't even find any evidence of it in the food market. They don't know who patient zero is so they have no idea other than it's been in the wild since at least November. The media did its best to taint the Chinese and take the blame off China. Even the World Health Organization did it's best to protect markets and not health. We have the Green MP's telling the government to remove the word Wuhan from any documents or speech when referring to the virus. We have the UK PM Boris saying he shook the hand of every possible carrier at a isolation centre, and noted on the first coach loads of possible carriers as they arrived in the UK, protection of the bus drivers was non existent. Today the government's plan is Reactive, if you've got it they'll isolate you and hopefully find all the people you might have infected. If this doesn't work they will take their time to be proactive as it will harm the markets, which are their main concern.
    Another big concern of theirs was how were they going to carry on paying pensions. Most pension funds have been robbed, even Boris was about to rob ours a few weeks ago.They've added on years to delay payment for many, but the truth is they've robbed the funds, and they need a way out that doesn't cause a riot.
    Bill Gates said “An epidemic either naturally caused or intentionally caused is the most likely thing to cause, say, 10 million excess deaths”. Add in a Military grade virus you don't know your carrying for days, and we can easily reach ten million with air travel and open borders.
    Old people already compromised by age rapidly suffer with pneumonia, with the virus destroying lung cells, Oxygen is needed and all the kit that goes with it to administer it. My town is a dormitory town full of care homes. The county is a favourite retirement area.
    How many Oxygen masks and kit will the county need, how many does it currently have. I think the numbers are so low a proactive response would be the only way to stop a deadly Pandemic.
    Looking at the map of the UK's infected, most have been on winter holidays. Luckily in the UK the numbers that can afford such a thing has been shrinking since the 80's.

  26. Edward Turner says:

    The Australian people are the owners of the nations fishing grounds, it is a birth right yet we are left with second rate imports whilst China gets our premium product. A guaranteed amount of this resource should be made available for Australians.

  27. BobV says:

    I wonder, when these officials get together around the table, they Um…Ah…Um…get very little Um Ah done.

  28. Sea BelowMe says:

    John Howard fk'd this country with free trade agreements, worst decision made ever.

  29. Australian_888 says:

    Malcolm Roberts, firstly I want to THANK YOU for caring so much for AUSTRALIA and it's PEOPLE. We/the People of Australia have to realise that we are partly responsible for the mess that this country is in … in hindsight we should not have been buying cheap imported goods, and should have been supporting our local producers … how can we LEARN from this and TURN it around now?

  30. Australian_888 says:

    Malcolm Roberts … I have tried a few times to get an answer to why Pauline gave One Nation's preferences to the Libs at the last election? There are so many Australians who want You to Run our Country, yet are fearful that One Nation's preferences will go to one of the major political parties, whom we know are puppets to the UN!>

  31. warren maker says:

    how bout you sell the bloody lobsters to us Auzzies at a fair price then. I havn't been able to afford a lobster in 20 years

  32. Neil Smifff says:

    Go you good thing malcomb roberts

  33. Nick Heath says:

    The issues run deep I believe that the country has had enough of the lies

  34. Mark Illingworth says:

    We export three quarters of our seafood and import three quarters of the seafood we eat. Seriously people does that make sense?

  35. Shawn Moore says:

    Don't buy imported seafood is my approach before the virus outbreak and will continue as normal.

  36. H G says:

    The free trade deal has turned out to be a big pain in the ass. Just as we warned you it would be.
    We can not protect out own businesses without consequences from other countries in the free trade deal.
    This is no free trade! This is Orwellian oppression that punishes small business. And makes it impossible to restrict or limit overseas trading.
    Without massive consequences especially now with this new virus sweeping our world.
    Why are you so worried about money. The people that own the Money do not care about Human health or the world!
    Just there pockets and how full they can stuff them!

  37. cassius clay says:

    Thank you Malcolm. Keep the fight up. Every day more and more Australian are waking up to the truth.

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