SEVEN Bowls of RAMEN Noodles in ONE Day Ramen Festival in New York

100 comments on “SEVEN Bowls of RAMEN Noodles in ONE Day Ramen Festival in New York”

  1. Estelle M says:

    Please get married😭😂❤️

  2. Haze Limon says:

    Ok but which one won?

  3. Baron Von Grijffenbourg says:

    1:02 looks a lot like what we call 'Poffertjes' in the Netherlands. They're little sweet pancakes that a lot of street-vendors make fresh.

  4. Corrin Churchill says:

    So mouth watering! I want to go to this festival. Also really enjoyed your friend in the video MORE VIDEOS WITH HER PLEASE!

  5. The Swarm says:

    Wow. Mikey is going nuts on Ramen . I think he needs a partner in crime for his videos. She seems fun and kept up with him pretty well. They would be good as host and co-host

  6. Mark Sawyer says:

    Okay, as much as I love ramen, Herrine is a huge distraction. OMG Prettiest girl in NYC?

  7. Josh Johnson says:

    You know he smashed at the hotel 💯

  8. Matthias says:

    Man I wanted Black Burger 🍔

    nah I joke. I would like some as well. Plz & Thank you 😊

  9. Juan Collazo says:

    Ok . starting to think mike is a spy, disguiseing his spy missions as his food channel stuff. Just think about that one.

  10. Kenny Elliott says:

    Great video, all the ramen looked delicious. My favorite noodle dish, is Okinawan Soba!! I guess I'm a little biased because I'm half Okinawan and I was born there. The best noodle soup in Japan. The fifth ramen and the seventh one, were my favorites. Your lady friend, is absolutely beautiful!!

  11. Adriana Miranda says:

    When does this happen?

  12. Stephanie Helmeke says:

    All you do is make me hungry!! Would love to join you on your food adventure.

  13. BlueberryRod says:

    7:26 that was a good bite

  14. Tania South says:

    Waiting for a collab with Ericsurf6 please lol.

  15. Despair Doctor says:

    Boy, respect the broccoli dude.

  16. viniv20 says:

    Dude she agrees with you on everything and eats ALLOT, marry that girl !

  17. Ewoah Productions says:


  18. Elvis Real says:

    I love noddles …and he does a great job at showing the Different type of noodles

  19. Jono joe says:

    I am in love……….pause from mike

  20. Jennifer Saldana says:

    It’s 5am why are you doing this to me 😩😭 I’m pregnant I NEED THAT BURGER 😩

  21. Ykuku 7402 says:

    they only just realised that "this guy can eat food". take a ticket and be amazed. Dam that was satisfyingly good. Didn't think you're food buddy was going to keep up with ya. lol

  22. cute pie says:

    Guys.. men and women can be just, friends. You know

  23. Laney Allan says:

    Poor Mikey Chen is just a life support system for his stomach 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Abigail Spelman says:

    YummI've never eaten ramen but I love noodles and everything basically in ramen 👌😍 I need to tryyyy


    Y'all are a beautiful couple ❤️ 😳 🙃

  26. r/whoosh says:

    6:45 Boy she can swallow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  27. Quasi Toto says:

    You've been living the dream. Please bless me with such a dream.

  28. Ricardo Martinez says:

    But did you get it inn thoo

  29. somarf says:

    7 bowls?! Ok Mike, when are we going to see the Fitness Channel that shows how much and what types of workouts you do to be able to do all these meals?! 🙂 Ramen Beast Mode = ENGAGE!

  30. Cheryl Medeiros says:

    Kind of lame with Rinne and she taps out. She is supposedly a goody but she was missing for 2 bowls of ramen and the pizza one she hardly eats. Need to find someone who can keep up. Just another pretty face.

  31. thisCLUMSYgirl says:

    Wish I can attend this event once. I haven’t been to New York before but for sure, I would love to go whenever I decide I could go to NY.

  32. Josie Lindström says:

    Just discovered your vids tonight – subscribed and hope to see more!

    I only recently discovered how awesome REAL traditional ramen is – so this particular video was amazing to me 🙂

  33. Chelsea Divel says:

    Williamsport Brooklyn. When you said Williamsport I thought you meant in PA and I was like omg your in my state

  34. Priscilla Johnston says:

    You guys have a lot of things in common and super cute together 😃

  35. Darren Hope says:

    love the videos and any girl who can keep up with mikey and still look that good must be an angel

  36. theJOKER isME says:

    Bring that Ramen Festival to Malaysia. I would love to taste everything. Must be held in halal & non in two sections. Thank you.

  37. IanOHara says:

    Your pho buddy needs to be your pho waif

  38. Gertrude says:

    Ramen in a styrofoam cup? It's an insult.

  39. Strive says:

    She’s cute

  40. Joy Vee Ayao says:

    Just watched this video and I believed Mickey Chen’s like Herrin ☺️ And it looked like this is how they will date in the future ❤️

  41. carrot cake says:

    I think she's from insider

  42. Evan says:

    I ship Mikey with Herrine

  43. peiling826 says:

    How can you so much? Envy you

  44. chae says:

    Still can't believe he lives in the middle of the woods. But I guess if you can drive, then a house is a better choice than a small overpriced nyc apartment or a bigger room in the middle of a bad neighbourhood.

  45. Wen Du says:

    what happened to the other Mike? are they no longer friends?

  46. Zel Zwrd says:

    ramen in a cup? blasphemous.

  47. Barbara Coleman says:

    Mike! Eat your veggies!

  48. Shine the Light says:

    I liked the other girl from Boston. Too bad she's married. I like the look of the third bowl.

  49. Lol says:

    How many YouTube channel does this dude have??

  50. D ee says:

    Makebistro!! I like his cooking style!!

  51. FScorpion678 says:

    Your friend is hot

  52. kon8181 says:

    And I am eating Noodle Cup while watching this…poor me

  53. Sarah Jones says:

    Is there no ban on styrofoam in NYC?!

  54. Yang Lu says:

    Mikey, so I just noticed from the first segment of your video where you and your friend was eating the first bowl of noodle soup with the sign "Pad Thai – Noodle Lounge" hahaha it's ironic that they are there. The festival must have taken all of their business.

  55. Joseph Saetveit says:

    It's a little weird seeing Mikey eating with a FORK! What?

  56. Ahmed H says:

    Bring the festival to LONDON UK!!!!!!!

  57. YOWA NOWA says:

    D B took her away for a bit huh!?

  58. Ricky Kovacs says:

    I really like how even though he been to certain places like the burger joint he’ll still give us a breakdown of the flavors and try to have us imagine and taste the flavors ourselves. Really amazing channel.

  59. kurluk04 says:

    Mikeys great, shes cute, and i love noodles! Love it!

  60. Dan Gonzalez says:

    That girl is so beat. Huge face. No lips. Fuqqed up hairline. Smh. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

  61. Oscar Garcia says:

    This looks amazing!!! I wish I could’ve gone 🥺

  62. Sam R says:

    I am surprised you didn't bring chili oil.

  63. Anna says:


  64. Henry Pierre says:

    Your videos are all about you. You don’t list where these events are

  65. Enviotonin85 says:

    lol…..6 or 7 trays fulls of Char Siew but you only can get 2 slices in your cup.

  66. zleepydude224 says:

    Mike wants to smash

  67. Kit Ang says:

    Hi Strictly Dumpling! You should try Yushoken or Mendokoro ramen here in Manila! It might be worth your while.

  68. RajunCajun34 says:

    Hey Mikey, there is a female with you. Stop busting all over yourself because of the noodles when you have a gorgeous female in your presence lol.

  69. Jason Pham says:

    Love these videos so much!

  70. Historical Archive says:

    What a pretentious gathering of liberal scum !! Bet that was worth the lost sleep, eh Mikey? Also you better have hit that little Asian cutie by now or you literally have no balls.

  71. Amanda Liu says:

    sad their not dating. missed opportunity

  72. DJ PSY says:

    man you eat more than stoners😂😂😂😂😂🙏 #ykwim -crack this

  73. Reza Pratama says:

    Try spell Chasu cashew

  74. MK Basketball Club says:

    Love the show, you are a unique food blogger and very engaging. Just wondered whether it would be worth taking your own re-usable cutlery rather than use one time throw away plastics? It might encourage more people going on food adventures to do the same and you might even be able to market your own personalised cutlery for travel.

  75. Angela Kalita says:

    My gut tells me he wasn't in that hotel alone.

  76. Jacob Pharo says:

    More ads than Super bowl halftime

  77. David Bryant says:

    Bacon on that burger was suspect.

  78. electricspaghetti Ω says:

    I really wanna give your friend my pork.

  79. Guillermo Savarain says:

    What's the name of the festival?

  80. Khrisna Bagaswicaksana Wahyusatwika says:

    itu kue tt anying

  81. Caitlin Dudar says:

    I want his metabolism

  82. Its just Phil says:

    Dat asian gurl fineee

  83. 嘉史 says:


  84. UWA PPK says:


  85. Taliceo Jodoin says:

    I feel like you need both hands for the black burger.. Lol

  86. Sunshine Daisies says:

    Marry this girl!

  87. Brett B says:

    Still trying to make out the name of that breakfast-style, dry soba ramen. Searching for King of Noodle and Echigo Type Abura Soba Meriken isn't pulling anything either. Gaaah! This is too bizarre. I must try it

  88. Chris Imperial says:

    mike: this is a fantastic day!
    me: i can see why….

  89. Gabrielle Howee says:

    when are at a gathering in the land of honor, japan….the guests my destroy themselves…but not you….renata

  90. Gabrielle Howee says:

    in the land ofwell-certified products, there is no such thing as not getting your girl…gh and god's speed

  91. Gabrielle Howee says:

    question, what if your girl walks away with someone else….it's japan…some thing will happen…..girls don't need or you don't have one

  92. Gabrielle Howee says:

    in japan, if you think you can identify even your family as travelors,…then you do not know the diversity of culture, cooking traditionally to very girly girly outfits of Kauaaii…including a whole new mood hairsyle and carefully remaking older 'decade' styles from offered older clothing, still honored…..gabrielle

  93. shalu gaur says:


  94. Jay Delbrugge says:

    you know she is into you!!!

  95. Lucy says:

    The first time I ever got food poisoning was at a street fair. Seeing all the pork just sitting out scares me.

  96. Jack of Blades says:

    Don’t want to drive back home huh. 😉

  97. Anne Corey says:

    Look very. good thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks

  98. Trishit Munsi says:

    I think You are too Ignorant.. Have seen & heard at lot on your videos, if You are so ignorant about the Artist behind your Belly Filling Effort (Not knowing his/her Name) then PLEASE!!!!

  99. Cherry A says:

    You two are cute

  100. It Hatori says:

    Mike girl friend ?

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