[SFM] – Requiem for a Pizza: The Meeting

FREEDUUUM GAaah~ HOLY- Hold still! AYE Piss off, big head! I’m… I’m BLACK Spy! wat Words aren’t enough to describe the torment God had released upon my weak soul. What is life? An endless cycle that only brings agony to those who know about their existance, and their fate of death? Everything appears useless in my sight, among this cursed team and the floor I stand on. We are but tiny brainwashed puppets who believe there will be benefits after years of battle and pain. Ouch. [idea] GO [italian gesture] HELP Oh God! You’re weak, I’m strong… And I win! shut the fuck up with this overused scenario Get over here. my asshole burns thanks m8 SNEPR ??????? Would you care to join me on the magical adventure entirely based on delivering this delicacy? fuck yeh my homie Let’s do dis ye Uh oh… Gordon Freeman? Let me get out of your way. Hey, it’s Freeman! Let’s follow him! Wait for me Dr. Freeman! My leg! Dr. Freeman? I regret everything! I regret everything I’ve ever done! [hot grill stroking pussy caught on camera] AW GEES [another fucking idea] Well… Gordon Freeman… And about time too! Wait a second… That’s not Gordon Freeman! My arm! [rip hat] Hey, there you are! Here’s that gift! Nice work Scary Hat! HEY HOODINI Hey! um… I’m so small! Little help? [looking for the femtiddies] ok Sorry [semi unconscious scout] RED Demoman! Help! OHGOD we should be friends forever, aye? domoman Demoman. :o>:) D: 8======D slap my hand k PSYCH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH um.. OI DEMOMAN Demoman! wut What the hell? WAT cactus Oh hey! [wow] [orgasm] sry for battin the shit outa you, scout WHAT HAVE I DONE [panic] Demoman! Ya bloody CRAZY! NO AAAAUGGHH [more panic] soreh.. Don’t feel bad! okey. AAAH OOOOH DAAH o

100 comments on “[SFM] – Requiem for a Pizza: The Meeting”

  1. Runner 023 says:

    im back or im black, that is the question

    William Shakespeare

  2. coffeehauz says:

    BLU Scout:

    -understands that he overstepped boundaries
    -shows up in person to genuinely apologize for his actions
    -brings a gift with him
    this scout is better than like 80% of all men (which unfortunately does not protect him from blunt force trauma and pizza theft)

  3. W.T.F. Gaming says:

    Where's the Pt.2? Mate.

  4. Dr. MystRy says:

    0:42 when I meet a gamer girl sand she tells to treat her like my friend

  5. OML Jk says:

    0:46 omg xd this is let me xd

  6. LAZY RED says:

    4:54 RED

  7. LAZY RED says:

    Slap scout demoman 5:00

  8. VaLLeT says:

    6:05 10 hours please, this what of demo

  9. MrDepressed says:

    "I focking missed m8…"

  10. lucaslook says:

    Has anyone else noticed Engieneer on palm tree in 6:26 ?

  11. James Butler says:

    This is so dame randem i love it

  12. Ragnaros Hans says:

    5:40 music?

  13. Jace Brown says:

    Part 2?

  14. General Prequel memes says:

    It's 3 years and I'm still waiting for the sequel

  15. HellSpoon says:

    music made to morn the dead

    Rip pizza.

  16. Anda Andi says:

    bang momok

  17. No1 Normal says:

    5:35 SIKE

  18. Carlos Santana says:

    El de los subtítulos literalmente puso un poema naja

  19. AlexcraftedRD says:

    Demoman: hits the wall fuck yo

  20. Yung Trapazoid says:

    3:41 Dat face tho

  21. Yung Trapazoid says:

    5:27 – 5:30 XD

  22. Yung Trapazoid says:

    6:46 Dat back-flip tho

  23. El Panteras says:

    And this never end

  24. Gentle N'oeil says:

    Sometime Demoman scream like Joseph Joestar

  25. matisekjejpl play games says:

    It's november 2019, but we still wait

  26. Connor Boling says:

    Unsuspecting tf2 animations are a godsend

  27. Epic Gork Dirk Mork says:

    5:26 what’s that sound effect?

  28. BonafideTrolldier says:

    Still waiting for the next part…. still waiting.

  29. Jan i Aniela Senz says:

    XD 0:44

  30. Stand 4 Fire says:

    5:33 this is what happend to me when someone want to slap hand

  31. David C. says:

    Is this a jojo reference

  32. Tyrenter Highfury says:

    The idea that because there is no half life three so all the npcs have to worship a cat named freeman is gold

  33. fathmath rasheeda says:

    No one:

    Demoman: I M B L A C K

  34. Artem Budaev says:

    5:00 Scout will remember that…

  35. Aceofthefire says:

    Y'know how Gmod videos are just insane full of explosions and memes. SFM's feel more smooth and better animated a lot of the time. Just take the best of both worlds and you get this video

  36. TheMasterOfHyperCheese 7 says:

    4:39 the average 6th grader walking to school on the first day

  37. Virusblood Music Stop says:

    5:01, well no shit he'll remember that. 😂😂😂

  38. a potato says:

    Still waiting for pt 2

  39. W. L. Orodor Calaerchon says:


    "Don't feel bad."

  40. phroggia 123 says:

    Sniper: cactus
    *cactus explodes in the background*

  41. André Domínguez says:

    6:06 Sniper saying what but Google Translated.

  42. TheGunterI0I says:

    👍😎👌LOL Funny video I loved it!

  43. What_Zen says:

    Don't you dare pull out the gurren lagann music! (Jk that was great)

  44. Juan Fracisco Diaz Colodrero says:

    Where's the sequel dammit

  45. Vĩ Huỳnh Quang says:

    0:45 "sword in the stone"

    in this case: sword in the ass

  46. Lethal 911 says:

    *sees the name of vid *
    Is this a jojo reference?

  47. Advey says:

    Demo: violent friend saving
    Spy: Aah!
    Demo: Sorreh!
    Spy: Don't feel bad.
    Demo: Ok!
    Demo: yeets spy In box

  48. anonof says:

    Still waiting

  49. The dude Lol says:

    I can’t find 5:39 song pls leave a link ;-;

  50. World War Stopmotions says:


  51. Steven Does Life says:


    spy: w h e e z e

  52. Adam Wood says:

    Petition to make a sequel to this video?

  53. Disco says:

    4:02 full size and an unusual. Nice!

  54. Cebgame07 says:

    C A C T U S

  55. zura the cat says:

    Part 2 when?


  56. Doot Snoot says:

    You never made the FUCKING SEQUAL

  57. Allan Villafane says:

    0:42 FUCK YOU

  58. Za Hando says:

    Did someone say requiem?

  59. Lemon Starch says:

    SoundSmith sent me

  60. El Che David says:

    Que grandes palabras de un hebrio

  61. Doctor. SHL says:

    Awwwwww cat with glases X3

  62. Dark Pumpkin says:

    C'mon man it's been 3 years!!we need the next one

  63. Times says:

    "To be continued." he said, and failed, and also died.

  64. Biggie Shakur says:

    part 2?

  65. NebKrahe says:

    That's some smooth animation

  66. Spooneru says:

    When is part 2 !?!?!

    It has bin 3 years !!!

  67. haterkill says:

    4:29 best part 5:33 also. best not to mention 6:06

  68. haterkill says:

    Btw anyone know song 4:29?

  69. Kreinsamer says:

    0:45 this had me laughing for a good while, especially his "oooOOOOOOOAAHHH"

  70. GuineaPigGrrl says:

    6:51 omg lol

  71. L L says:

    But where the fuck is the sequel

  72. Basher 0 says:

    me taking my pizza back from the shops 4:29

  73. Swords says:

    fucc off

  74. morgana p says:

    i come gladly to say they're doing the continuation

  75. Nevermore says:

    5:32 How does a scene from +3 years ago still feel so relatable and fresh

  76. Discount at the dollar store says:

    Pizza Experience Requiem

  77. Oryan Martin says:

    0:10 I wonder if that was racist because there was a watermelon and you know

  78. Phhhy says:

    Demoknight TF2

  79. Josh Optumises and pororo other stuff and hints says:

    Where's requiem for pizza:the meeting 2?

  80. Hunterbot12 says:

    0:36 I understand Demo

  81. A Salamander at Heart says:

    Ffs Gurren Laggen reference

  82. Рот Закрой says:

    Karma 0:45

  83. ShatteringMagenta says:

    5:40 when TF2 put on hold

  84. Sargent Baco says:

    Lol I’ve probably watched this 10 times and just now noticed the engineer in the background at 6:27

  85. BangzBro SAN PEDRO says:

    Is spy going to be ok???

  86. † Jasper The Reaper † says:

    When is part 2 comming

  87. TonyB1023 says:

    5:32 will forever be the best part of this videop

  88. bunneh boop says:

    was there ever a second one? ;-;

  89. Double Aye Batteries / AshDBR says:

    Still a classic I tell ya

  90. Marián Skandrani says:

    6:26 The engineer is a spy.

  91. Carlos War BlueNeon Dash says:


  92. Mrrgle the Mediocre says:

    Death Stranding (2019) Gameplay

  93. Heavy Man says:

    5:35 The way Spy says sike makes it twice as funny.

  94. boomp 16 says:

    In 0:06 use english translate to know something

  95. 7ebn1 says:

    Was expecting a lot of jojo references but realized this was made 3 years ago.

    Edit: 4:29

  96. One Fap Boi says:

    This is the best think in my life. Now i can die

  97. Thephillips 2020 says:

    5:33) Top 10 Anime Betrayals

  98. Big Bear says:

    Turn on captions. Do it.

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