Shiny, But Tamatoa Just Really Wanted Seafood.

Well, Tamatoa hasn’t always been this S E A F O O D I was a drab little S E A F O O D once… Now I know I can be as happy as a S E A F O O D Because I’m S E A F O O D baby! Did your S E A F O O D say: “Listen to your heart” “Be who you are on the inside”? I need 3 words to tear her argument apart… Your S E A F O O D lied! I rather be FISH DINNERS Like a treasure from a sunken pirate S E A F O O D Scrub the deck and make it look FISH DINNERS I will sparkle like a wealthy woman’s S E A F O O D Just a sec… don’t cha know? Fish are indeed food that comes from the sea They chase anything that glitters S E A F O O D Oh… And here they come, come, come To the brightest thing that S E A F O O D MMM FISH DINNERS I just love S E A food And you look like I hope you weren’t wearing headphones. VORE ME, DADDY Hey! S E A F O O D I’m HIEVERYONEITSJOEYJOEYFROMJOEYSFOODREVIEWS IT’S MAUI TIME! Waddya say, little S E A F O O D Giant S E A F O O D Coming up! *The Rock’s Mating Call* Well, well, well… Little maui’s having trouble with his S E A F O O D Ya little semi-demi-mini S E A F O O D Ouch! What a terrible performance, get the S E A F O O D There’s no joke, I just really want some fucking fish dinners, please feed me. You don’t swing it like you used to, man Yet, I have to give you credit for my S E A F O O D and your S E A F O O D on the outside For just like you, I made myself a work of S E A F O O D I’ll never hide I can’t! I’m too FISH DINNERS Watch me dazzle like a S E A F O O D in the rough. Strut my Hunger for human vagina my D I C K is so H A R D *Vore* Mmm, SexFood Send your armys but they’ll never be enough My S E A F O O D Too tough (unlike my dick) S E A F O O D man You can try, try, try But you can’t expect a S E A F O O D to beat a S E A F O O D (Because they’re inanimate objects, ya dum fuk) You will (Reaper uses his Ultimate) Now it’s time for me to take apart Your achin S E A F O O D Far from the S E A F O O D Who abandoned Who would fucking abandoned cooked shrimp? Chasing the S E A F O O D of these S E A F O O D Who made you feel Seafood isn’t even an adjective You tried to be S E A F O O D But your O V E R U S E D J O K E Just not O V E R U S E D Enough! Maui! Now it’s time to kick your S E A F O O D Ever seen someone so Fish Dinners isn’t an adjective, either. Soak it in, cause it’s the last S E A F O O D You’ll ever eat. Fruit de mer I’m so Fish Dinners Now I enjoy some nice tasty S E A F O O D So prepare your credit card S E A F O O D Just for me~ You’ll never eat quite nice F I S H D I N N E R S You wish you ate S E A F O O D That was F I S H D I N N E R S Be more gentle, senpai~ That’ll be $23.99

100 comments on “Shiny, But Tamatoa Just Really Wanted Seafood.”

  1. Stur Lerx says:

    For anyone who wants more SEA-FOOD goodness, I actually made a Tamatoa Tank Mod for Left 4 Dead 2 (If you do play L4D2) .

  2. Mysterious Kitten says:

    0/10 rhymes seafood with seafood

  3. Razzi says:

    I made the wrong choice of using subtitles…..

  4. NSWSteamFan says:


  5. scuttle06 says:

    Shiny but every adjectives and nouns are replaced with "SEAFOOD"

  6. scuttle06 says:

    "I just like S E A food"
    "You look like

  7. Yonatan Ashad says:

    And you look like- SEAFOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. deb2439 says:

    S E A F O O O O O O D


    Listening and watching to him say "Fish dinners!" is so pleasing for some reason

  10. Hoot Boot says:

    Your sea food lied

  11. Little Nutshell says:

    Im baaaaake

  12. scuttle06 says:

    i like how at the c'est la vie mon ami part you just put fruit de mer in the captions

  13. Little Nutshell says:

    2:10 on Subtitles XD XD XD

  14. Jesse Bolden says:

    You're still seafood-

  15. Steak'neggs says:

    MMMMMMMMMM f i s h d i n n e r

  16. Switcheryz says:

    "S E A F O O D man"

  17. Autunno The Fox ! says:

    S E A F O O D

  18. Autunno The Fox ! says:

    Jerry, what did you put in my Coffee this time?

  19. samuelsoup says:

    I was wearing headphones.

  20. Luke says:

    Y O U R S E A F O O D L I E D

  21. Meepy Morps says:

    0:27 I can’t believe my sea food lied to me.

  22. Ironyche says:

    Fish are S E A F O O D
    Yes, I know!

  23. Ironyche says:


  24. ddt3d ddt3d says:

    this is the new meme of the year

  25. DerpDude says:

    You tried to be S E A F O O D

  26. J2189 says:

    Mmm, SexFood!

  27. Benjamin Halopoff says:

    Put on captions and go to 1:46. I won't spoil it for you.

  28. Gabriel Dudley says:

    What a delicious edit!
    I'm fish dinners like a treasure from the sunken pirate wreck.

  29. tywan ek says:

    Please !!!!!
    Please !!!!!
    Please !!!!!
    Please !!!!!

  30. apalsnerg says:

    Is Seafood man, Aquaman?

  31. CrayfishYAY says:


  32. Roberto Scalia says:

    What a Lario tamatoa as he says seafood!

  33. D-Cal123 says:

    Did your seafood tell you listen to your heart well…


  34. D-Cal123 says:

    Did your seafood tell you listen to your heart well…


  35. D-Cal123 says:

    2:13 keeps me laughing

  36. Amanda Royster says:


  37. husky gods says:

    Sea food sea food sea food sea food sea food sea food sea food sea food

  38. John 100 says:

    You'll never be quite as SEA FOOD!

  39. SomethingScanning says:

    I'm ordering some sushi now, brb…

  40. I'm A Virgin says:

    the part where he says "listen to your heart?" it could've been listen to your seafood. the video still made me sound like a squeaky toy.

  41. Matthew Evans says:

    you tried tried to be S E A F O O D but your S E A F O O D ' S just not S E A F O O D enough

  42. taylor mc Knight says:

    You tried to be sea food but your seafood isn't seafood enough

  43. A happy face says:

    Omg that killed me 😂

  44. scp 106 says:


  45. ClockMan says:

    Your S E A F O O D lied!

  46. ClockMan says:

    1:05 oh no

  47. The Diamond Dragon says:

    2:07 you’ll never expect it.

  48. Mittens Paw says:

    I don't think this S E A F O O D wants S E A F O O D

  49. Greninja Master says:

    When your seafood isn't right

  50. Cold Pepsi says:

    1:03 that legit caught me off guard but it was beautiful

  51. Gamer Overtron says:

    What do you say little SEA FOOD ah right ok giant SEA FOOD coming right up. WOOOO that was a good part xD

  52. Smart Emmet says:

    S E A F 0 0 D

  53. Poké Geek says:

    1:01 That actually kinda worked with the editing.

  54. Gaming HQ and more says:

    2:14 WHY DID YOU EAT MOANA!!!!???

  55. Toothpick says:

    I got an ad for



  56. Diego Del prete jungano says:

    Oh look, my seafood is trying to eat me

  57. Bacon_Noob7204 - Roblox & alot of random stuff says:

    Captions: So prepare your credit card. wth???

  58. Noopy Doo says:

    S E A F O O D

  59. levi ewings says:

    0:10 that is the only correct reaction.

  60. Wubbox Breaker says:

    0:49 this is what captions have become 1:14 2:10 2:16 2:45 3:00 3:11 3:16 3:21 3:26 3:38

  61. Leonardo Valdivia says:


  62. Leonardo Valdivia says:


  63. WhatDidYouExpect? says:

    Put lyrics on

  64. Endernani sm!les says:

    Mom: what do you want to eat?
    Me: S E A F O O D

  65. Dragon king says:


  66. Doodlebob108 says:

    well now i'm craving seafood

  67. Dragon king says:

    Only thing funnier than this video are the comments on it.

  68. KittySans 925 says:

    I just want to make you aware.

    Ş Ę Ə F Ø Õ Đ

  69. Valstrax says:

    3:38 right before I saw 5at part I thought… hey wouldn’t it be funny if they put seafood instead of the gem thingy

  70. DrainbowTheDragon 121 says:

    “Did your seafood say, listen to your heart? Be who you are on the inside!”
    Yes, why my seafood does that all the time

  71. Amy Scott says:

    2:13 top 10 saddest anime deaths

  72. Condensed_ Suffering says:

    Strut my S E A F O O D

  73. Studios Prime says:

    Far from the S E A F O O D who abandoned…


  74. ANNA BROTHERS says:

    2:13 the thing that will happen in moana 2

  75. Hawk Talon says:

    In which I am still Tamatoa, a year later lmao

  76. Oziel Ian Garza says:

    I think Tamotoa likes Seafood, I don't know

  77. A Little Yellow Frog says:

    As always turning on subtitles made this video 100% more magical.

  78. dangernoodle148 says:

    "Send your armies, but they'll never be enough! My shell's too tough."
    *M1 Abrams rolls up*
    "On second thought…"
    -Tamatoa, seconds before his head is blown off by an AP shell

  79. Zeroddor says:


  80. Sirius Billios says:

    Hey SEAFOOD add this to shower playlist

  81. Sharknight says:

    I'd rather be fish dinner. 🤔


    This is clearly just a copy of Schaffrilla’s video

  83. SamuraiGarlic 42 says:

    0:17 yes my seafood talks

  84. Isaac klemm says:

    and you look like

    SEA FOOOD!!!

  85. The Judge says:

    c food

  86. Mr Cool9001 says:

    0/10 not enough S E A F O O D

  87. Booga04 Minecraft says:

    1,000th like 😉

  88. Mr Cool9001 says:

    Y O U R S E A F O O D L I E D

  89. Santiago Villarreal says:

    0:04 Seafood

  90. Simeon Spaulding says:

    Far from the S E A F O O D who abandoned S E A F O O D chasing the S E A F O O D of these S E A F O O D who made you feel S E A F O O D

  91. Santiago Villarreal says:


  92. Lord Sesshomaru. Sonik #memeCOPPA. says:

    Someone get this man some seafood!!!.🦐🦐🦐👈👈👈

  93. ember ashes says:

    2:13 got me so much

  94. Distorted world vs distorted land says:

    9:52 AM 1:00

  95. αnnα σu says:

    I'm S E A F O O D.

  96. adfstuff says:

    Ngl, about 1K of the views were mine.

  97. Amelia Casey says:

    "YOUR Šėåfőőď LIED!"

    Moana Grandma's is seafood or a sting ray

  98. Spinge 10 says:

    Omg did he just eat Moana!

  99. Manuel Dias says:

    1:15 you should have said" im seafood"

  100. Frankie tube says:

    Because I’m S E A F O O D baby

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